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Uncomfortable and traumatic

  It's also a balmy 68 deg at like 50 percent humidity in here. So when that itching crawling sensation hits the discomfort is multiplied by the cold of removing an arm from a blanket then trying to get warm and comfortable again.

If mn actually cared about evidence

 Not only did paul and marlene use the police as a weapon by inviting me to get my things then calling the police when I showed up. Quite a few times they would say things like  "We will put it all out by the curb" There was also outright and implied threats if I didn't fix the moldy car Marlene drove to children's it and Bonnie's ashes would be thrown away/donated/recycled otherwise gone.

MN's Faith In Mental Ward Patients Illustrated

nystrom and associates again and nothing from case manager

 2ish months ago I had two appointments scheduled with this company as per my release from Baxter and eventual release from here. They canceled on me. When I found that out there were about three phone calls trying to get it reschedule with a new provider, they left it with will get a hold of you. 3x last week I spent at least 10min trying to schedule an appointment I need for release. Today I spent 17 plus minutes on the phone with them and I still don't have the appointment. so if the state or actors thereof can make requirements for you to get out dependent on a third party company.. And no one's checking or enforcing that that company allows you to do what you said who's responsible for holding you at a higher level of care than required? My guess when there's no setup to automatically punish the county actors that create this or the doctors professionals in the system is the state or the county is only responsible if you can survive this and afford to bring a lawsu

Doctors Courts and Commitment in Minnesota

Subjective opinion: Drs who evaluate based on subjective opinion and projected societal norms(in the face of objective evidence) are no better than pharmacist who refuse to fill birth control or any other scripts based on religious beliefs.

Haven't Seen Traffic like This Since B4 The Raid

 This is visitors in the last 3 months

(updated) What's really fun about mshs wadena?

 When you want a prn but the med nurse and 2 other staff members are in the back room playing on their phones. Leaving the counter unoccupied and no one avalible to help patients. Earlier tonight I was waving my phone flashlight at the window to the backroom. Managed to get ones attention long enough where she looked up from her phone to wave at me. Then went back to it. I would bet that room is camera free. I know from the last two facilities staff on their phones is not something that's supposed to be. I've heard through the grape vine the state is doing mask enforcement checks by checking the cctv feeds at random 10min intervals. Put 2 and 2 together and regardless of if it's 4; it's not great for the patients. I also wouldn't doubt the lack of camera theory because there's at least one patient accessible room with out one(the kitchen) this place screams as cheep as they could get away with. In other news: Still no 2nd keycard for room entry. The mag stripe i

Another Paul Wuethrich call(and Some Analytics)

 Monday August 9th  2021

Is MN Still Continuing The Starvation Experiment?

Some days in the mn's gulags  MSHSes it's hard to be certain: Minnesota starvation Experiment Cognative effects: General overview: One of the more bizarre moments I've had on this traumatic misadventure was a CentraCare employee stating it's unethical to reference that study due to the extremes the subjects endured. I mean hey I'm just a prisoner you have the paycheck and the degree but holy s*** I swear I can still hear the echo of the wind between your ears. I understand correctly it was also the basis of a lot of what we still use today to understand eating disorders. It's a wonderful thought when the people in control of you discount info based on how it makes them feel. Subjective feels for the loss. Of society as we knew it... probably.

Another Day No Update

  So there's an appointment I have to make with a company that does psych.

Nothing healthy

About taking everything from someone. About taking sense of purpose. Taking them out of control of if and when they can take a shower. Leave them worried about the bodies/remains of cherished pets. Hobbies and interests held out of reach. Physical representations of their photos and digital photos. Their resume cv. Making sure they are locked out of their contacts. Their ability to cook.

Good Thing I Grew up with the Violaters I Had(DBT conditioning response and minimizing liability)

 I just left my room to use the bathroom. Which resulted in another patient asking  "why don't you get up earlier?" My door card is non existant.. I was stuck(locked out) and had no desire to talk to him. So I responded with a flat "please leave me alone"

Park Place Apartments

Also known as the only apartment I lived in that I did not pick out. And the only apartment that I've been evicted from.

Minnesota's Gulag/Mentally ill is the New Political Prisoner

Apparently I wasn't the first to compare this to a labor camp or fathom that this is means of holding political prisoners. I say apparently sarcastically. I was committed mentally ill for things that if I had had access to my property I could objectively argue or untrue The paper below was written roughly 30 years ago and in a slightly different context. It was discussing two other ways Minnesota has to commit you. But with that in mind one could make the argument things have only gotten worse. Lest ye forget; every good gulag has a mantra My state issued DBT homework. Remember This is the way it has to be. If you think that's an unfair comparison. You're entitled to your opinion. What I'd like to point out however: The United States healthcare system causes between 100000 and 300,000 avoidable deaths every year. That's not counting people permanently disfigured disabled that's just people who didn