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call 2 - answered.

call today.

first note: after he hanges up in the end... 30 seconds silence sets phone down comes back and hangs it up. what is that?  that happens frequently sometimes he uses it to just disrupt and doesnt hang up... sadistic fucking i dont care about your opinion even about 30 days hungery and diet from quick trip with hyper tension being a threat to your life or 3 yuears mal nurished and most of you rtime spoken for.

what i suggest pre him answering... is what he does after...i line afterwords goes to ring rigng ring no answeringmachine click.

so he got offended over words of very provable actions and less probable accusations and comunicated none of the relevant info for problems he creates .

like 500 of my stuff is in his possession again (covered bellow) on the way to scrap yard. I cant rent again. im suposed to sit here and die after bein ghuman punching bag and emotional rag doll/sink for their fuckups and their issues while if i left their moldy but deneied house i was up to no good... my mom went from denying the mold the esxpert had found to fuck you was taken as excuse to vent about her sex life.... shes whats left of maybe someone that was once a person. i get that. the issue is at max i left once a week sometimes an hr sometimes 3. if i left the 10ft by 10ft room i didnt have to make eye contact or open my mouth. i would be under verbal beratement. i tried that several times for a method of self confirmation. because family is me and them, extended family doesnt have the historic data or same day to day view as none have been regulars in my life or mine theres, they are speaking on assumptions made  on incredibly sparce records over long periods and dont want hard evidence it might be otherwise (like recordings) so in this situation a healthy person is going to question themselves. I was alone a LOT as a child and adolescent and usually trying to figure out why the yelling was so bad some nights when not much went wrong compared to a similar incident in recent past lesser or more expected... there was no balanced and weighted. I was dealing with emotional mood of parent or parents = if i was getting chewed out and how bad with out regards to what if anything happened or if i was someone to take it out on .

at best "you know how your mom is"  but the thing is, they tell me "we are the same person" they have some unique diffrences in how they express this but despite the odds id bet my life they both have a cluster b disorder. its rare but thats not the same as impoossible.

if i could have any baseic orginization tools ive had since 2006 id have a thesis on it over the last year. but when I start looking at whats going on in a convo they do very similar things like my mom so how is a dehumidifer going to help stop damange to your stuff now in our gagage?

ends the convo after rocket sicence level talk required for someone with a masters in nursing.

ends the convo with "ok ill be sure to put a humidifier in that stall and seal it up" click...blocked

if we know these condtions might exist and even people with out knowing or actually having them might lie anyway...

with out any risk for even a wrist slap for false reports... and police willing to buy their he never worked its all our stuff then seemingly go with it delecting in their ways to avoid any details that might say otherwise .

one night an officer told me he could get me the forms for mail and check fraud. when i got down there some time later calandar wise two diff officers were respoinding to my requested meeting and i dont need to repeatmyself again, i noted this somewhere if not 2sx at some point later writing this.

why throw out what i allege later now? doesnt matter my mom tried to push me over the railing and theres a ton of evidence posted and otherwise that report was backwards

why would something elementry school swim class matter? other than he demonstrated hes more offended about hearing words than the fact i still dont have any info even on how to get my stuff from that car.

let alone ability to seek a new place. or eat a healthy meal. hee had me blocked for 4 days.  then it was only call the ag... which was for reasons he was creating and posibly conspiring to do so. i cant confirm it but a really old memory also says Cheri possibly worked in the 3lict office at isd 281, which was across the parking lot maybe a road from the school bus garage in crystal/newhope (probably close to where the border is iirc) we did go over there more than once on take your kid to work day after his routes were complete to visit one of his friends and it was a woman but this is old memory so im not sayin gi know. it would explain quite a bit thoguht. I know some of this apt hell is common to all. another resident said they had to pay each currier 20 usd each to get ups, fedex and usps actually leg route /last hands on it to not drop packages at front office (where if you dont get them on friday u are sol till mon).

note when he pretends giving me the address to storage garage he picked one month before the lease is up and after already given notice to vacate.

he shifts it to , lets pretend time doesnt matter, when the subject at hand is my bp was 180/?? on mental hold after talking to him 2 days in. he will play game after geame and a week before maybe less hes doing this and im watching everything i worked for destroyed meaningless just for two sickos to have someone to play with to death. ... im seeing stars drop phone it goes under seat. I CANT HEAR YOU HELOOLOOOOLOOLOOLL HELLOOO " STOOP I CANT HANG UP IDONT AM HYPER VENTELATING STOP TALKING HANG UP!

just like day bonnie died excetp that was more fucked cause i was trying to get a shower in having learned shes got a vet apointment in 4 hrs then 20 min on phone if that passes and ok were coming to pick you up at hotel with her right now.

other detail in other tellings but main point is didnt manage to hit hang up, phone was on speaker. I said im running to shower. soap in my eyes HHEELLLLLLLEOEOOLLOOLEOOEOELLEOLEOLEOD

it puts the lotion on its skin while we beat it to death for our mistakes with our house after it watches every creature and thing it tried or love destroyed

it does that or we just tell police and courts we feel threatened again. 

Bar association sometime in this cell of an apt they picked.... said comunicate to police in the relevant town that they areunreliable whitnesses. I couldnt even get a report about that on file (i wonder if there is one from the night we met/i drove 45 min in mold car) i was explicitly told that even that on file presented a liability for the PD. its also not illegal to say you own someone.... maybe not but if somone otherwise has no convictions or even runins/reports or records at all... shouldnt this be a red flag?

what would have happened to the 27 year old turpin male had he tried to report it in minnesota. (it wasnt him but he was among the captives) he was also free to leave for community college if i recall correctly

funny civil law has this rational adult concept but in mn most people some how lose that with its not rational for the police to look into it because I could walk away and start over worse than 0.

idk that i could. They picked 20 days before i was suposed to be out of this lease to file ofps 1hr 45 min away. told me they were active and for the week after drove up and sat in parkinglot.

there are 100 problems. none in my control. some due to length of time they have been enforced may be disfiguring to disabling if not lethal.

note in the posted call.... he very subtly dances around admiting no he did not send a date and time the last car was being removed from the unknoown to me untill monday lot.

he said 2 days no time nothing about coming up today and made demand i leave key in ignition.

i had told him via unanswered or txts ignored and couldnt get vm or phone , when i did it was same as text... call the AG about eviction.

they never told me more than a letter asking my keys come back anyway. letters they figure they can be nasty and little comes of it both typed and signed versions of 2 managers plus Management on sig
the leter saying "disrgarding covid ban... you are to be out. then wet it self running the other way with please return your keys and be out by.... " yeah what? no end inspection? oh and the sig -MANAGEMENT and what looked like soemone had a
mussle spassem drawing a 6mm line art bird.

none the less all last week and a bit before wwas my dad insisting i will have the sherif heerre when im also noticing... my lease but Cheri is calling my phone and saying hello paul? but he cant tell me exactly what lead up to that convo...

aka sadistic run me in every direction while destroying frame of mind with 3 years of mal nutrition 30 days hungry last year because mgpd put them in control of everything of mine for their mistake finishing their basement in 01. which spread to my apt in 2017 I move back into parents 2018 and mom says "im your landlord now untill you afford every cent of moving out" mold then proven in their house by hired mold pro. begin calling the police or what ever reason is on the sign under Du Jour.
or in one case, as the story was retold. on one end of house my mom sat in master bedroom talking to her sister on the phone. sister lives in mn. allegedrly she heard a 2 sec raised voice arguemnt hangs up with my mom calls cousion ive seen not more than maybe 6 op




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