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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

 It just dawned on me.

If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people

Martin Luther King and that movement is where it's at.

I say this in response to a lot of the right and some of the left the right will list black on black violence. Some people in the left will list well look at history look at how many atrocities the white man has committed

Both need to shut the fuck up and listen one of the smartest man ever to live

Same to do for the gender debate or for the laws and crooked deadly law enforcement. I believe the actual words were man 

Judge a person not by their skin color but by the content of their character

Combines that with something Kennedy said

Do it not because it's easy but because it's hard

Do it because they're shot both of them modern fucking retard Sprague about how alpha they are when they're playing two ideologies that come from the most cowardice of places and spewing nothing but old hates with a new name

War pigs of Minnesota

 About sickest thing about Maple Grove police is they play to the lowest common denominator they will destroy everything you are doing that is advanced 

There isn't a point other than 45h district and Maple Grove PD help couple terrorize son to desth

I haven't hit either of them, 

Paul shoved me 

Marlene tried to shove me over the railing to their basment 

Marlene slammed a car door on my leg 2019 then calls the police on me .

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich use the polcie and courts as an extension if what they bdoth tell me : I get what I want when I want 

Perverse emotional incest the death of my pets, 6.3k services rendered over 8 mo living there for negative let's just call it 50k. Plus or minus..

Loss of my ham radio liscense is pending because I don't even have a table to fill out the renewal on let alone printer 

Loss of credit credibility and health. Loss of all friends and clients. I've got texts where people mention Paul and Marlene sabotaging directly.

Loss of health, inability to regain it if I can't cook and or be rid if their mold 

 Theft I'd computer with  my portfolio on it and memories dadtinf back to 2001. My most recent resumeseveral thousand in legally liscensed aodteare suites. With it went my mig welder and compound miter saw. This was Paul and Marlene's idea of fuck you post ofp.

Aka April 2020

Fellony amount stolen before that and it include my id. I'm not sure I would have been allowed in court. Paul and Marlene mailed my id back though


They likely have traumatized Marlene's sister my aunt Mary her whole life. From the earliest I can remember at Christmas parties family events Aunt Mary would talk about how people come into her apartment steal stuff move stuff break stuff.

That's highly likely to be Marlene most of the time. I won't say every time there is claimed it that it was likely true.It's pretty hard to stay based when someone's doing something that fucked up to you.

the eight months at their house before they changed the lock with zero notice I witnessed her do all of that. I've got recordings where both of my parents will say I didn't say that I didn't do that I'll remind them it's recorded

Fuck your recordings, so what?

So you really need to define yourself as Mae Young CEST murdering narcissistic failure to care for your home fuck your son pieces of shit fucking other people's kids at children's hospitals and clinics st. Paul and watch your son die before you do you fucking worthless assholes

Double for Maple Grove Police.

Avoid the state especially that City

Clyde in the fr


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

More pr/propoganda Maple Grove Police


Look we have a document about how we shall not act with bias

What defines vulnerable? Abuse Industry of MN vs Healing

This could be a sort of loaded label. I've really only seen women get it in Minnesota but in reading about the case of Dan Markingson it came up as well. 

MMPI & refining previous statements

I might have been incorrect. 

It's been known to happen. 

Then again I'm not entirely sure what constitutes a full psych eval and or what constitutes the extent of the eval done when any given police department is looking at a potential hire.

After that one difference should be you preference a personality disorder rather than try to determine...

Which would fit with my theory that you can't have racism without something close to a cluster B disorder. And the claims that for whatever reason the police .. total speculation though. And I'd like joined up with a more concrete view of how it's done rather than seek to prove my first thought

some of the language by places I can find talking about using it for  police officer hiring decisions are a bit abstract they talk about the risk involved in a hiring decision. which one you think about at risk is really down to that individual states laws and the way the states courts have interpreted them. For instance Minnesota from what I can see has a very low throughout history percent chance of police officers ever even seen Court from the side of well the opposite they're usually on. That alone isn't Sebastian either because how often does a city or the state see liability in the form of payouts would also factor in And in what cases and how does that connect to specific personality traits and or disorders in their offices.

But if you hope for assume the best on its own there's still not enough there because it's known narcissists and sociopaths do to cutthroat nature's tend to end up further in positions of power or in corporations or leadership than those who aren't unless the police have controls after hired to filter that then the people making the decisions if it doesn't matter what the majority of officers are they can be overridden

and we see things like one officer draws a gun in Colorado on a guy picking up trash on the front yard and it turns into like a circle of officers drawn on one day picking up trash now cornered in what appeared to be like a back deck or an entryway

in my mind I can't quite see the picture clear enough to remember if they forms even a you or anything close to a risk of if they open fire like that could have been really tragic but really comical. A great dark humor example for how groupthink could go horribly wrong

pro tip: you find yourself actually encircled by officers and weapons are drawn.

 ccan always try  yelling open fire as you hit the deck 🤣. Employ a bit of psych and toss something straight up for better odds. double those odds if you can do human beatbox and make the sound of a trap releasing. Do not confuse that with a lil jon lyric repeated loudly. 

You're trying to exploit conditioned response and muscle memory. It probably works better on country officers

 on the off-chance you're black and the police are racist... yelling skeet is probably going to attract rather than deflect aim by the same reasoning 🤔

 if that works come back leave a comment letting us know. preferably a video or didn't happen :D

Pro pro tip that one was totally out my ass. but if it's totally out my ass that still leaves chance or another words you can ask talk correct please but I'm warning you... You try that one at your own risk. The ACLU reminds people that some people have attempted to deescalate which should not be the private citizens job and still ended up dead. The psychological aspect of the thing moving up might catch their vision and the aim of the weapon might follow. that's less out my ass. Why do you want it to go up? Well if they just follow you down there still odds of ricochet butt you're a nice bullet decelerator.

Back to MMPI

I'm Not sure if MN or any city there in uses this yet.

I can't find an outright admission but other states like California had text like  90% of cities in California use this.

here's what it stands for

Minnesota multi phasic personality inventory 

It was developed at the same u of m that is rumored today to have a culture of fear in the psych department. Fuhrer against speaking out against any of the issues that are present in a clinical ethics sense. Now that one is more verifiable Dan markingson is the name to look up. There's been a few others as well.

Real question is what was the u of m psych department like about a hundred years ago because that's when this was developed.

I'll try to post more info on where it's used and what else is used if anything as it unravels.

This was kind of a free be given to me. Well it was given to me by Google mining everything. Mmpi what the fuck is that? in my news feed...lol

There's clearly a point to it not being broadcast. Although I can't say for sure I know what that point is it might not be the most readily obvious or it might be multiple of concepts but the riddle the obvious one

 memorize vs knowing the material or in this case being what's going on having the material to answer correctly.what stay with me for a minute cuz that correctly doesn't necessarily have to be not what personality disorder correctly is what the police are looking for and that's not really communicated.

 Also if this is all that's used it's not very much or reliable but the worst thing I can see is if you desire less than stellar for upholding the citizen is taught as Justice then there's this correlation where those people with personality disorders have an elevated tendency to seek positions like police officer to begin with.

Here's rough shot at the logic involved

 it's there because even by chance you still have the natural elevation of the personality disorder seeking the position of power

 but if you're doing 1% over chance and desired to hire a specific personality disorder.. or had any bias towards finding it okay /acceptable risk or desirable

Its now elevated odds they are applying and decreased odds they will be filtered.

 There's always the possibility you could desire to employ narcissist for example.

A singer called macaron early 2000s you would have had to answer Best buy's questions pretty much as a narcissist to get hired. They wanted extreme opinions was the word that was going around. Although that's definitely just rumor. It didn't match up with some of the people that I knew hired by them. At least my evaluation of them

What part of the ethical issue is when it's done as a black box system there's no communicating with the public if you did that how you're trying to not do that or do that and why. Which also upstairs the how effective from anyone would want to find out. So regardless of why you're also limiting the amount of people who can have any opinion let alone raise any concern over issues in the how.

 I think I like most of the arguments towards open source providing Superior security.

 Or at least greater odds that vulnerabilities  are detected At all let alone quickly.

I think it'd be a lot more effective at the house no matter what the why. Put some more eyes on the problem and Superior system to the security by obscurity approach. Again that's assuming that's really the prime goal. I don't want to express cynicism but there's possibilities there's other leading or most significant goals.

No ill define your issues and thats not what you say unless i change my mind later then i never said this


note at 1:15 she tries to tell me what i didnt say to the vet and then what the vet said to me. 

i hit nail on head at some point later and ask 
"how wouled you know you wernt there" 
"thats not important" 
i didnt watch it thats from memory ...other than far enough to get the time that part starts. 


this above is kinda interesting. i wouldnt say i can follow it all and havent been able to even watch it for quite a while. 

its the sort of densely packed (info relative to time) that it requires ...oh idk the ability to not be constantly burggled and stalked terrorized and relocated under threat to an amount it would take 18 years working min wage to replace. but hey if the state and police say we are equal and they enforce laws equally then its not happening right? espicially if they dont allow reports and all evidence can be stolen. 

Legislating out behavior by legislating and enforcing around it

 kinda the inverse of how weed was once kept illegal by requiring a tax stamp. 

say you want to make it illegal not to have a corporate job. you could have police not enforce any violation of law against someone who didnt have one. 

you could make it illegal not to earn above the level you have to file taxes

you could have police steal anything earned by non corporate income. 

but really the logical issue happens before any of what i just described. 

Don't worry you are safe

 You are really safe so safe that you don't have to worry about if your rights are violated

Because people dead inpatient committed situations and or prison or even minimum wage and not of a protected class


 The Parts to the left are or was me playing with a different mosfet seeing how it would lay out on a board and not wanting to bother doing the design steps or the schematic steps first I just wanted a rough idea because it was in comparison to the other fet that was on the working version one a radically different package

But this was a board meant to accompany version 2

Punishing adaptive behaviors and psychological conditioning

 What I'm talking about is Pavlov's dogs but abstracted a bit and a bit more twisted

you can believe it or not but we are generally a lot more basic creatures than most of us want to admit to or even realize

You can believe it or not but it's still true to some extent. They say the first step is recognizing the problem the second is going to weekly meetings where you recite the dogma that you'll never overcome the problem. Between awarding chips there's also  stoppinghalfway through for a smoke break. I think I got my signals crossed somewhere here...

What I was trying to go for was you're more likely to achieve more if you're able to correctly identify your inherent limits to begin with.if you don't understand something is more complex than you might initially think and you don't understand that you might initially not think about the complexities then how likely are you to accurately describe something like the likelihood a passport in Pocket survives a fireball in a plane crash? Well one of my friends who was a nuclear engineer would probably be quick to point out this is significantly influenced by thermal Mass. The fireball event is usually brief and the temperature then quickly drops closer to ambient. Factor of velocity of The Craft is pretty irrelevant because if you think it through how damage does a feather if you drop it off the car window at a hundred?

But oh my God plane crash explosion that paper passport could never survive...

See what I mean? 

What actually spured thispost though is realizing I haven't read a whole lot of info on the effects of punishing or negatively conditioning adaptive behavior or rewarding maladaptive behavior

in the context of humans instead of dogs we generally seek to minimize the amount of stress in our lives

punishment can be you do something good for you and felony-level theft or physical assault is the response reward in this context can be your allowed to sit in a little cell and die but you'll be less Disturbed for not trying

yes that a lot of research has actually been done whether or not it's findable I don't know.

But meta-analysis where my brain goes is this is part of why soldiers come back so messed up.

Adaptive behavior that saves your life is often taking another and no matter how good or bad they evaluate their colleagues around them their peers their unit members platoon regimen whatever term you want to apply they might turn around and that person no longer with the living

Which I'd assume creates quite the state of cognitive dissonance. There's no real logic to be had either. 

Why I went there is it's often too useful to evaluate the extremes when trying to analyze causal relations or suggest the relation I'm not saying I know this for sure I wish I did I don't know that I wish that because as it's being demonstrated police will help someone kill you if they want to there's no there's no anything here  it's just hell

There's also a girl on the iFunny app that I'm subscribed to that claims to be going to school to become a psychologist

she was talking about how some specific things I mentioned match up with some of her classes so I'm inclined to believe she's not totally full of shit but at the same time a lot of what she says is  disturbing. Directly and or analyzing context to other things like unequal enforcement enforcement bias and this one in particular has noted or publicly mentioned the fact that she's schizotypal which I don't know how you can expect to be a therapist if you can't relate. Worse yet if you project your worldview over a patients objective reality you probably have a negative therapeutic value. 

but if I can drive anything from assuming that she's probably not full of shit she is in school for it then I can start to extract some of what they're teaching them from what she says

And that's a relief disturbing picture as well. Problem here is it's not very great info because there's knowing what she's diagnosed with whether that's accurate or not there's likely some issue there and everything she is learned is being interpreted through that issue at least to a percent and then refill turd for the issues when interpreting my information and responding

All that said there was still the total ignorable of theft has created a situation where I have been repeatedly starved and she decides to harp on the fact that I broke a car window when I locked myself out of it because I thought the key might be inside.

she generalize that is you're breaking your things and that's destructive behavior. Back to the unequal enforcement though $43,000 of my things plus my health are being destroyed.

one of the biggest dangers is if we let corruption enter edu and it appears not just from her but several other things and a wavering of the scientific method in its application.. often by what's colloquial termef social warriors Justice

Looks like Orwell on a whole nother level because we get generations of people who pursue careers where they think they're doing good but they've been taught that harm is good or not taughtnot to recognize harm . Or causal relation is presented skewed incorrectly or other permutations.

Meanwhile no matter what age you are when's the last time you heard the term conflict of interest? position of power? 

Generalized it seemed as if she had been taught that you drug  firstb it might make symptoms go away it doesn't really matter or you don't have to ascertain if something is real or not.

Unnecessary treatment should be against medical ethics ineffective unnecessary or without any attention to reality as objectively defined should be s..anybody awake out here?

And yes she won't be able to directly prescribed even if she becomes what she claims to be going to school for. But in my experience people in that position often work hand-in-hand with someone who can and that person basically just green lights in a suggestion and signs their name on it when it comes to medication.

Anytime there's a system set with no oversight and perception few neg consequences if any let alone incentive to violate ethics history of seem to show that quite a few people will. What's really sick is if you try to think about what happens when those concepts are in people's heads and they've been taught but these violations are helpful instead?

Schrodinger's Minnesota law

 Minnesota's current attorney general says in Minnesota

 "if you work hard and play by the rules you deserve to keep what you earn" or something along those lines

Monday, February 8, 2021

Minnesota owning people

 Position of power is what we forgot if I can do something to you but you can't do it to me that's a position of power

Maple Grove Police have demonstrated that Paul and Marlene can do everything including trying to kill me by trying to push me over a railing and they won't even allow a record created they can take all of my things then come and keep stealing from me well I'm being poisoned by them

Yet all they had to do is go to court and claimed they felt threatened and now I'm arrestables without even warrants in some cases well the police continue to write off felony-level theft is that civil or tell me I need a mental state evaluation rather than allowing a confession of a felony-level theft on a police report of a burglary

closest thing to evil in this context is the way the left or rather special interest groups associated with the left have used the media to associate position of power in most Americans minds with the workplace men doing something to women like quid pro quo

in reality if you take the movie The silence of the lambs and put a boy down the well and if cowboy Bill had a gender change well cowgirl Beth has a position of power over the boy down the well if you can't see why it's probably the not leaving part

Back in the real world traveling anywhere takes money

Usually if you buy something it's an asset it can be liquidated for cash that doesn't work if the police can separate you from it and or allow it destroyed

This isn't the strongest case I can paint but if I don't end up dead here I think I'm going to try to flush out the case for detainment through unenforced or enforced with prejudice for party law enforcement and civil court actions

Shut up and die slave. A Minnesota story

 As I've been discussing there's likely some indication that police in Minnesota have coordinated with civil courts in Minnesota to exploit Federal funding for certain arrests

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...