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Sunday, May 10, 2020

attempted murder

at best sadistic torture.

it's to the point I'm not sure why I try at anything anymore

i got reports from a few people as far as 2 years ago my parents had began calling people to tell them I'm sick in the head. thing is no one suggested there might be any mental issues and the one who did was after 9mo of my nm mom making sure I kept hoping doctors while threatening to get me medicated while 2 on one gaslighting the mold.
i worked most of the last 4 years of my oldest best friend's life. but either 12 to 14 credit hours and 20 to 30 retail or 60 to 100 hrs between mall and repair shop in st cloud  I was working the night of the cross roads mall attack as well 
I worked through the deaths of my next oldest and closest friends as wrll

I didn't do a lot of sports though I wanted to do more several times growing up. you'll thank us later they said.

I don't recall see when that's going to be

I still managed to be a bit of an athlete. between doing the ms 150 Duluth to lake elmos 4 years (iirc) and Geting a weight bench around 9th grade for a birth day present and then running track sr year and treadmill in basement (11th grade? )i was enough of an athlete to know bhow go read what my body tells me and know enough about health and nutrion

Marlene and Paul's house had a massive mold problem.

if you read up on personal accounts of mold alone a few things start to look commob

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