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a joke.. kinda

in the last post, esp in the tags, I alluded to state sponsored execution 

which was a bit sarcastic but here's the thing

med records have been created off a forced medical hold that state two very real one potentially life endangering thing... 

in my head as in delusion. 

despite having mold pro testimony on hand that it was not

then maple Grove pd has overlooked what as far as I can see in many jurisdictions is forced labor and or human trafficing

and its not hard to figure out if you can continuously force someone to change physical location or force how their time is spent while controlling their diet

it's pretty easy to at very least make it inplusabile to escape an early grave 

the ofps are kind of the kiss of death. 

that on a previously clean background check is going to hurt employability and ability to rent

not having been seperated from assets earned and then moved back in to parents in 2018.. shouldn't matter it was parent actually. 

what does mater is back in or moved in 

2018.  6mo later locked out

worst case being able to pawn those to get out of here before eviction also destroys ability to rent 

but the forced around location.. over the hotels then them for the first time ever (since age 18) picking where I live... 

that's how you stop someone from forming any social connections 

often referred to as a social Saftey net. 

then an mgpd officer knowing or otherwise rubbed it in the other night before serving the ofps

OK so you don't have enough gas to go back to st cloud, anyone you can call? 

yeah 3 years go probably 

the sickest part of this is moving back in was almost indisputably a factor of having visited and if spreading the mold to my apt. 

there are probably a percentage of 29 year olds that could survive 6 plus months no income with out ending up dependant no where do I see in law where that then equals forefit of all rights and property

as I was moving back in mold guy determined it was due to decisions I know were made by my parents in 2001.

ie vapor barrier carpet pad on sealed cement slab. place where any moisture or condensation was trapped between two vapor barriers 

so in other words decisions made by them when I was 14.

give them the right to take everything ever mine earned or given. 

mn had a supreme court ruling like early 1900s that no one should profit from their crimes 

application here is a bit of a streach but profiting fron your negligence surely isn't 

it doesn't comfort me much at the moment and I'm sure less the moment I take my last breath but if that's tomorrow even... this site stays up quite a while 

won't change my last 2 years were alone detained yelled at and emotionaly incest physically assaulted and false reported the other way around. 

I confronted mgpd with the fact I have evidence suggesting that. 

that was the time "if we put that on record the department may be liable" 

other than while my mom was insisting I belive her lies and took fuck you as an excuse to talk about her sex life 

other than Clyde's remains in a freezer and a dream where I vividly saw his remains tossed in fve dumpster.. then woke up sitting up and  screaming 

other than last woman to touch me being my mom trying to push me over the railing to their basement 

the most disgusting thing I don't want to die knowing... 

she also made me a dv against women stat while trying to push me over a railing 

this is an incredibly sick society. it was said by someone far smarter than me (many are) that it's not a sign of mental illness to be Mal adapt to a sick society... 

or something along those lines

which is a pretty forced dichotomy anyway but seems applicable here 

there are a few people I loved
there are a lot of people I truly cared for and about 

I loved every pet I've ever had and they were probably the closest to love every child is suposed to receive from their parents 

humans long ago traded being able to survive early for our big brains 

cognative trade off or something like that 

most kids are born with a desire to please their care givers /parents and functioning sympathy empathy and sense of guilt and remorse some studies show better sense of fare than most adults. 

original sin and or what I see is a growing body of drek in articles about "is my kid a socieopath" 

literally heading towards what one son of a preacher described as 

"I was there when the bear ate his head 
he thought it was a candy" 

or what some psychologists predict will be the undoing of humanity 

a narasstic implosion of sorts 

but onward towards the hunger games is first... no one wants to miss the games. 

come to think of it:

maybe dieing soon won't be so bad 

Clyde's body is my biggest concern 

he and Bonnie were about as innocent as creatures can be. 
this has iFunny tag but only because I uploaded it. it's a photo I took in 2006 

in old French one plaq still comes to mind 

boild down it asked when is death? , death is always 

what's also not a joke or good for anything is hearing you are owned and having all purpose destroyed through the loss of two pets you cared about as deeply as any person after having worked through the first 

sense of purpose is actually known to affect survival rates after infection illness and injury 

and perhaps a lesson humanity that wishes to remain human could borrow from the "lesser" species 

rabbits have been known to die of a broke. heart after one in a bonded pair dies 

I see the other possible narasstic implosion extinction scenario as being indirect. 

the likes of tessla made the world we live in today. for a while I was joking Clyde was my pidgin, I've always been a night owl. 

Tesla I am no where near the brilliance of.

the relation was Tesla was known to be a night owl, and died with mainly pidgions as his friends, Pennyless in a hotel. 

upon receiving the Nobel peace prize a reporter once asked Einstine how it felt to be the smartest person in the world. to which he responded 

you would have to ask Tesla 

boiled down though.. kings queens and eventual ceos would probably sit be wiping their asses with cotton wood leaves in the dark with out inventions from commoners 

we've come a long way just to rejustify some pretty daft ideas once again under terms like eugenics and more recently social darwinism. 

I don't see this push to mark adulthood as only financial sucess as anymore than a continuation of that horse shit 

regardless of what I see or do not though, a danger exists

evolution probably is a thing regardless of if we watch the bear shitting in the woods

social darwinism is a human creation and in being so... is very much akin to stories of snakes and apples. 

it carries with it the potential to breed out the traits that would have created the human that would give us the next big leap, of woman or man who has the invention that saves our current planet or the next 

if we even pressist to that point. really wish I hadent just read about the aftermath of starships latest static fire. 

really wish I could be involved in any of what that man is doing for us. 

or even finishing commitments for already proven and paid for bt 3rd party projects. 

I taught myself CAD built tools to do UV lithography and board etching at my last apt using cupric chloride mixed from hair bleach pool acid and scrap copper. 

including test patterns I think 8 etches was accurate. maybe 10

i got down to 8 thou features on 2 Oz. 

with double sided alignment. 

Dave Jones is an astrialian YouTube who is an EE and used to be a board designer but found he could make about 60k usd a year just doing YouTube. he's mentioned doing the whole process from design to Etch on his own and eventually getting down to 8thou on 1oz

i don't have much to compare to because I was so invested in maintaining my commitments and a year and a half before that working 60 to 100hrs a week between two jobs so I was at an isolate point when the shit hit the fan from my parents decisions to begin with. 

I don't think I have any extra special abilities.. I did my homework though and applied every bit of the little brightness I had. 

didn't matter 

when it's then shown everything I own can be taken while I'm told I'm owned, starved, abducted at mgpd point... 

what's the point? 

my biggest concern is Clyde's remains 

everything else personal is tied

for the more existential general concerns.. one could probably boil it down to something I think psych got right. it's a simple notion 

informed consent 

but maybe this notion is going the way of engineered obsolescence 


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