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More filth


What I still don't have

Any information on what happened to Clyde rabbits body. Either of the power supplies I asked for from my property. The water pick flosser. But hey my mom did try to justify their harmful actions by saying "I suspect something else was involved" What ever you suspect doesn't change what you did and how it impacted what I cared about and worked for. Or that I was right about your house and the physical issues lessoned to disappeared on removal from the situation. Or how many times you screamed at me saying it was in my head even after you paid to have your house remediated. But hey if u suspect taking everything someone loved, cared about and or worked for and trashing it... This is beyond sick

How moldy was their house

 Well id still argue that when words matter more than actions... We get police who participate in bio warfare and destruction of property. Unless I replace that fan this repair is somewhat hopeless

It smells as bad as it looks

 I got some of my tools back again today. The pics bellow are of what was my oscilloscope. When I moved back to their house sick from the mold this was used in my basement room. I'm not sure it's salvageable. I say that because I already attempted to clean it once in the past. It's clearly been stored in less than ideal conditions. I wouldn't doubt in their garage. A lot of the arguments were my mom and dad denying the mold problem at all. Then saying I should have to pay to clean my stuff of their mold. While often holding it from me. And alternating between I pay to fix my stuff and there's nothing on it the mold is in your head. After they paid to have the basement professionally remediated.