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Sunday, May 24, 2020

another thought I can't shake

I've only seen mgpd do this.

some officers even in that force have refrained from doing it even once but a lot have aprently no issue expressing their concern over the one sided story they get after helping destroy or still help keep locked all my property by people who claim to own me. 

for some reason though I keep hearing this assertion "your parents give you a lot of money"

oh yeah? do they say this to u or have u seen every one of my bank statements since 06?

how much money do I have to say I gave you to destroy all your assets and keepsakes? 

I will never deny I have accepted some of what they offered or that agreements were made

that said... 

who the fuck are you?
no seriously... 

who the fuck are you?
what does the word alleged mean?

but first off why is it your business to tell me that? things I need to confirm what I made or what they gave me are in the house I no notice just didn't live at in Aug 2018

u know after I moved back in January 2018

then went to a hotel for my mom's sake Aug 2018

they told me Jan it was a landlord tenant situation every month at least once I was demanded to help on the computer and some months upgrades to computers I originally Built that they call theirs

there was no month that at least 150 worth of services rendered and some as high as 600

but if my dad claoms to own me it's OK I'm starving again and u guys server a restraining order in a pandemic while ignoring they are trying to kill me

if you have seperated me from records ignored beinfstarved mail opened check fraud from mail fraud

it's one thing to accidently open one of my letters thinking it's there's but are u as an officer of the law telling me

u think they mistakenly opened my mail then took a check out and still unaware signed my name on the back/endorsement field?

is that a robe or a uniform and if I give u a dime do u think I have a right to all of your things?

seriously... my ability to prove or disprove any bit of that is limited by documents and records I had that were in my highschool room

I know muxh of my stuff is being destroyed

who the hell are u to tell me what another party told u they gave is a little a lot or any JUDGE meant at all

last I checked even minors own things given to them no?

how much do I have to work as an adult to own anything?

does it go away the moment I don't have a job?

if u are excusing several crimes because one citizen said they did something to or gave to another..

my mom tried to push me other a railing. I was bare food on wet tile, she's 58 to 510 and was in to closer for right or left because I stepped back not looking to fight and my back went to the railing she kept pushing I was 0 traction could not go right or left

as I took control of the situation to ensure no one was hurt or risked death.. 

she screams "you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out" 

are u guys supporting late late post term abortion as a policy or? 

peace officer? of what?

like I've said some mg officers have been upstanding and I don't even blame u if you are one of them and have personal thoughts on it one way or the other. that's human nature. even if you agree with what others have actually vocalize. I respect the hell out of you for keep it aepertate from the power we vest in you for your roll in society and employment. 

I have a feeling it's a bit past that now though... as in 

wealthy boomers with money in bank from their parents still, paid off house 

if it has to be an either or.. they are more likely to raise hell for city or county in court. 

they have the time and means. 

on the flip side if there was any potential wrong doing with say I don't live there anymore after moving everything back in and 0 notice

well even if just reduced to the street or working to bearly make rent... do I stand a very good chance at a legal battle?

how bout from jail?

I don't think people are out to get me

I do think where there is potential liability and incentive to avoid it or ensure it's highly unlikely... 

this is when moral lines may be crossed even by normaly pretty moral people and at end of day I'd majority or higher uos in an org are set on a course of action even thoughs of upstanding moral and professional accord are probably squelched by the demands of the group

maybe I'm wrong I still would like to see where it is in law or how I had informed consent that accepting a dime given could equal this.

mgsh, mgjh, ndsu, scsu... even biz law at scsu not a darn mention of it. 

and as for ownership issues 2x I was given a few moments in the house when an officer asked if I might be allowed to grab some of my things. 

like 4 plus maybe 6at one point mgpd officers were in that house 2 times and saw the remediate basement wirh opened walls. 

neither time was anything I said whether I could fit it in car or not.. 

never was there an ownership contest or contested 

both times I was told to keep it short and tried to Honner that.

I try to be respectful and there have been some indviguals to try to ensure justice / return the respect take their job seriously

I can't belive though that theajority can't see the issue as they are occurring or foced

the issues that risk my life enforce by people u have refused to report might even be unreliable witnesses and who I have repeatedly said claim to own me etc etc. 

I don't have a history of violence I really don't understand where any logic says this is a just or even safe course of action 

I really doubt if I say I gave somebody x dollars a year it's gonna keep me from theft charges

I really don't think it's your biz to both block me from records and judge what one side is telling u communicate that to me while ignoring destruction of everything I worked for

it's cruel terrifying and unusual.. triple jepordy.

what the hell did I work for at all? 

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