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Sunday, May 24, 2020

abduction tourcher and discard

it's not just move in evicted no notice 6mo later locked out on 2018 its being forced place to place under threat of my valuables being destroyed 

it's hearing mpgd claim I can't file theft I gave them my valuables moving out 

a watching my accou ts get taken over and then not paid or like today I just noticed even mh checking axxount my mom added her aelf

it's the m reminding me they still g Avhabe bonnies ashes pretending to lose them.mm

.its hungry in 2 week clothes in pandemic while pycgo parents have my ID and 20g worth of my things

emotional distress doesn't touch this 

it's terrorism

discard is optimistic 

more likely.. John dies

John wants his bike Heil goveivcers 

John wants his kitchrn

John wants to be able to mourn the loss of tewo pets of over a deccade then get on with life

instead I cs nt change clothes esat wt all or file for gov aid
parents have id

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