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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

60 usd no clean clothes

the length of time the washer has been broken had been perminated by all amounts of adjusting each month slightly up or down to make sure i can barely eat.

 its also made it impossible. at first im practical but combind with the mal nutrition frequent hunger and starvation state and the obsene demand that despite owning a desk , work group laser printer, file cab, dresser, and LARGE set of kitchen gear....

insande demand that all that mattered was remediae their mold car for 9 mo while in a postion of power of me due to all of my assets under lock and key after 6 mo prior they agreed to send me to a hotel (my dad did rather) for 2 weeks then changed the lock. I moved back in at age 29

mold was proven to  be a problem  by a pro in jan 2018 hired to inspect their house.
6mo gaslighting

 pay and shit to deal with in flux. usually under what allows me to eat let alone rent a truck in the last month before lease ended... when I was made aware of where storage garage was.

they picked it two years prior. it's packed to veiling and kitchen stuff is at the back. 

jam 2019 my dad would pay 16 an hr to tobbie if tobbie agreed then my dad insisted on 14. then stopped allowing it to be addressed. two points here

he knows this is his creation or requires 2 people to move. he decided on the garage against my advice and all plans he was giving at time when he picked it.. 

but he knew least was up and it had been a year wirh out anything here. 

how can I go get min wage when I don't even have clean clothes. 

he has the drill battery I need to do a repair on now moldy laundry machine. 

this is like 0 compat d to how sadistic they are in a whole but it's literlay killing me. 30days hungry last year. 

would be on street with 2 ofps cept for covid

on top of that they are still sitting on my mail. a lot of my things were bought with cash I earned actually almost everything besides the bed in the last place, which I had acquired after dorms in Fargo.

credit card at 18 and good credit till 29, they took everything on cash everything on destroyed or savabke but they are holding on to it in a manner destroying it.

their actions combined with insider knowledge my mom has of med system. I m not saying I can prove she did this but if she hadent learned in 40 years who would qualify or be likely to get a hold and for what then I still doubt it wasn't one inconspicuous phone call away. could ask with a made up non family scanario or there small but existant possibility the dr that rejected seeing hard evidence in form of expert testimony that things were there.. then labeled them delusions... 

physician burn out is real, maybe at play, rx kickbacks I can't find anything against in published/public  docs by riverside on policy... 

it could have been a friend doing a small favor. perhaps even thinking it was for my greater good or having been told I was making a big adu of nothing 

with the system not created with oversight or likelyhoods of even greed and even outright conspiracy... as far as I can see there are no laws in place to prosecute easily for the abovr

with no fear of negative cosiquense or very little for acting outside of medical ethics but now being granted leo and judicial powers with out oversight.. 

this is all bad news for a lot of people.. but not the ones possibly doing terible things. 

I am terrified. my parents are trying to break me down to the level of you didn't change a tire u don't know how... for 2 weeks after the day it went flat. I noticed it the morning after moving into empty apt. had it changed that day. look around this sight and there shouldn't be an indication I can't use a jack and a fucking tire iron/wrench. 

I built a 5x3 foot segie engine for di in 8th grade.. 

I don't deserve this terror or the death I think is coming 

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