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compared to wordpress blogger is wreak

Edit: Its a bit better than i give it credit for bellow, its still a bit neutered compared to word press or jamoola though. hello heading tags? nahhh. whats a meta for? ill ask one when i see it!

this will stay up for a few years just having prepaid the domain. the ebay parted some microcenter and new egg sourced parts server on my floor is in every way nicer but dependent on dsl and my power bills to tell a story. this is less than 20 per year and has no such dependancy. that said the formating/presentation options and even searchability or optimization features are far gone its like it was made before they were considered or conceptualized. 

thought id seperate this out of the first long post.

Google allows domains registered for less than 20 dollars a year most of the time. blogger is also free with the domain.

I had a lot more than this on my wp and as i am starved or continue to have no access to my cooking utensiles or basic adulting gear my cognition is going with my health.

the intent of seperating this out was the domain is prepaid for a few years now and if their abuse or anythign else kills me. there is at least a chance people will read some of what i went through

maybe some change comes of it maybe some people are held responsible

i dont think anyone is very safe when police ignore an adult with no mental health history or criminal record claiming another pair of adults claims to own them, is opening mail addressed to them and controling where checks already in their name go.

if anything its express route to instituanilazation.

because if i end up in hosptial mal nurished because i couldnt eat... its oftely hard to prove even a month later but how much of that would have actually be my doing if fedral laws like mail and check fraud insured money already in my name was in my control?

they have my DL number and as my parents are privy to my social as well. the ofps if i read right also make them privi to what bridge or shelter im likely to die at for 2 years. theyve already demonstrated that they will drive up and sit in the parkinglot of the cell/apt they picked out telling me the ofps are active then calling scpd to have welfair/wellness checks and demonstrate we can have your door opened.

i again would like the thank the officer who caught on the second time around for actually caring about the power we vest in him and his position in creating justice in society.

I have nothing against police. I figure its likely a bit of a flatened belcurve but like any other job

some care ------ in it for check ------- in it for wrong reasons

and the same is true of any job or career as far as how able to meet ideal skill and mind set to produce a desired or stated desired goal at any position.

why this is more critical with police though is probably readily obvious but just incasse it isnt.

handcuff, mace, taser, firearm, radio, more police, squad cars, helicopters, thermal images and the modern belief that no one ever is to get away if they want to make a contact or take you in you are going in.

that last part alone isnt nesicarlly bad, but with out some safeguards starting at whos hired its def a part of the decline into serfdom 2.0 often refereed to as the control or orwellian distopian society.

cause if we just dont call it that its not right?

its funny mentioning the nazis is blowhards non sci hollier than thou pop reason to discredit someones oppinion today and tin foil hats come if you suggest people might work togeather on anything. maybe before the coat with tied down arms one gets some mention of 1984 and refrences to what we assume is all fiction. but say its happening and chicken little is geting served at a for profit hospital with doors that lock the wrong way round and staff eating chiq fillay asking why hes calling them cannibals

mean while id wager most of the people even throwing the labels around dont understand one simple thing... Orwell was  a bbc reporter during ww2. He listened to nazi radio broadcasts across the channel. shortwave carried further but id wadger even todays fm 87ish to 102 mhz (top of my head and us centric) if broadcast in parts of germany or many part of france would make it to parts of the uk..

the non tech point im making is 1984 was largely Orwells take on techniques he derived by listening to a wacked out but brilliant at propaganda...  joseph goebbels.

aka 1984 is just as much future fiction as it is proven effective history.  next time you reach for that label, swallow this memory in a ball of foil instead. 

or go comment on a major news sources website about this nut over here.. oh yeah nationalist minded or sexist and homophobic trolls.... or otherwise...

you wont find the comment section anymore

and in case its relevant i dont really concern myself with this most of the time. its stuff i picked up over the years the same as the info on how to do uv litography is. human psych is just another part of sci info and theories with its own associated timeline/history.

that said theres some indication there is some momenton tworads using it to discourage commoners (myself included) from critical thought. which in and of itself again... kinda meh.

ive found that logic and critical thinking is the only way ive made any money or had sucesses.ive also seen enough to theorizes the condions that create the warped mindset are in the same lines as patholigical psych and some that turn off critical thought... look how image based and fake it till you make it im tthe personal best our society is..

is it crazy to suggest this might be bad? if im having an image painted is it crazy to attempt to stir some of the why people might not see it that way? is it free speach if every actual crime is ignored i have commited one but i risk death on the street or imprisionment in a ward instead of the right to own things instead of two abusers claiming to own me threating my heart beat then crying they feel threatened?

pretty good odds im up creek de merde either way and its a two on one shit on my paddles contest from who society assumes wants whats best for me.

this if it helps anyone else realize whats their best intrests are again also serves to feel i might maybe have had some purpose as i draw my final breath. 


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