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Sunday, May 31, 2020

productive healthy presuite of life liberty and happeness

Maple Grove Minnesota, a quiet MN twin cities suburb where apparently the 5th amamdment and other federal laws are of no concern to the police department. fcc part 97 comes to mind from the may 22 encounter where ownership of a thousand dollar ham radio being destroyed came into question.

restraint servaliance abhorence

I can't get the photo I want to upload. its Cosmos on the basement carpet.. pointing st the glass block windows to my hs bedroom.

If mgpd refuses to even allow mail or check fraud on record I am a slave

I can not invest in anything physical or market style

my signatures ability to equal contract and bond has no protection 

physical assets  taken and then told its not theft because I left them where I moved out of. 

I was given no notice to vacate 

I was told by my mom Jan 2018 she's my landlord till I can aford every dime or penny if moving out again. 

well when she can then take everything earned in over 16 years of earning 

this is so wrong

police force me to drive away. in a car parents own wirh my assets under lock and key

then when parents car is broken down and im in sterns. parents file ofps in court an hr and a half away

now based on hear say I will have trouble renting anywhere finding a job

this is criminal for life with out anything more than hearsay

with selective enforcement and reporting by mgpd

sterns likely had some logic in mind choosing bit to serve the past ofps

probably covid though that's my assumption

mgpd may 22 didn't care my parents had my ID and mail and things needed to have clean clothes or cook a meal or destruction of a 1k ham radio.. 

1k is criminal property damage. neither of my parents is a ham operator or licensed. I am

all kinds of logic witg no regard to my health Saftey wellbeing or sanity.. 

but like 5min asking my dad if it's worth searching for a weapon. 

this is shameful 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

hell ilistrated

a gallery of trafficing forced labor total distruction of person and property. one man's attempt to save his life and animals from decisions home owners made when he was 14

with some life before and attempts to thrive during 

it should be noted both parents laid hands on me or met the definition of battery more than once

maple Grove pd has pretty much refused to let me report anything while parents can say the wind blew it was probably John and im scared 

my mom threatened for over half a year to get me medicated and in a psych ward for a proven mold problem at their house one that spread to the apt I had then created the reason I moved back in

my mom as far as I know is still a cnp at children's hospital in st Paul minnesota

this is relevant because not just my word
there are journal articles showing mold even on visitors clothing threatens patients lives 

an ofp is now being used like a gag order while they have all of my property open my mail take over my accounts have my ID holding mail as ofp activated

I moved back in Jan 2018 and Aug 2018 no notice writen or verbal for me to move out they changed garage code

maple Grove pd : you can't file theft you gave them your things when you moved out

also around Jan 2018 house was found by hired mold pro to have issues related to their selection of carpet pad finishing their basement in 2001 

again around thst time the few friends I had left reported they were being contacted by my parents told I'm sick in the head, obsessed, delusional, on drugs 

basic npd or socieopath smear campaign

They have changed almost nothing in their lives I can now no longer rent because my credit will not support signing a lease there are two oips that will fuck my background check I'm about to be evicted because the end of the forced lease was March 31st 2020 they have toyed with me well saying they owned me for over a year and a half just to destroy everything anything I ever worked for

liability responsibility culpability

my parents made decisions about finishing their house when I was 14

i moved out at 18

at 29 I had been visiting their house to see a cat friend that was sick for the last time 

in doing so I transfered mold to my apt 
8mo of bleeding and as I move back in they hire a mold pro who finds problems
that was Jan 2018

2 on one gaslighting and insisting I'm delusional and need to be medicated starts 

June my mom tries to push me over railing to basement falsely reports I shoved her

Aug she has a cancer surgery still hasn't delt with mold. 

I say to my dad perhaps a week or 2 at a hotel to help her rrecover

they change garage code and lock me out of everything ever mine. 

1.5 years of move place to place forced to drive away in car they own starts

police in maple Grove Minnesota enforce I don't live there anymore

was told  I can't file theft gave them my things moving out 

parents force lease under threat of distruction of all my property  in town they chose

not before at one of 5 hotels they removed car from lot then used minor property threat if car wasn't returned so I could get food..  a conditional threat invalidated when car was returned 6pm

to at like 10pm place me under emergency medical hold

Dr ignores I have exterminator record on my phone and email with hired mold pro

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" 

declares me (redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs 

he also ignored 16mo of bleeding had been gone for month and a half or more and only on leaving for hotel... aka environmental causal factor likely 

now in blowing out black shit have health record indicating no good.. 

day I got out I was texted a picture of the professional mold remediation they were having done while I was in the mental ward 

car marlene wuethrich drive to the nicu at children's hospital st Paul for 9 years had plugged sun roof drains. was growing mold on top side of headliner

right after I sign lease snow blows through vents 

last year was spent cleaning their mold from their car while even the remains of my pet Bonnie were threatened. 

Bonnies ashes were sent usps to me. 
parents have opened mail signed over accounts and at least one check. taunting me over mail even a week ago

the landlord on forced lease has been on my ass over mold from the start and tried to evict garage 

notice to vacate at end of lease Jan 2020
car broke down may 6th 2029
may 11th parents who still have my mail my things my id. slap an ofp each on me 
served may 13th
court was may 18th court was an hr and a half away

lease ended May 31st 2020. 

I was 29 with good credit decent health no evictions, no criminal record no mental health issues and no records indicating violence

no I'm about to be dead on the street destroyed credit destroyed background check shared med record that means Dr reads its in my head before not shaking my hand (covid) 

may 22 mgpd once again informed by me, they have my mail, they have my id, they have thousands of dollars of my property they have tools I need to fix the washer and have clean clothes. 

they have my kitchen stuff that I need to cook eat anything healthy or cost effective 

mgpd was more conserned with trying to put me in jail. 

my parents in private claim to own me. 

which is concerning because my dad sat on the mn labor Council. Paul wuethrich was for a bout 25 years the elected vp of seiu local 284. 

when the labor unions have people in positions of power claiming to own their offspring... 

when the nation has no national police on use of police force 

when basic laws meant to protect adults control of their finances and contracts entered into by mail are ignored 

when right to own anything after trading hrs that you can never get back for wages.. 

when all that is under threat and the police in a Minnesota locality would rather push to paint the victim as violent despite 30 years of no indication of violence.. 

we have more than racial discrimination we have total erosion of family, of any expectation of health or presuit of happyness

we have a system where natural justice is a pipe dream 

where politic prisoner is an antiquated rehelic 

where the land of the free is the highest percentage of populous incarsirated

where #metoo matters more than basic rights until you realize how fucked you are and if you get group with a modern scarlet letter you end up dead or in prision regardless of anything deserved or done to youwe have a total divorce from the common person of any race or gender having any awareness of what even decent interests are for them let alone the best intrest for their health and survival 

and yet what we get is #blacklives matter and this increasing shit storm of hurting white property isn't as bad as black people. 

even if the elite are mostly white(I think a few saudies would contest this) black vs white is a fucked diachotmy 

when basic rights go missing or 0 enforcement because the modern scarlet letter of uncondtestable boogie man is applied

we demonize and destroy people at best for ease of cities not paying for more court houses while forced to run like biz. 

ie can't have backup can't afford more courts.. she or sometimes he who files first and screams loudest can kill the other by starvation 

but we call it a woman hater or racist Geting what they deserve... but is it?

there's 0 standards of evidence here. 

the burden is on the accused and the accuser can type a page and put quotes around waht they claim the accused said or did

meanwhile the accused may like me find the self homeless and beaten

I've went to maple Grove Police department telling them I have recorded calls indicating false reports in at very least looking to stop the ability to use false reports as weapons 

if we put unreliable witness on file we might be liable 

fuck you very much. 

some good news, for us not me


a joke.. kinda

in the last post, esp in the tags, I alluded to state sponsored execution 

which was a bit sarcastic but here's the thing

med records have been created off a forced medical hold that state two very real one potentially life endangering thing... 

in my head as in delusion. 

despite having mold pro testimony on hand that it was not

then maple Grove pd has overlooked what as far as I can see in many jurisdictions is forced labor and or human trafficing

and its not hard to figure out if you can continuously force someone to change physical location or force how their time is spent while controlling their diet

it's pretty easy to at very least make it inplusabile to escape an early grave 

the ofps are kind of the kiss of death. 

that on a previously clean background check is going to hurt employability and ability to rent

not having been seperated from assets earned and then moved back in to parents in 2018.. shouldn't matter it was parent actually. 

what does mater is back in or moved in 

2018.  6mo later locked out

worst case being able to pawn those to get out of here before eviction also destroys ability to rent 

but the forced around location.. over the hotels then them for the first time ever (since age 18) picking where I live... 

that's how you stop someone from forming any social connections 

often referred to as a social Saftey net. 

then an mgpd officer knowing or otherwise rubbed it in the other night before serving the ofps

OK so you don't have enough gas to go back to st cloud, anyone you can call? 

yeah 3 years go probably 

the sickest part of this is moving back in was almost indisputably a factor of having visited and if spreading the mold to my apt. 

there are probably a percentage of 29 year olds that could survive 6 plus months no income with out ending up dependant no where do I see in law where that then equals forefit of all rights and property

as I was moving back in mold guy determined it was due to decisions I know were made by my parents in 2001.

ie vapor barrier carpet pad on sealed cement slab. place where any moisture or condensation was trapped between two vapor barriers 

so in other words decisions made by them when I was 14.

give them the right to take everything ever mine earned or given. 

mn had a supreme court ruling like early 1900s that no one should profit from their crimes 

application here is a bit of a streach but profiting fron your negligence surely isn't 

it doesn't comfort me much at the moment and I'm sure less the moment I take my last breath but if that's tomorrow even... this site stays up quite a while 

won't change my last 2 years were alone detained yelled at and emotionaly incest physically assaulted and false reported the other way around. 

I confronted mgpd with the fact I have evidence suggesting that. 

that was the time "if we put that on record the department may be liable" 

other than while my mom was insisting I belive her lies and took fuck you as an excuse to talk about her sex life 

other than Clyde's remains in a freezer and a dream where I vividly saw his remains tossed in fve dumpster.. then woke up sitting up and  screaming 

other than last woman to touch me being my mom trying to push me over the railing to their basement 

the most disgusting thing I don't want to die knowing... 

she also made me a dv against women stat while trying to push me over a railing 

this is an incredibly sick society. it was said by someone far smarter than me (many are) that it's not a sign of mental illness to be Mal adapt to a sick society... 

or something along those lines

which is a pretty forced dichotomy anyway but seems applicable here 

there are a few people I loved
there are a lot of people I truly cared for and about 

I loved every pet I've ever had and they were probably the closest to love every child is suposed to receive from their parents 

humans long ago traded being able to survive early for our big brains 

cognative trade off or something like that 

most kids are born with a desire to please their care givers /parents and functioning sympathy empathy and sense of guilt and remorse some studies show better sense of fare than most adults. 

original sin and or what I see is a growing body of drek in articles about "is my kid a socieopath" 

literally heading towards what one son of a preacher described as 

"I was there when the bear ate his head 
he thought it was a candy" 

or what some psychologists predict will be the undoing of humanity 

a narasstic implosion of sorts 

but onward towards the hunger games is first... no one wants to miss the games. 

come to think of it:

maybe dieing soon won't be so bad 

Clyde's body is my biggest concern 

he and Bonnie were about as innocent as creatures can be. 
this has iFunny tag but only because I uploaded it. it's a photo I took in 2006 

in old French one plaq still comes to mind 

boild down it asked when is death? , death is always 

what's also not a joke or good for anything is hearing you are owned and having all purpose destroyed through the loss of two pets you cared about as deeply as any person after having worked through the first 

sense of purpose is actually known to affect survival rates after infection illness and injury 

and perhaps a lesson humanity that wishes to remain human could borrow from the "lesser" species 

rabbits have been known to die of a broke. heart after one in a bonded pair dies 

I see the other possible narasstic implosion extinction scenario as being indirect. 

the likes of tessla made the world we live in today. for a while I was joking Clyde was my pidgin, I've always been a night owl. 

Tesla I am no where near the brilliance of.

the relation was Tesla was known to be a night owl, and died with mainly pidgions as his friends, Pennyless in a hotel. 

upon receiving the Nobel peace prize a reporter once asked Einstine how it felt to be the smartest person in the world. to which he responded 

you would have to ask Tesla 

boiled down though.. kings queens and eventual ceos would probably sit be wiping their asses with cotton wood leaves in the dark with out inventions from commoners 

we've come a long way just to rejustify some pretty daft ideas once again under terms like eugenics and more recently social darwinism. 

I don't see this push to mark adulthood as only financial sucess as anymore than a continuation of that horse shit 

regardless of what I see or do not though, a danger exists

evolution probably is a thing regardless of if we watch the bear shitting in the woods

social darwinism is a human creation and in being so... is very much akin to stories of snakes and apples. 

it carries with it the potential to breed out the traits that would have created the human that would give us the next big leap, of woman or man who has the invention that saves our current planet or the next 

if we even pressist to that point. really wish I hadent just read about the aftermath of starships latest static fire. 

really wish I could be involved in any of what that man is doing for us. 

or even finishing commitments for already proven and paid for bt 3rd party projects. 

I taught myself CAD built tools to do UV lithography and board etching at my last apt using cupric chloride mixed from hair bleach pool acid and scrap copper. 

including test patterns I think 8 etches was accurate. maybe 10

i got down to 8 thou features on 2 Oz. 

with double sided alignment. 

Dave Jones is an astrialian YouTube who is an EE and used to be a board designer but found he could make about 60k usd a year just doing YouTube. he's mentioned doing the whole process from design to Etch on his own and eventually getting down to 8thou on 1oz

i don't have much to compare to because I was so invested in maintaining my commitments and a year and a half before that working 60 to 100hrs a week between two jobs so I was at an isolate point when the shit hit the fan from my parents decisions to begin with. 

I don't think I have any extra special abilities.. I did my homework though and applied every bit of the little brightness I had. 

didn't matter 

when it's then shown everything I own can be taken while I'm told I'm owned, starved, abducted at mgpd point... 

what's the point? 

my biggest concern is Clyde's remains 

everything else personal is tied

for the more existential general concerns.. one could probably boil it down to something I think psych got right. it's a simple notion 

informed consent 

but maybe this notion is going the way of engineered obsolescence 

Friday, May 29, 2020

covid 19 and fbi mgpd spin city... spin spin city

I am somewhat apolitical for maybe the last decade. I couldn't really get behind either in the last election... vote or die now comes to mind as this comes from nose

so I read the info on the fbi website and figured it might be worth trying to give them a call

if I hit save or can recover it I may post the audio. i had low hopes from the start but really wasn't anticipating the end. 

after deciding one provable account of check fraud wasn't worth their time. 

"dude what were u doing at your parents at 30" a breif pause while I tried to asses if she missed the part about bleeding and finding the source was from the parents house I moved back into.. 

but in that pause she then went to "sir I'm disconnecting the call now" 


ack.. blogger app vs hitting it through chrome on Android... centered text is blogger app

on the hotline I picked Id theft.. the night mgpd activated the ofps may 22nd 2020 they didnt care my parents had my ID. or are destroying a thousand dollar ham radio

relevant when u can throw one in mental ward for provoked by stranding me at hotel after changing garage code (after 6mo before I moved back in and heard I'm your land lord now. until you can aford every dime of moving out) expired conditional threat to stucko
that hinged on cab driver picking me up from a hotel parking lot at 6pm then being OK with stop 1 buying a sledge hammer stop 2 being a residence in maple Grove 

accessory? no that's what I needed at the hardware store... 

relevant because if I understand correctly criminal property damage in MN starts at 1k. 

also neither parent in possession is a licensed amature radio operator. 

I am. 


the fcc dB is showing my renewal date as liscense date take 10 years off of it and it's when I actually got my liscense or close to... the hard copy liscense is also being held by my parents that claim to own me. 

funny thing about moving in somewhere then the police help the property owner 0 notice writen or otherwise decide you don't live there.. 

actually that is a longer list of not funny than I want to cover here 

that radio came from W0BSI when he passed away. 

anyway.. fbi didn't care at all about the if, bit for a second on check fraud but when I said one check became un interested. 

that leaves trump
and doj complaints against henipin and mgpd 

thing is with covid I doubt any communication gets more than an interns response from potus. 

but with out it it would be interesting. 

being apolitical doesn't mean I don't follow. my predicament is because i accepted money parents offered, I apparently have no civil liberties or rights. 

I would think Trump would find that concerning. 

ironicly pre election I was telling people I was going to write in putin. 

another point on the ham radio. they can have it with out a liscense and from what I've seen there's no hope in hell maple Grove pd wouldn't look the other way but... 

moment it's in a car there's an issue

with out a ham liscense even having a scanner in a car is illegal 

aka one can derive that if they posses that raido they either broke the law transporting it to their house or more likely it was mine. 

one could also selectively enforce that if they dispose of it they are breaking the law as they drive it to a disposal point. 

today with digital trunked radio that law is rather antiquated and police radio apps make people feel they can listen. 

to a highly censored steam that most don't know is highly censored and usually time shifted by a few min. 

if you want to listen to the unedited digital trunked radio most police metros use in real time.. might I suggest first acquiring a ham liscense and then one or two rtlsdr usb dongles 

sdr = software defined radio

the 25 dollar dongle started out as a European digital TV runner for computers

some enterprising hacker figure it can make a very wide range general purpose radio tuner

the reason you need two most of the time is how wide a range the police digital trucked radio system covers

but the software to do the rest is already out there. 

like I said I highly recommend if you intend to put this in a car you first aquire a ham liscense. 

but for those just looking to play around from home :

Geting your tech liscense isn't that hard and will further anyone's understanding of sci and math concepts. it's part radio theory and part fcc regs. 

the regs help keep you and others safe

the regs also lay out what areas of the radio spectrum are a ham users play ground 

here's a video I made when I picked up a rtlsdr on 2016. 


with a range of something like 50Mhz to 1900mhz there is a lot you can explore with these 25 dollar repurposed TV tuners

with a few mods you can even make a passive radar. 

no mods you can plug in Google earth and listen in on the transponders for planes overhead. the pc will then plot their broadcast of hey I'm plane (callsign) at location (long, lat) on Google earth

for the price anyone interested in a stem future or adult that just wants to further knowledge and explore... it's hard to beat. 

hopefully even if I don't pull through this some of what I bring to light helps others. the stated purpose of this site is for those of parents with cluster b personality disorders.. 

but before this went down and if I was in MN I had wanted not only a shop but to double that up as a maker / hacker space 

I had a lot of tools. tools don't do anyone much good collecting dust. I also like helping people learn and explore. 

right now I can explore my 1bedroom apt with Clyde in the freezer and empty kitchen. 

I can do so in 2 week old clothes because my dad has my tools required to fix washer. 

I'm pretty much waiting to be dead. 

it's funny that at least 2x my bike was subject of mgpd encounters in 2019
both times parents admitted its mine and said I could have it.. 

guess what I still can't hop on. among everything else taken and still being destroyed

I forget exact numbers but xmin of activity is said to do the body a world of good including things like blood glucose levels

I've heard I'm owned like property for over a year and a half now. shuffled physical location after changing lock code 6mo after I made ved back into parents in 2019

if you live in the state of MN and esp maple Grove..

you are probably better off pawing everything h own the moment you get this option or that. 

as I pointed out to mgpd may 22 2020. 2x police have seen the rememdiated basement and the mold spreading is what triggered the move back in.. aka didn't know it was from there till I was moving back in. 

didn't matter here's the ofp

drive away with out eve. ur if from all your assets under lock and key in acar that not only doesn't belong to you

but after we've shown we will stand behind them taking it at any time stranding you with out food. 

so now I anticipate come end of covid eviction ban.. about the time I'm Geting served for inability to vacate... 

bet the car goes missing 

what was really disturbing though.. 
probably Jan 2020 I heard even starving me excused as " your parents will always have some control if they pay for anything" 

the more I think about it the more I'd assume this is a carefully crafted message meant to frame it in the minds of anyone who would help a person in this situation 

I'm not drawing that from nothing. 

it clicked a while after that through a 3rd party I heard someone else get that message back around 2008

she had just tuned 18 and her discription of events was her dad

hands on throat

choked to the ground

mgpd "if your parents..." 

I'd throw up... but with covid and no kitchen I don't have much but stomach acid that would come out 

I think conspiracy is the wrong word. this very much is hurting people but the drive is likely: cost reduction through pr and spin 

with the side effect being public acceptence of demographics striped of any and all likelyhood of rights. 

aka they will say they haven't taken them but police in some jurisdictions will let them be trampled in ways that may risk your life. 

what are the odds of waging a court battle from the street? 

I'd say the pluaible causitive factor is these cases if taken to court the city or county never expects to do anything but lose for providing the court... 

yet back log if all people could make it to court... no good

so in order to limit funds spent building and operating more court houses

selective enforcement of any rights.. with a spin and reheresed pr message 


not my normal taste in music but what the hell eh?

whether top down or tightened economic reigns with every locality County state nation competing to not go under, attract and keep corps/jobs 

and forced to operate as a biz...

the result can end up just as distopian

a guy you've likely never heard of unleashed a hell of a worm can on humanity. 


by some he's known as the father of modern PR 

by others he's known as the father of modern PR and propoganda

by a mass Com major I met in 2015 he was unknown 

by sigmund freud he was likely known as nephew Eddie 

Freud was infact his double uncle. probably a logical question and joke in there about double negation and having to say uncle twice

especially when uncle is busy with cocain and hypnosis. 


keeping up with the Jones kinda takes a new twist no? 

Burnais is well known to be the mind behind the switch to emotional advertising so nothing I just claimed is much of any of a streach on those points. 

theres a bit of freedom in realizing most signs point to death soon...

if I made you think jsut for a moment about anything here be it learning stem or a vector for erosion of rights... maybe I fulfilled some good purpose.

what I think is an eextreamly sad and misleading way to look at it is black lives matter

cause they do. everyone's does, everyone's can might be more accurate.

but old world knowledge was united we stand divided we fall. 

I just caught a glimpse that mpls has riots again so this seems an aprorpite time to bring it up 

if you spin what is over all a problem of no national policy on use of or excessive force by police 

into a demographic issue. 

especially in a country where some people have racist views on both sides

you end up through the kick back of 

"why does Tyrels life matter but mine don't?!"

you end up dividing a populous that united might have had the means to an end

the glass ceiling may be a similar distraction and fractionation.. 

before you jump to judgment here's a question 

ensuring that no woman anywhere ever makes less than a man... 

what does that matter if the pay in general isn't keeping up with cost of living and inflation?

but monkey see tea party effect is powerful and I think that's what they count on. 

I'm a woman, I'm a person of this race.. I have to be a part of this it's good for me or for me.. 

I think the tie in or why I see this as a possibility has everything to do with having likely cluster b parents 

full blown npd is different from having the traits. 

we all have the trait to some degree. I think it's being exploited. how uniform or top down the org of it is I wouldn't even hazard a guess at. 

like I was getting at by a can of worms though.. anyone org using the psych info isn't really the issue. it's that you can't put the cat back in shrodingers box. 

but knowledge of the well studied techniques, critical thinking and self awareness does lesson the power they have 

TV ratings and parental guidece is a great example here.. fucking swearing doesn't mean shit. 

it's that kids identify largely by that person's cool and or looks like me.. 

when a lot of the themes and plots involve very fucked up ways to be to yourself or others. 

it's all monkey see monkey do. older monkey is suposed to explain why that's wrong not chew out for swearing then tell hubby to shut the front door.


there are better sources but this says a lot right off the bat...at least the Google listing did.. but I Googled, then linked

tyrany of suggestion was what said a lot

as per critical thought and self awareness. 

it's not a fun thought that this might work at all. it's probably rather disturbing. 

that's not a reason to reject looking into it. 

it exists whether or not you want it to. it's been studied through several deaths (of people that advanced the science behind it)

there's another likely subset of people reading this that accept its a thing and regurgitate

"hypnosis can't make you do anything you wouldn't have otherwise wanted to"

or similar... close but no cigar. strong preexisting beliefs on a subject will limit suggest ability on it. ie the TV isn't going to convince you the bullet is a healthy meal and your spouse needs a healthy meal. 

but... do you know everything? do you have a strong preexisting opinion on everything? ever heard some cause and been like...


that's an easy to influence topic. 

s. f. eventually rejected hypnosos but the psychoanalysts in general relied on it. it has therapeutic and less than moral uses. 

it's a technology. it's neither good nor bad on its own. it's how it's used.

if you don't see the tiein I suggest again looking at the link with the quotes by the nephew. 

it's probably of intrest now more than ever. 

he also believed that momentum was most important in changing anything in the hearts and minds of anyone. 

covid-19, trump saying the DOD /navy footage of ufos is a "hell of a video", riots over police brutality..

he was a pioneer of spin and not even a dusty figure of the past. he does in 1995 at 103 years old. 

with out having or needing to prove the who what or why, his words suggest this is likely a when. 

because the shits count or momentem of how many different shits are hitting the central fan... higher than I can recall in the past 32 years(even attempting to subtract my own). your millage may vary.

but discounting it because the possibility is disturbing is a fools errand

if you pay attention to what the presumed  authorities on the TV or web mention about AI...

well if a program goes sentiant and we don't catch it... 

I'd say those talking about it being the end of us are likely basing it on the reflection of look what we do to each other. how could you expect it to in a moment scan every bit of now digital human history and conclude anything other than these apes need distruction or rule? 

but last bit here on mainly just getting out things on my mind and distracting from empty nothing with no purpose... 

and an attempt to provide constructive criticism not just doom and gloom

be the change you... 

there's also a in my observation somewhat prevalent belief there are just too many humans. 

go back 15 years and a really heavy stone is talking about that Infront of the un. 

yeah I said not doom and gloom keep reading:

in my humble oppinion as long as we get some of us off this plannet. the larger issue is energy production and a related issue is ability to use soil to grow food. it's not magic, you have to put stuff back into the dirt. mainly, nitrogen. which we can make with electricity. 


this is what the fathe rod the uranium cycle wanted used for civil power production. 

it was never funded. except in the 60s right before we got icbm tech on fleek... 

usaf wanted a nuclear powered jet engine for a nuclear powered nuclear bomber 

yeah... terrible idea. except thorium reactors were considered the best odds of doing just that. because it's not just the weight to thrust, it's not just saying the shielding is sufficient or the weight of the shielding is a balance and it allows it to work

none of our service members are idiots. no pilot military or otherwise preforms 100 percent in a plane they haven't flown before. esp not with a nuclear powered jet engine... 

aka of its not actually safe you arnt going to get crews willing to train in it to have proficiency for when the mission is drop the bomb 

so by most accounts this fucking nutz and bad idea was the only way it might work

funding was cut due to icbm advances but not before the US demonstrated working liquid thorium reactors 

this type of reactor is inhearntly safe. 

instead of needing to circulate a cooling loop or eventually she goes boom... 

you need to circulate the fuel after adding heat or it just turns back to solid sludge and rapidly stops making heat. 

no 3mile, no rmbk, no Fukushima, it just stops and goes solid. 

but that's no fun now we need a new reactor

ok bear with me:

if u design the reactor so there is a drain hole at the bottom, then wrap that opening with refrigerant piping so u could keep a block of frozen salt as a drain plug.. over a catch bucket, basin... what ever... 

attach the refrigerent pump to the power source for the circulation of the nuclear fuel. 

now as the pump to circulate kicks off, salt melts with the heat from the thermal mass and slowing reaction, drain opens

gravity pulls it down into your bucket. 

what about all the waste?

 what waste? 

there's some debate here but what I think is known is it might be possible to build this style in a mannor that if there is any waste production its very little and has half life's more inline with human lives. 

aka time scales more like 100 years vs uranium Decay chain products where you add at very least a 0 maybe two more. like to the point we are studying fucking symbology to do modern cave paintings to warn the civilization that arises from the ruins of this one. 

which is in part nrc regulations and I'd say more but if you are still reading... I think the rest of this has enough potentially pissed off... his death by 21 gun shots from a 12 gauge center mass from behind  was ruled a suicide... potential as is. 

arive or how ever it's spelled is a French company that has shown uranium reprocessing is feasible but as far as I can see thorium is still orders of magnitude a better option.. because 

less waste
way shorter half life 
no boom 

no boom when either Iven and Boris or some young buck stars and stripes operator... let's go with Josh... esoteric joke...

has a couple too many nrc testing demands or sips of vodka and decides to put the reactor outside of safe operating parameters 

cut ye old pump worse case and you forget to cut the cooling loop. you get a fucked waste of materials and need a new reactor. 

instead of vent steam watch temp rise and hope the laws of physics bend so either you cool faster than expected, or zirconiam alloy produces less hydrogen then expected when your thermal Mass is about to become more than a pain in the ass. 

I've heard he since dropped out but a while back the guy Elon musk publicly backed for president had thorium reactors on his ajenda 

if I live through this

I'm either changing my last name or in the unlikely chance I find a wife I may take hers.

it's far more likely I die in this shit hole apt. 

I don't belive the intent of Minnesota ofp law was ever to allow two people tto offer someone a room for rent 

demand work fhe person has done professionally in the past with a average market value of 100 to 150 an hr.. 

then have mgpd assistt them in 0 notice lock change eviction  6mo after move in. 

lmgpd with 0 legal presidency then forces driving away in car person doesn't own from all assets held under lock and key by property owners 

year and a half since I first heard I own you from said sad excuses for humans

mn if you want to rob somebody blind, move to maple Grove 

if you play the system right and want to take out your negligence with your house on the entirity of your of springs existance..

wait till your house contaminates his apt then rent him a room that looks like (above) while denying the already professionally confirmed mold problem. 

if you have any ins in the medical field like marlene wuethrich cnp children's... don't worry about it u can get him a psych diagnosis after 9 plus months of threatening to have him medicated 

then just tell everyone he never had anything and file restraining orders 

after a year of false hope and forced labor do this do that or all your stuff and Bonnie rabbits ashes (that came in usps addressed to me but opened by Paul ) 

gone, recylced donated etc

March 11th 2020 with notice to vacate by March 31st at st cloud lease they used same threat to force... 

watch 11th served with 2ofps in h County. 

apt I had in Fargo 

Clyde rabbit 
Cosmos on moldy basement carpet 
a few days after Bonnie died I drove Clyde to say good bye. I was 0 notice not living there Aug 2017 after my mom claimed to be my land lord Jan 2018.

bonnie died in Nov 2018. i had Bonnie and Clyde since 2007. Clyde is in my freezer. 

kitchen is otherwise empty and I have 3 folding tables 

they are growing mold from the little I got back I have pics to show it I have email confirming the remediation they had done was by a mold pro

they have used it like a bio weapon while claming to own me 

I was 29 when this started 0 criminal record or indications of violent behavior 

good credit 

0 indications of mental health issues 

could sign a lease with out a cosign

had 0 evictions 

when the covid is the only reason I'm not on the street 2 ofps restraining orders and eviction for failure to vacate credit destroyed. 

mgpd repeatedly ignored my mom and dad also open my mail sign my name on docs and at least one check that I know of

there is no costodialship and never has been

2006 I spent 45 days backpacking Europe alone at age 18. I called home once. only because I had a dream Cosmos cat was sick. they didn't tell me but he almost died due to kidney issues. I budgeted and paid for that trip still had cash left over for first year at ndsu

starting at like age 13 I made a website for safe and knife Co of hy 55

then age 15 worked for laborkey on a report for which emerging mobile platform looked to be best bang for buck. this was back in the days of the Nokia brick phones. in 2001 I had already saved from lawn moewing and what ever I could to buy a sony Ericson t68i and a Compaq ipaq. 

most people remember the first iPhone around 2005 as the birth of mobile experience. 

I had that in 2001 by bt linking the ipaq pocket pc to the cellphone in my pocket. 

wifi was in its infancy and even the tech wise brighter of the Jr high teachers usually looked quite perplexed when I flipped around the pocket pc with a full color screen and internet explorer web page apparently pulled form thin air. 

I still remember one asking if the school had rolled out wifi.. this was 2001 and I was in 8th grade 

before you say some ritch kid playing with parents toys... 

my mom is a nurse oractioner and my dad was a school bus driver for Robbinsdale area schools

if anything we were the almost gone now middle of middle class. 

but that still leaves the question, if I have no abilities and never apply myself.. 

how did an 8th grader figure out what of a at the time very small subset of devices would allow this and then how to configure them? 
most people today Still couldn't tell you what a Bluetooth dun profile is

or how to part a xeon e5v3 server mostly from 2nd or 3rd hand ebay components and via only a laptop end up with clear linux running kvm, sr-iov/iommu 
network vfs paseed
to guest running sdn/sdr
Nvidia 1050ti passes through to decide h. 264 camera streams
sql server etc

for those unaware kvm is Linux kernel virtual machine and the heart of open stack

if you rent say a vps from host winds their architecture is xeon servers and open stack

I started intending to load open stack and realized the single server implementation is janky at best. it wants 2 or 3 hardware boxes for good reason (but not worth going into here) 

using virt-admin and virsh made a lot more sense so I dropped the janky single box open stack idea and went that route instead 

in 2009 I had a paid internship required for grad at ndsu as an mis major and with the biz college. ms hyper-v had just come out and bc/bs had gifted us two xeon dual socket multi core rack servers. the school taught Microsoft dynamics and at the time the teaching environment was 10 dell optiplex desktops in the intern office that ran terminal services hosts.. aka students went to a lab and did the rdp thing into them to learn ms dynamics gp 10

i had read about the upcoming ms hypervisor and wanted rid of the row of computers I referred to as space heaters. 

advisor and box pointed out we had msnd

a few weeks later between the two donated rack servers and one we already had plus a physical machine to vdk imaging tool(I think that was format.. top of my head 10 years later) I had the entire thing implemented in hyper-v on 3 rack servers

as I moved back into my parents in 2018 my mom starts telling me I've never done a thing lie about everything never made a cent she paid for everything 

never even seen me work a day she claimed 

y2k marlene wuethrich was teaching nursing at st Kate's and I think still head of the neonatal nps at children's St Paul. also funny cause I couldn't see her at work not having had chickenpox but she showed no concern she had been dragging mold spores in since after 2001.

but teaching for st Kate's she needed PowerPoint as the overhead projecter was going the way of the dodo


if you had marlene wuethrich as a professer for nursing at st Kate's and have your degree now... good chance you learned some of it off PowerPoints I made for her in like 6th or 7th grade

on top of that when I was in 9th grade at mg Jr high I made an it services card in dark room photography and screen printing elective. 

put it up on coffee shop bulutin boards and right after turning 16, the owner of a CPA firm in Plymouth minnesota(at the time) gave me a call

I got my liscense like 3mo after turning 16

this is relevant because my first time making 50 to show up 25an hr after was 2004 at age 16 and so soon after turning... 

marlene wuethrich had to drop me at the office 

I was pretty sure it wouldn't be a repeat but to my surprise I maintained that business relation untill age 26.

marlene and paul wuethrich have for the last year and a half and counting done all but outright tried to kill me. it would probably be more humane and respectable if they did. 

this was the car she had for 9 years when they forced the lease then snow blows through and the threat became clean our car or lose everything 

this pic is notable 

at a forced encounter by what I think was an abuse of MN emergency hold law. the mg officer who executed it later himself said there was no specific legelation he used... 

MD boris at u of m riverside found it hard to belive that my last apt may have had bugs and my parents house mold

infact they both had both

I had a vet for my rabbits who was pretty sure there was an environmental bitting pest, that pic above was a circuit board I designed in 2017 on cad software then made on UV litho tools I built. 

the pic was 2018 at their house through the eyepiece of a stereo microscope at about 80x. I had washed that board several ways including deluited bleach then marlene wuethrich hid it when she found it drying. 

pic was after I found it in the basement covered in crap that didn't spontaneously generate (to say the least) 

it looked like a grain of sand to naked eye. 

I told MD boris k at riverside that I have docs from the extermination at the apt and an email with the mold Pro on my Gmail on my phone. in return I heard 

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward


probably tried to peg boarder line first as he was trying to suggest I agree that I take dangrous unnessicary risks. my laymen understanding of psych indicates he was barking up the borderline tree but like I said that is what it is/might be and just that 

he then went a different direction and I end up 

"(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking out your sickness on your elderly parents"... rxing hand got busy... "you'll be here till Tues at earliest" 

that was on a sat at noon 

the hold started around 10 on a Wed. 

I was released 4hrs after he said that and that very night got a txt from Paul wuethrich with an attached image.. or rather mms

besides the obviously upsetting nature... I bought that dehumidifier during apt hell... bit of extra burn. 

here's the room off to the left of where the left of above begins 

ack.. it's on other posts.. nature of blogger and 3 Google accounts depending on what one I'm logged into I have a subset of photos I want 

pretty much the entire back wall of the house in the basement.. this is the room that had carpet and pad.. the carpet I'm petting Cosmos on in the pic above 

their negligence and actual ns of mgpd and h County as allowed them to take everything including an expectation of more than flipping burgers from a shelter from me. 

but not before also having me start the remediation 

the mold guy had said at very least the trim needs to go. I needed a space for contracted products. 

on top of on demand stop drop everything help me with computer upgrade wifi so it works better up stairs replace raid one array in "their" basement computer.. aka a machine that was my spare parts. 

the wifi range upgrade was powerline ethernet extender to upstairs and another ap set to same ssid, same encryption opositr channel. wifi is listen before talk. aka anything else on the channel blocks base or device from transmitting. and most channels overlap. hence opositr ends of the ism band divided into wifi channels was best so they don't block eachother. 

downstairs Comcast modem router ap---ethernet---powerline ethernet adaoter---powerline----powerline ethernet adapter - - ethernet adapter---upstairs wifi ap. 

won't say I'm a mold pro. I didn't want anything to do with any of this. their problems made me sick. they exploited me for skilled and unskilled labor then locked me out and for past year and a half have destroyed and threatened everything of mine

then tired of it March 2020 and discard with 2 ofps to leave me dead on street. 

around June 2018 I was smelling mold one morning and 

Jan 2018 was when mold pro found issues. 
16mo bleeding between apt and their home stopped when I left for 2 weeks max at a hotel then they changed garage code
should have been a clue as to environmental causal agent. 
Nov 2018 MD boris is giving me a psych diagnosis while the paid for pro remediation is going down 

snow blows through car vents Jan 2019

a few weeks later it's time to go to empty apt. 

my dad made sure I was 4hrs past check out no car. claimed he was having car rememdiated. he did not I got back moldy car. Clyde had peed his carrier. it was like neg 11 that day. I had one key, no remote start, a teenage rabbit wet. 

I get everything from hotel into car with Clyde being last and parents 5 min away no answering 


eventually dried Clyde off by holding him. vid above is during that period next 4pics are all that same day

after Geting him dry I still had issue of.. Can't run car with out key in ignition.. Clyde's travel cage is still wet. need store he can enter to fix this at all. 

Clyde and I went into what ever pet store is by dicks/gander Mt in maple Grove.. they didn't have towels for some reason. ended up having to spend 50 bucks on a carrier. 

mgpd for some reason and with out my ability to input otherwise assures me they know I live quite the life and my parents give me a lot of money. 

I wasn't aware u could offer someone anything and on them accepting nothing they ever made was theirs and they gain the right to create dangrous disfiguring disabling or potentially lethal conditions for years while destroying everything one made from other sources or hrly compensation by employers.. 

white car was where this car was usually parked. note attached garage. their house
this was first night lease they forced before driving to empty apt. I was trying to get Clyde's cage 

vid around time this was taken 

upon entering empty apt 
I fell asleep where I was after taking this. 6hrs later Clyde was nibbling my fingers cause he needed food and water 

next morning i found car rear tire flat. had empty apt with a bed and Clyde. still over a year later it isn't much diff except Clyde is in the freezer 

sunroof lining trim 

crap I blew out last month 2020

my head early 2018. I turned my 40 dollar UV led emitter for lithography into a lithium ion powered led wood lamp. 

if thst was on the market already it was just bearly.. making it was hardly batting an eye 

but according to marlene... I lie have no idea what I'm doing nothing works never worked a day in my life 

I had sawed off the reflector so it all fit and looked normal but I lost that at some point. didnt help that even in the 10x10 room with a shut door on leaving... things grew marlene Wuethrich's legs and walked around to diff locations by return. 

I'm holding the bat pack. it's two 18650 cells in series for 7.4v nominal and 3500mah or 3.5ah. reason for the red display is dispitr including a safety cut off on the make shift pack.. it was from China and 2 dollars. with lithium ion cells u want to cut them off as empty around 3 to 3.2v or 2x in series  6.4v ideally if either cell dips under 3.2 the pack says nope... off... 

I didn't trust the cheap Saftey board so I put a visual voltage indicator on the side

over discharge creates dendrites.. like stelactites inside the cells... a bit more involved but basicly this is so it doesn't go note 7 or boeing 787.

uv is shorter than blue. it also decomposes plastic and poses band gap issues for silicone

that's why UV leds of any substantial power were experimrntal lab devices or wayyyyy priced out of any bodies hands till  maybe 2015. 

all at previous apt. mold was opositr wd stack

aka where clothes went after spending a night sleeping on their floor to say good bye to a sick for the last time Cosmos cat. 

maybe 5 or 6 nights and at one point a gallon of water leaked on the floor of the car

there are journal articles talking about how much mold and fungus loves fabrics and the threat presented to medical institutions by even visitors clothing 

here's the other side of the headliner of car I was forced to clean in 2019

the only thing more sad than this nasty state of existance is a tale from river side mental ward

about this patient who understood at least on a basic level he shouldn't be hearing staff talk other patients chart info and names in common areas.. actually the sadest part was the reaction of the patients next to me while I expressed this with a sense of humor. 

when ever I woke up to noon (Dr meeting) I overheard other patients names and chart info 4x

each time I'd gauge the distance to staff member I wanted the attention of.. didn't want to cause a scene or scream so I had to eval distance for volume of laugh. 

then after a laugh if ask the patient next to Me if they heard that joke about HIPAA 

3 blank stares and a devious smile by a woman who was a mother of 3. 

staff seemed to understand but not a smile to be had even once. 

not like this particular institution has had issues in the past... of wait.. there's a body count 

to their credit one staff member did no doubts inform me nothing perscribed here had to be taken outside at that point 

so 4hrs after the doc said I'd be there till Tuesday. 

when a nurse entered my room and said 

we mistook the type of hold you are being released, where would you like your med forwarded. 

CVS North Fargo ND. 

I assume it's still there

if a stranger abducted you then a first name only guy wanted 10min of story then decided u should take drugs... 

nah not like that.. that's dumber than Geting in the free candy van 

colloquialy referred to as a rape van. 

with the expectation of good things to follow

what's concerning though is I looked and couldn't find anything related to that orgs policy on rx kickbacks. 

I also requested my records soon after reaching the apt/forced lease. 

I might have been in error with the address as it was new. I say this to show I'm not disregarding possibility if my error. 

release form never showed. 

I called state bar hotline for advice on how to get this dangrous addition to my ehrs stricken and stop parents literally claiming to own me from using false  police reports as weapons

I was told no one is touching med holds and tell relevant police department they are unreliable Witnesses 

I informed mgpd I have recording of phone calls that explicitly and otherwise indicate falsified reports.. maybe July 2019 and parents claiming to own me mail and check fraud

if we put unreliable witness on file the department might be liable

it's not illegal to say you own someone 

isn't part of the reason opening mail with someone else's name on it is a federal crime... 

isn't part of that to allow contracts and other signature... adult agreements protection? how about taking a check in my name from my mail then endorsing my name? 

it's legal if it was to their address and a mistake. 

you are telling me they mistook the name on the envelope as theirs and my name endorsed on back of check by them as theirs? 

well yeah if they own me I guess that's not a lie... but it's a bit more than saying u own someone at that point isn't it? 

filed March 11th 2020. 
knowing I was at apt they forced lease on in st cloud
knowing I had notice to vacate by mach 31st
knowing car had broken down March 6th

served Friday the 13th

Tues morning 18th Court maybe an hr and a half away with claims dating back to Jan 2018 requiring things that the Aug 2018 lock out and supiquent thefts left them in possession of

court an hr and a half away with no transport.. 

whats another name for cluster b? 
dramatic disorders? 

volunteer trip around when ever hurican sandy was. at another stop on bus strip we also suited up in tyvec to help clean a house hit by it. 

I haven't volunteered as much as I would like but when I can I try. 

both years Fargo had record massive floods the cliq or group I was with... we were right there filling sandbags in the Fargo dome. 

in Jr high for 3 or 4 summers I biked the Ms 150 cherity fundraiser to help fund a cure for ms. 

I still remember the fist time I wanted to volunteer for something. was elementary school watching news reports of when grandforks flooded then eventually burned. I was bugging my mom to take us so we could help sandbag. 
first time I came home after doing just that in Fargo at ndsu.. 

marlene:we didn't think you would do something like that. 

I'm no psychologist but I am above average with anything that takes electricity.. 

I know an imax projector when i see one. 

last three years both have been spouting things like

we are the same person 

I do what I want when I want

which includes what's said to police as a means to what may be my end. 

old apt in st cloud 2016

Clyde asleep on a hotel bed in Jan 2019 
after Bonnie died my dad made an under his breath threat Clyde goes in the washing machine 

what I think is more notable though. this hotel was pet friendly. 

rabbits are a pray animal

the amount of trust he had to have in me to be in the is strange place with all kinds of predator smells and conq out hard... 

so hard he rolled over and fell off the bed either after this or another day sunning 

if title was visible I could tell if it was same day or not..

if u note the title the date is encoded in yyyymmdd format 

 it was infact after this pic. I had returned to desk and working on a companies web server then heard a thud moments later. jumped up after looking and Clyde wasn't on the bed. ran over and he was standing up yawning like wtf I meant to do that. 

just about every vet they went to and vet tech since having them enter my life in 2007 said something along the lines of we have never seen rabbits this calm or chill. 

my mental health records pre 2018 and police records... nothing should indicate I'm any more than a possibly above average in level of calm citizen. 


there are extended family members that haven't seen me more than once a year maybe 2x that have contacted me saying they know how I am and I had better parents so should be further in life. particular cousin talks to my mom once a week

since 2011 we have texted for an hr or so 3 or 4 days, hung out once in maybe 2013 when she came back to MN 

2010 I think spent a week at her house on the navy base in Sicily with my parents and aunt (her mom) 

before that Xmas and thanks giving usually no talking between 

her bro was at my parents house Xmas day 2019 and participated in a falsified police report. they invited me down for Xmas. I showed up sat on public road. garage door open door to house closed no one answering any phone or txt. 

my mom's other sister.. who I think she has some form of costodialship over is the first to be seen. she lost her liscense. exits house and drives away, cousin Mark comes out and starts passive aggressivly trying to get me riled up. to the point when it Didnt work he gives me a double middle fingdf 

fuck you fuck your recording 

returns to house and garage door shuts 

importantly.. no one but him talked to me and not even he said leave. I never set foot out of car foot or wheel off public road. 

cops roll with report im on their property causing a scene and refusing to leave. 

once again forced to drive away in car they had title to from place all my assets being destroyed under lock and key

I ate quicktrip on the floor of my empty apt with Clyde in the freezer

this is insane 

here's how I used to cook on my own but can not do with an empty kitchen 

instead it's been quick trip and fast food for a year and a half since 6mo of one meal a day at their house

this is possibly more relevant than u may think 

even wirh just Google scholar and pub med you can find valid sources talking about diets influence on

emotional regulation
energy levels 
death of any cause 

panaramic view look I'll make it manageable pick and choose sit and lose.. 
You see with your eyes
I see destruction and demise (that's right)
Corruption in disguise
From this fuckin' enterprise
Now I'm sucked into your lies
Through Russel, not his muscles but percussion he provides
For me as a guide
Y'all can see me now 'cause you don't see with your eye
You perceive with your mind
That's the inner
So I'ma stick around with Russ' and be a mentor
Bust a few rhymes so motherfuckers remember where the thought is
I brought all this
So you can survive when law is lawless (right here)
Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead

yep just like Dr boris said... 

No squealing, remember that it's all in your head! 

goriliza Clint Eastwood seemed to fit so I borrowed parts. 


$400 ociliscope after recovered from parents. 
during the remediation all of my things with out my input were placed in 3rd garage stall. I was there when mold pro told my dad and have told him myself several times. you control mold growth by controling humidity

a form of gaslighting is feigning ignorance of the obvious to make the target waste time and question their sanity

marlene wuethrich 2019: how does a dehumidifier in the 3rd stall help? 

me explaining something she already knew for no reason

marlene:ok I'll put a humidifier in the stall... click
blocked for like a week. 

odd how my head was also inside their wall. or why the ehr could indicate things I had relevant expert testimony on were in my head... but only in a psych or delusional context. as I said elsewhere I blew the crap on the bloody rag out recently 

the Mal nutrition and or 30 days hungry in 2019 is not how one expects to live past 40 let alone fight off any sickness or fungus/mold. 

pics of happier times.. this was renting a house from a friend in Fargo:

even outside if frightened they would run to me. Clyde eventually figured out chasing him was sometimes a game. at the last apt I had before this started I turned around and ran from him after chasing him. with out missing a beat he was bounding after me. 

after the agreement my dad made that lead to me working from that apt and non stop.. one day I laid down petting them on the floor. I woke face down 8hrs later with a weight on my back. 

as I stood up a white and black flash went over my right shoulder. Bonnie was then looking at me like

 wtf pillow why u move? 

she at some point had sprawled out on my back. 

I don't just miss them their absence is a wound I cannot heal and their presence was encouragement to eat better as well. 

I would alternate spring mix and dark greens 2x a week. 

Bonnies ashes were sent to me at my parents address by usps. my parents still have her. 

I asked for a day of peace at a hotel after and got texted a picture of the package contents

just recently the vet sent something else... I got a picture message from my dad that was laid out to likely trigger the memory of what he did with Bonnies ashes

none the less its current us mail they are holding 

about 6m into this forced lease the landlord was unhappy with mold car in garage 

started busting in 0 notice then wanted to evict garage

calling home line a fraught that off

worked out 0 penalty move out then parents stopped answering. can't move wirh out money... didn't think I'd be here long is why I didn't file change of address.. for the 6mo proceeding that.. not sure how the hell one files it for every hotel one is shuffled between because mgpd was enforcing you just don't live here anymore 

can't even file theft because verbatim 

you gave them your stuff when u moved out

seems like doj complaint but I expect to be dead before anyone helps here. 

one of the nasties things they do is assert past present and future of my life are redefinable to meet their needs of present. 

ie only having been in my apt 20x 2006 to 2018 my dad will assure me I always have a shit hole pigstye 

no one's perfect and sometimes I do get behind.. that said he has a pretty small data set to make inferences from and seemingly little awareness of how memory works even if we ascert its not done consciously in malice. 


this is a video where as far as I know my mom had not talked wirh my rabbits vet. I know she wasn't with me at the vet

if you listen for detail it becomes clear how sick she is. she tries to ascert she knows what I said to vet and vet said to me though she was not present. 

boundary violation is an understatement. more like what's a boundary? 

then factor in I've claimed or told you(reader) constantly I've heard both tell me they think we are the same person 

I don't jump to conclusion of personality disorders lightly or throwing psycho able shit and hoping it sticks 

fago was for a while leading the corona awareness curve 

top of my head I seem to recall it being same virus family... esoteric shit and me seem to stick but I didn't hit Google cause it's not efficient on smart phone so I may be wrong here. pic was like 2012 ish in the mall. clearly sears just lost a letter.. but that's my sense of humor on display

I'd prefer a modela really but as mpgd activated the ofps by serving me a few days ago... they paid no mind to my parents having my ID.  maybe may 22nd. for what ever reason sterns made no attempt to serve it after it passed in my absence. 

on awareness it was unlikely I would make it I tried and succeeded in leaving messages for everyone I could at h. County 4th district. 

didn't matter. 

mgpd seemed to me on May 22nd to be chomping at the bit to arrest me. 

the officer talking to me seemed wanna be my friend enough but two others in audible range 

do we have anything to take him in on? 
no sterns didn't serve it its not active
thanks that's helpful. 

then later from opposite end of culdisaq they were repeatedly asking my dad if just maybe there might be a weapon on me


here's the start of recording as I neared their house. I anticipated that mgpd might respond that way and figured my best possible hope if they acted unlawfully was uploading little bits from before I arrived and through the predicted them actual encounter. 

I parked diagnal opposite their house flipped dome light on, left headlights on... aka show in not trying to conceal my presence or act in a threatening manor. never left car. at one point I say give mgpd 10min and I bet we see them.. it took about 12 from saying that. 

I'll make a Playlist but if u follow that link the rest are all there right now 

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...