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Friday, December 4, 2020

why don't you just

 play hide and go fuck yourself.

instead of rub in how we fuck you and wouldn't take this ourselves as we dish it. 

brushed off

 I think a lot of people consider the idea that there might be sheeple. baaah.

but oh no that's hocus pocus and vodo or maybe it's worse than a devil that went down to Georgia looking for conspiracy theory to sew. there must be some other qualifier as otherwise we would have just knowingly put him in office. maybe in 2 years we can have a she wolf in the closet. let her out cause he can't read. Or in the case of bush Lite, just don't mention Darth in the corner as you turn the little engine that could right side up for the photo op pointlessly wondering why because people have photoshop. 

the worst of it is the hocus pocus can convince you your immediate wants justify harming the long term survival of your family 

there's nothing hocus pocus about applied psych and sociology. infact apply it in one direction and your inability to have accurate mental constructs of what another person is (prerequisite to who) will be damaged and you might even get so defensive over the scar and needing to not look or be wounded that you now gaurd what's left of who in u, which usualy wasn't much to begin with... u viciously defend against ever having been incorrect and by extension anything you didn't know.

state knows

it's known to the state that landlords use false police reports to trigger ability to evict 


it's also not suposed to be the case police participate in a lock out and reject evidence.

if it's rocket science to see somone all the suden not just on the street but having everything including their pets threatened doesn't help longevity income stability etc perhaps you might consider a career as the window in a short bus? 



shitty but in comparison I'll probably face this yet. 

I truly think we will death camp our own people but it will be called homeless shelters and hover bill 2.0s. 

doesn't matter what u have or don't, just lie to police to take from someone else. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020


what is you say u need control because you want control. you lie to police and courts to harm me while you and mom shove me around try to shove me over railings have me fix and show u how to use computers I built for you. take my tools take my computers take all purpose and reason to live 
what is you ensure I have 0 comfort and everything I worked hard at ever social, work, academic goes to waste. u rewrite the past and present to suite any lie and violate me every way the police let u

what is you and mom arnt prickly you are hydtofloric acid and corode everything you touch 

if I had MY TOOLS

 this is just people clicking ads mainly on vengeancetech 

content is impossible with out being able to eat let alone have my tools

Minnesota Criminal Covictions with Civil Standards of Evidence after you put the lotion on your skin

 Minnesota has a VAWA law that they now claim is open to men to. I have no doubt it is but I would bet the arrests for men against men, men accused women are way lower than women on men.

3days ago


the first two are what in blowing out and or dealing with in torture cell empty apt while being made to eat fast food and or starve  after Paul and Marlene ensured their mold issue is still mine

this message was the 29th of nov

yesterday I noticed weird orange light and looking around it with cam... 

tire pressure I attributed to temp change and needing to fill because of that 

my debit card is also missing 

I belive they somehow accessed the garage in the apt in the only one on the lease for and sabotaged the car taping over the light

I hadent driven more thst a few min in the days between 

this post https://www.paulmarwuethrich.com/2020/12/what-actual-peace-officers-look-like.html

was prompted by this and fact police won't allow confessions or reports and heavily censor them. 

I am being terrorized. 
the pics below were a few days after I received the car. despite the state having deemed me paranoid enough to illegal put me in a 3 day medical hold while 3mo after 0 notice lock change eviction and theft of everything still being destroyed.. 2018. 

despite paranoid being reason to abduct I took pics when they dropped this car off. they literally paid to have their massive mold problem fixed as a doc who wouldn't account for fact I had not a scratch or negative behavior let alone had email from mold pro.. doc diagnoses me a head case after asking for the story and refusing the email this state is homicide and slavery. 
thewes pics taken about March 2020

note not possible anything I did caused it but it is in line with a npd person to have to be perfect. even at the expense of disfiguring disabling or killing their son. 


Minnesota Needs To Change or Change What it Teaches


Minnesota Emancipation

 Like many other places it pertains to objectively defining matters critical to right, Saftey, well being, security and privacy, mn law is actualy not very clear on when if ever one is emancipated from their parents.

faux freedom and tracks

 just stay in line get a Corp job. stay between the lines stay on track and hope they don't single you out as it gets worse.

Police Union, Sherifs?

 I just realized that what's happening to the son of the hennepin county sherif might have an alternative explenation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

with out so much as a trial

 Police have helped force dangrous labor, steal 6.3k in services and by my estimate so far 43k in personal property. including all of my kitchen utensils and cookwear.

non contested hard sci indicates that dietary diffiencies should be addressed before any type of psych medication is even considered.

police in my case are quick to call the theft to attempted murder they aid and embe all civil but will use civil law to force people to a doc who with no baseline and never having met a person declares them paranoid to detain the for 3 to 5 days or indefinitely

this probably helps the state retain large corps in a international market where any state or nation can cut taxes to attempt to attract the orgs with the wealth. that said this essentially becomes the state helping to enslave and drug the populous. 

What Actual Peace Officers Look Like. The Americium Dream. Terroristic Police Aided Stalkers and Theives


Heres me traveling alone in Germany in 2006. 

Who Fed Them?


Produced in 2008 this has some uncanny allegory of where we are in 2020. maybe its just that. hard to say

I see others enjoy a metaphor as well

 I Googled pig roast and on noticing the second recipe was Martha I couldn't stop laughing  

of the recipe cards Google listed at the top this was the only one where the food apears to be in possibly a cell and sure looks as if the markings on it could be tally marks but maybe I'm reading too much into it 😂

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Minnesota Locks Up Slaves Or Grant's it For Terrorizing Them

 After making me sick what they have done is especially after it was confirmed they have attempted to run me out entirely in every definition of how you can do that to another. They have attempted to keep me from having any success with any Endeavor I am forced to do let alone need to do. They often use illegal means to force but the police refused even to report let alone investigation the police refuse recorded evidence to outright admission this is happening.

I believe they have court granted custodial ship over my mom's sister as well. What's funny is my whole life at family gatherings she's had stories that she doesn't know who's doing it but somebody steals from her breaks her things moves her things enter sir apartment while she's at work then her car got stolen as well. My mom demanded keys for this apartment I've been renting since 2007 they have never had keys. I did not give them keys but I have witnessed them do everything my aunt has described this in itself is not proof.

The issue I see is if police censor even reports. someone as alone as my aunt or worse, myself we can't even pull that if you keep track of dates things might have happened. I've got recorded in mission to some of the felony level crimes but police indicates that I need another stay in a mental hospital rather than them listening to the recordings. Just to be clear I have no criminal record I had no mental health issues.

What's worse there's no standard of evidence on the Doctor Who at any time can give you that diagnosis there's no objective criteria people who made the DSM have started objecting to this because they realize it's being used to harm people. But worse yet if the person harming you is a family member and a medical professional they likely have read-write access to all your medical records even if there is an audit Trail none of those systems are perfect they're usually built for the lowest possible expenditure to build them and looking around I found a few invitations even the police record system has some somewhat undetectable ways to tamper with existing records

We need to stop creating systems that harm people and put people with little to no check or balance in almost power this is not freedom

Now Hes Back To Pushing the Unable to Care 4 Self Violating Agenda

That actually prompted last nights post on how do you care for yourself. The biggest issue the police alternate on this too. 

heres care for myself with and with out forced labor assult poision fellony level theft lies or promises wurg no intent but to keep needed things undone and they cobtrol budget via theft  then threat to me animals and stolen to control time 

it's a high percentage of something I called out years ago:

it's like you want all the decisions but none of the responsibility for the outcome. 

 they also 2 v1  cover and gaslight me for each other.  do the cold till u get busy and forget then neutral to complement shower reentry. but now police have seemingly given them cart blanch to do anything and repeatedly. 

not how sick he is with rapping it back. the tooth I lost was an event December 2017 and a long dead baby tooth that never had an adult tooth under it. I was told by the dentists wife not to wait mire than 6mo but insurance won't cover it. look else where or ask me for the rest. 

they both play this iterate or retwist to deny while stacking events that risk to outright harm you and make u repeat it. they came to my empty torture cell apt 7 days I saw and 2x called in wrllfar checks on the two weeks following the blocked ofp hearing. 
they stalk steal abuse and don't stop 

Or will do so for a. But I am an only child they have given money to almost everyone else in the family on top of that so even if anybody else would remind me it's never in their interest to do so. This is fuck the unbelief I do not deserve this no one does police are making decisions to not enforce law that might leave me dead to disfigured well I get painted as an abuser or a potentially violent threat getting angry when that is human response fight or flight when someone is harming you or risking your life that is designed so you can either kill the Predator trying to attack you or run away but running away costs money today. Actually there is a third reason not that it's incredibly relevant but it's to be able to push the boulder off you or to be able to pull yourself up from that ledge you normally could not have it not healthy state to be put in day after day for 3 years now well being actively poisoned 

I have every right to be angry because they do things to keep me stuck in it and the police participate

If likely will not be me but this is exactly how you create Mass shooters. Even Marilyn Manson said it about the kids from Columbine nobody listened ideally somebody acts on it and say if laws are being violated repeatedly that endanger you don't have the cops trying to build a case saying someone's violent because well they might be liable the other way they might make money this way there's a bunch of possibilities but none of it is equal protection of citizens or following Minnesota's law which makes it pretty bait-and-switch or a promise with no intent to deliver

Then throwing in family court it's pretty much like you put the lotion on your skin and you get court again oh by rights goodbye what did you have to do nothing literally nothing does it stop anything probably not. I don't see how police response time would be changing if I was who they said. And if they want to come kill me they've already stolen felony amount twice. I assume a report was made April 2020 after the ofp hearing. The officer gave me her card. I've sent Scott confession from Paul and Marlene that two of the items totaling a felony amount are in their possession so ji you would think there'd be the third there to seeing they all went missing the same day but calling to try to get that report report updated I'm told instead that they need to meet in person to evaluate my mental state in other words they alluded to Holly me into a mental hospital or a hospital for a psych eval this is fucking nasty. It'd be one thing if I could cook and eat but that's even been taken from me the police doing this shouldn't be police this is indication you think you are better or more rightfully deserve to be able to cook and eat a fucking meal that you won't enforce felony level crimes because someone else for whatever reason or hearsay or your previous fuck up and you don't want to reprimand that would drop off your record in time anyway with a 50% chance of getting rehired even if you are fired you will risk a citizen's life just so you're not bothered for the day cuz you should be tried for treason or I shouldn't have to censor my words when they're mere words talking about what should be done in that case

But then when you have to stand it out you're the reason random people are getting shot you're shooting them directly if you're that type of officer and when the police force is in general treat people like this some of them become the mass shooters that take it out on the by the people before the people and of the people because the people don't seem to care but School taught everybody that we run the government right? But hey more job security for you

there is no sanity here Marlene and Paul not only steal and threaten after physical assult, they will give 10 demands 2 plans 2 threats and triple a new set even if this that and the other is done. 

the only way this doesn't produce dead abuse victims is if at very least police give a Stern, cut that shit out per fellony level theft. 

or if I learn to literaly deficate money and health. 

assuming I could find someone tu hire in filthy clothes looking dead it's aparently So  I can get fired from min wage if I could even get hired in week to month old clothes looking as dead as I feel inside and outside. Could get fired just for being homeless when the federal eviction ban expires 

Work to buy back everything needed for basic adult life despite having bought it once already? While Mr. & Mr Pale Malace take out their self and relation ship issues in the form of sometimes physical abuse often stalking , several nonfellony level thefts, 2 fellony level thefts (after they 0 notice evicted)

Only to call the police and hear if I want even straight-up confessions added to an existing report they first need to meet to discuss my mental state?

lmao if you are considering moving to Minnesota and having kids, have them elsewhere show them snuff films 24/7 365 and it will be more wholesome than what might happen if you lose yourself when they need you here. 

or lose yourself to the point your decisions make them sick at any age and then play savior to gain a position of power. 

this is really fucking sick. 


these bellow are while living at their house Jan 2018 to Aug 2018

laptop power brick at hotel it did try to come with. 

Hotel about 4 mo in.
I don't quite have daily photos over hotel time but it was far enough into abuse and lies I had figured documenting the improvement was worth it. 

seems to be nothing is worth anything if the state or marelen and Paul want to endanger me via crime 

but hearsay claims I threatened with words.. 
it used to be the fear that femists were making it so if a woman starts killing you, better let her or the state will. 

now it seems it takes only she said u said 
ill add first night at apt shot here blogger is weird about account sued photos showed even though it uploads them

forced for 9 mo to try to do the impossible and clean their car

here's me last month. 

my main bench at my last apt. ill put some before and after here two

the colored lights set to red actually enabled livingroom turned darkroom for uv litography. now they rot somewhere at paul and marlenes. blue also produced the most calm while hell struck there after cosmos died. there is actually quite a bit of things deactivated by blue light but hey lets disable his air filter after stealing his lights and steal his vacuum too. just starved him 30 days in 2019

plexi glass bender. ecig coil wire through the metal channel attached to electric supply one side lifts up and hot plexi bends uniformly. was gonna add a clamp but also now being destroyed

Bonnie girl. I'm sorry. I miss your nudges, company, digging time

old fargo apt on right.

working under threat of homelessness is normal. working under homelessness while police wont allow confessions let alone return or investigation of attempted murder and repedative large thefts to keep a person unsafe in danger off balance . working to replace what someone steals while police threaten detainment in a hospital for being unable to care for yourself. 

full out slavery  but to them its all civil when not cause to eval my mental state. which I've shown in a link on the right... mn did the research showing it might not be ethical to ever prescribe meds when dietary deficiencies exist. so lets force them while wanting you medicated when 3x years before there were no issues. oh howbout while we poision you and a court on hearsay labels you an abuser further interfearing with housing and job opertunity

and while the abuser flat out says "I own you" "I need control because I want control"

there is nothing I could do to myself be on  or have done to me more destructive and likely to shorten my life than this. 

substance harm is additive and largely because downers upers et other they tend to nudge to slam the body towards extreams. even with out them the body takes damage daily. 

just like flys don't spawn from meat (a fly lands and lays eggs) the nutriance to do those repairs don't come from a diet of stress debasment forced under threat destruction of the things mine taken to cook a proper fucking diet or have a non messy apt car etc. 

or deal with their toxic mold. 

give me time I bet I find journals that indicate time spans for mal nutrition and opertunistic infection.

but probably wont matter. mn doesn't have the guts to enslave its people forthright apparently only to push human rights bills that don't do anything from stoping the police from ignoring crime after crime or supporting crimd after crime that could kill you and definitely makes chances of getting to civil court unlikely

but if your criminal abuser wants more power, hey file an ofp or 2 after stealing the targets id and possibly sabotaging a car while taking a felony amount from the car

do it again after the court date and fuck it

right after the court date you blocked by again forcing starvation with pstd therapy companion animal and friend in the freezer....

well then drive your ass 45 min to the cell you stuck him in 2 days later and call police for a welfare check again 14 days later, sit in parkinglot or drive round building 7 days I saw inbetween

one could estimate a one sided fear of dv restraining order is logically bbonkers... but there might be some argument of not restricting a victim. cept they do nothing apparently before or after to check who that actually is or how the claimed victim behaves with it. me thinks numbers would show when female has one on male arrests are sky high compared to male on male or male on female

see office of violence against women OVW and VAWA Fedral Grants or OVW Grants. ie there's a few ways states can profit from arrests and laws like this. cant say I know its happening here but everything about this is more inline with salem 1600 (flipped burden no standards on claim) than modern justice. 

wish I coulda been born a bit later when Kunta is an engineer on the enterprise.. this in-between where all the concepts are used to divide and harm while re instantiating the concept or worse... really fucking blows

also would love to see good scientific evidence for the increasing claim of 25 and prefrontal and that women are any less likely if not more to be aggressive and physical than men.

i came to the conclusion most of the differences we see are learned. maybe 0.01% inate the rest is conditioning. move it forward two places and I think my point still stands. 

truth in advertising: the boogie man was beaten to death in self defense for looking at his mother wrong while she slapped him and threatened to beat him to death for choosing to exist. the state arrested the corpse of the violent abusive son.  on charges of "they pay for these"

the accused chose to remain stiff and silent 

why don't you just

 play hide and go fuck yourself. instead of rub in how we fuck you and wouldn't take this ourselves as we dish it.