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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Evidence I keep trying but the game isnt windable or as they tell others

I need to get a meal today... i intend to add some pics of the garage as thats where most of the effort happened and went. there are 4 shelving units bought haulded and set up by me and im talking the industrial strength units/heavy boxes. while having only the moldy car for every trip anywhere in this span. some pics bellow were at their house during the time they claim on the ofps i was acting eraticly.

behind the pandel that normaly covers the seat belt in the 09 ford i was told to remediate or lose everything. I burned out a drill trying to get the seatbelt lug itself off. first almost snapped my wrist and thinking i was smart then braced the drill against the headrest and pulled the trigger, stripped they ryobi right out. I then had to order another but found a reconditioned one on amazon for substantially cheaper than new. regardless this shit is what they count on not being factored when they say "we've gave him (insert $ amount out their ass at time of speaking) for every month"

and when you use the police to keep and destroy everything mine given or bought with money worked for and hold me in dangerous to my life conditions or walk away from 0 while u demonstrate continued willingness to take over accounts and have outright said "I NEED CONTOL BECAUSE I WANT CONTROL" 

theres no indication im left alone in a homeless shelter. 
its not really a sane suggestions either because id argue one... I OWNED AND WORKED FOR most of what was taken. two that seems to paint a pretty big target on ones back as look what he will let people do to him. 3 that doesnt fix the damage to my health or hault the predictable decline in life expectancy. 
4) as it seems things continue to network...post 9/11 and fusion centers... all these records created in malic to harm me are increasingly likely to follow me around even leaving the state. 

trim boards removed at parents by me as per mold pros advice. 

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