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can we at least be strain forward or honest to our children as a society?

if not as adults how about as minors about how they will be treated as adults?

in a world where laws were written netural of explicit race gender or sexuality and if explicitly mentioned it was done so in an all inclusive protectionary manner we might actually solve the nfp evagw groups espoused desires. most evidence points to abuse being more about cycles of sick parents on each other and their offspring them offspring repeat the cycle.

I kinda get the feeling the general attitude is we tried that and it didn't work. but from what I see digging at history there were non gendered shelters for men and women long before the majority were women only. as far as parents against their kids the idea that we might as a people be able to step in at all was in its infancy when it was highavked by single sided demographics empowerment groups lumped in to ending violence against one side.

from what I can tell u I experienced is the police in the town where it occued don't seem to a whole  give a shit my mom tried to push me over a railing reported it the other way around and her and my dad barely even try to hid the face they think money given wirh strings enable destroying everything I worked on or worked for since first website for pay at 13.

a point that struck me is first even if u work one job ur employer has an agreement u get this much a year or this much an hr for trading those hrs to do this task and the related.

no one would be OK if they became ur landlord then decided to evict you and keep all your possessions because they gave u all your money anyway.

no one would be Ina good position if they got away with it and even able to use ur social and dl number to hijack accounts.

several fields involving studying what humans do or catching the ones breaking laws or how we learn.. etc..
There's a concept called cognative load or how much stress you are under mentally at any moment and how it relates to say catching a lier in the act, making an appointment, committing short term to long term memory organizing priorities...

could more simply be put as everyone has limits and besides the physical there are mental.

what's really mental is when someone can do this, has police assistance with the 0 notice you don't live there anymore but all your stuff does. enforces u driving away in the person claiming to own yous vehicle and allows them to strand u at hotel then use words over hey I can't get food to justify a 72 hr hold

ignores the check and mail fraud..

ignores what is along the lines of forced labor and tells u its not illegal to claim to own someone

then u find out a court an hr and a half away is about to add two things to your bavkg ound check that will destroy the ability rent and give your abductors you bridge or shelter address for 2 years after

this is my story.

I was 29 with out a criminal or mental healh issue record.

my parents house had mold so bad it took out my apt.

I also hear it's not theft because I gave my things to my parents

when no infact on moving back in my mom said I'm your landlord now until u can aford every cent of moving back out

then 0 notice I just don't live there anymore. mahout a year and a half ago


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