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I want my laptop back

The st cloud police have it.  It would be great in everything from searching for an apt to finishing up circuit board designs I haven't had the time or concentration to do. Except every board I ever designed has been taken including the design files.

Chinese Reprograming Camps vs American Commitment

100 Freeman Dr, St Peter, MN  Irony in a street name. It would seem if we want to differentiate US mental hospitals from Chinese detention camps; then the states have a lot of work to do in at least seven areas: 1)Creating objective standards for the diagnosis of mental illness.  For many mental illnesses the DSM offers only ambiguous and or subjective definitions.  This is probably the biggest place we need to differentiate. Because if mental illness is subjective then we start risking locking people away for theirs or other people's opinions. We also can't really claim to protect any speech let alone freedom of speech when all it takes is a doctor's subjective opinion to equal mental illness. If a doctor says in his or her opinion you are a witch... Better yet if the police break your arm but a doctor labels itself injurious behavior? The standards need to include language that compels the doctor to seek out objective evidence. Without this we risk punishing victims of tr

Regional Ombudsman

  Another rare post about something positive. someone who seems really dedicated to their job and helping people.

Wadena Still No Room Key (and another wadena issue)

About 3 weeks ago a patient mistakenly threw away my room key.

My welder and my desktop pc shown in my garage

  Paul has indicated he had the welder marlene the computer. They stole them after the ofps.  This state is like first come first serve torture via the justice system.

Minnesota land of nothing

Land of: we help someone take everything you work for and make sure you have the illusion of a trial while charging you with stalking them. Oh they invited you? Well it's a shame we took the laptop those recordings are on and ruled you incompetent to prevent you from having that trial. Land where the police do what they want when they want and we get hung up on which demographics have it better or worse as a distraction for how bad it's likely to get if this path continues . Land where the justice system is so wack people will have a hard time understanding let alone believing the reason why you're walking funny after the encounter. Land where if your dad claims to own you and your mom tries to kill you... You better run. If they chase you don't be second to the court house. Or VAWL will be used to allow a mother to destroy her son or the father that claims to own him will be given access to where he is through out the promised legal consequences of disobeying the freak

More MSHS Wadena contradictions

 This came from another patient here (it's now third hand information) He told me he's heard the staff discussing what if anything should be told to clients here in advance. "The less they know the better" was the quote he conveyed.

Wadena Haircuts

Apparently require you to wear a mask. Another patient got one today. The staff member to take him was the one who reported me for de masking with the eye doctors permission.

3/4 the of people given 72hr holds in sterns county are commited Inanimate is how this guy describes it. 

Jolt (An Account of ECT Sucess)

Jolt was a patient I met at CentraCare'$ St cloud adult mental health unit. I'm using jolt not to make fun of but to protect jolts identity.  Jolt was a pretty good guy. Actually when I met him he was a pretty quiet guy. Jolt was also my first look at something I read about years ago.  The Something is Called ECT.

What I accomplished today A lot of work was done on this post 

Minnesota Life Rape

A friend of mine once described how my parents were treating me as:  life rape. When you then end up held in an institution where you are encouraged to repeat daily what you could have done differently or to avoid it or when you get out this gets warped. I never claimed to be perfect.a lot of what I wrote down here was pointing out how without respect too personal property ownership thereof or fundamentals like getting or maintaining a job where you don't know where you're going to live or you can be kicked out of it at any moment by police... I was pointing out the problems with the system. that doesn't indicate that I don't know where the problems are with myself. It's just what I chose to talk about. In This Flawed (Patient Centred) System What comes to my mind is how long before mn does this to someone who's actually been raped? One of the criteria for early release is showing insight into the problem they claim you have / label you with. Please share insigh

After The Maple Grove Police Help Rob You...(A Minnesota Story )

The state will raid you during a move. take evidence need to defend yourself from the charges it's going to drop on you. Use the state of your apt during move to suggest you can't care for yourself. I put mg police in the title but this was just as much at cloud police and the courts in this state  It's like a head trip  When they take people to a hospital. The police after words/the officer when I spoke to him later pointed out he was the plain clothed officer. No he was in a uniform and I was in hand cuffs. Which is written into mn law as not supposed to happen. Which I had pointed out on my blog way before the raid.  Problem with using holds in place of jail. There is no bail, there's been no Justice. I still haven't even seen the warent for the raid. HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD ON THE GROUND At one point I asked my lawyer why did we not try to argue for release between the two hearings. She responded "they don't do that"  I would take a bet that if you hi

Dr Jon C Bowar MD

Dr Jon Carlos Bowar M.D. Some say he specializes in Psychiatry. Others say hes an elite proctologist in search of his own head. Yet others say he spells his last name incorrectly. I happen to think his first name could use some work as well.  Incoming diagnosis of delusions of marshland creatures The worst part is he hasn't this bed side manner where he will seem friendly. But what he appears to do is ask almost entirely loaded questions and only listen to or prompt untill he gets the answer he wants. It was also general ward consensus that he outright messes with people or tries to trigger them.

About 140 days of antifungal shampoo and 164 days of trauma

  Vs Feb 2021 Yet even with me communicating to CentraCares dr Bower "I have a seborrheic dermatitis. Diagnosed by a dermatologist " he took to calling it delusions of parasite and or fungual infection. This was  mentioned in my commitment hearings.  had literally communicated to Dr Bower check the journal articles it's often fungal. I wasn't freaking out and or obsessed either.  I realized maybe since I'm being held I can get the shampoo prescribed again. Instead he took to labeling it delusion. The shampoo was given a day after I was commited.  It was written "for dandruff" It took Dr Mattson looking it up to change that.  When I say antifungal shampoo I'm not talking head and shoulders I'm talking prescription shampoo.  Ketoconazole 2% In other words in Minnesota after the SWAT team raids you and finds nothing tell the doctor what another doctor has told you... Aka the dermatologist who diagnosed it and end up with a delusional label anyway. B