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cruel and unusual

around Feb 2018 my primary doctor told me the way someone my age gets better is avoid mold.

my parents made a mistake finishing their basement in 2001

the longest I had lived there since 2006 was 6 months. in 2014. I hadent even intended to spend 6 months there that time. I was looking at moving Fargo to VA and that didn't work out but I needed a change from Fargo so I settled on st cloud MN. 

I had 3 friends here and the school was reasonable priced.

the second less than honest mistake my parents made was in 2014. their basement made me sick. I went through a lot of what the hell is doing this before concluding it was likely mold then. 

I found chat logs where I was describing it felt like something was blowing or flying  out of the quad outlet (double gange) box above my corner  desk in my hs room. that's on the back basement wall of their house. aka 50 ft of wall came out in 2018 ad Mallard duck boris at riverside mental ward was responding to

"I have documents of the extermination at my apt and email with the mold Pro they hired on my Gmail on my phone"


"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward"...... "(redacted) for delusions of bugs and mold"

riverside Minneapolis psych services has a dubious enough history as is.. Google can tell you more, add drug trials or suicide to riverside Minneapolis. 

 but it's pretty messed up when one has relevant expert testimony that problems are or were real and still ends Geting a psych diagnosis 

but that's not even the extent of the horror. 

I had moved back into my parents following about 8mo of bleeding. 

moved back in around Jan 2018

it was professionally confirmed their basement had a mold issue around the same time 

bleeding Continued at my parents

Aug 2018 I left for 2 weeks max at a hotel for the stated goal and agreement of not stressing my mother(by my presence/existance) as she recovered from a surgery

first week bleeding stops

second week, door codes changed. all my possessions and 2 live rabbits held hostage. writing this as of 2020 one rabbit is in my freezer they have the ashes of the other and most of my things. they waited till the lease they forced ended and 20days before filed ofps.

basicy hennipin county assisted tourcher and discard 

but back to the no notice lock out:

2 more hotels and maybe a month and a half later 

riverside mpls inpatient mental ward

professionally confirmed bugs and mold and 16mo bleeding which stopped at hotels

aka 16mo like this 

according to my dad I won't go to a Dr. which is funny because he knows he forced one (u of m riverside avarium  ) and drove me to 3 others but above is one such instance. was at a clinic in st cloud MN. I didn't know what a Morgan lense was before that day. pretty neat device 

this is actually one of the first images of hell/first chronologically 
my dad likes to traumatized with the repeated lie I wouldn't go to the doctor. I'm not saying I always trusted Clyde's oppinion of my providers word(that's a joke boris.. kinda like how u view medical ethics?) ... but if one cares to zoom.. Clyde is chewing on a print off I received following one if many visits to Dr's in st cloud. 

but heres after a month and a half or so shuffled between 3 hotels 
the extended stay I was on a short booking at the day mgpd enforced a emergency hold of questionable legality. I see the way bigger risk to us all (whether I survive this or not) as how lose the wording is on these statues and how no one is holding anyone accountable to breaking even what's there

one such requirement is specificly documented why the hold was executed

as far as I can see... this was likely for more than legal reasons 

if we at all want to make these helpful to anything but private companies bottom lines then at least one element of psych needs to be respected

healthy brains or those capable of getting back there try to learn what was traumatic and avoid it. like a little kid and a hot stove burner... 

any forced detainment is psychological trauma be it medical or jail/prision 

my intake paper isn't very clear on what the threats were my dad claims to own me and I have that recorded. my mom 3 yew a ago today or so... said she was going to make me suffer for taking her time with her husband

I didn't really make any directly suicidal threats to my dad despite what my intake paper says. even after the ones I think they used it was noted in the text log that he was moving me around I had spent 2 nights before in car because of his mistakes.. they had both been denying the mold for 9 mo 

then when my bleeding cleared up the first week in a hotel. my dad then tried to also deny ever seeming bleed. then mgpd and riverside mpls added a whole new meaning to psychological thriller... it's like a horror movie but it's not. it's my life ruled by fucking control freaks that seek to rewrite my past present and future rather than take any cupbuiltiy for their own actions in actions mallice and honest mistakes. 

but in general as far as holds are concerned if the specific words be it text or recording arnt documented and talked about while in there.. are we really giving piole the info their brain needs to try to avoid traumatic experience again 

in not guessing any detainment is traumatic, this is well known. check Google scholar for yourself 

but back to my story:

here's how I looked on entering the hold
(above) shortly after stepping out of vehicle and being told to turn and face it for a search. into amulence I then went. 

(bellow) face frozen syndrome appears to be an under recognized condition related to abuse of power (u know how they say ability to detect stature and or sarcasm is linked with intelegence.. now I am paranoid because hell they can abduct u and try to drug you off what one citizen tells them u said. this is traumatic and injuste as it gets.. but also read this part as aka that's a joke as well or a disclaimer that face frozen is less of a medical syndrome than boris MD on his name Tage would have been more appropriate if it stood for mallard duck(quack) ) 

at some point during right before or during this wed to sat abduction 1500sq ft of carpet and pad and about 50x8 of wall was coming out of my parents house. well rather the mold Pro was being paid for a professional mold remediation 
(above) this room had the carpet and pad. the wall is the back of the house and a partition wall a bit to the right of where this ends defined my hs bedroom aka the next pic bellow picks up slightly after this ends. 

that double gange... outlet box likely did have something flying out in 2014.

therr was a baseboard heater as well. at one point I realized it was worse when heat was on. I theorized conduction was driving air currents behind the wall. 

idk why I use these words anymore with what's still being done to me I'm more likely to now die on the street disfigured than flip burgers for the rest of the 2 years or so before its automated.. I hope I'm wrong but it's not a tech limitation. we could wipe out 30 percent of American work force right now (current tech) right before covid an automated truck delivered a load of butter from one cost to the other.  if you want a sign of the moral issues our society is about to face... look up the number of people employed as 

cab drivers 
truck drivers 
bus drivers
retail cashieres 
fast food postions

make sure your country or US is in the Google query 

then search your pop

I think top of my head us pop is 370mil

we could wipe our both airline pilots right now but likely we will see the CO postion go first. 

back on psych and my story though:

I see part of the major issue here is (a lot but not all) of the people in this world seem to view the citizen or patients they have power over as incompetent and with no awareness of themselves or those around them. it's not automatic paranoid behavior to suggest someone might be out to harm you. I belive even the night the officer blocked my car in the hotel lot then got out and said

 "I have the power to decide if your are going in tonight but I decided before I met you you're going either way" 

during that maybe 20min where u figured there's no way they can do this if I just remain calm and explain... I am pretty sure (but can find the audio at some point) I even mentioned then I think my parents may have personality disorders. 

I can't make that call, I can tell for sure though that to my understanding of what the traits are... they tick every box between aspd and npd and demonstrate the traits in several ways. 

I can also tell you if you look into it you will likely find that aspd, bpd and npd rarely seek or benifit from treatment and perhaps of more general concern... npd and aspd are known to gravitate to Leo positions, medical field and managerial positions.. its about seeking control over others 

let's say it's always been that way.. seems to me though that back when this country was founded... even if the conditions had yet to receive the modern titles the founding fathers had ideas on how to keep them in check... 

 (oversight, rewards for moral behavior. negative consiquenses if caught acting otherwise. ) 
(appeals, judicial proccies, settlements fines of my head) 

burdens of proof.... 

more modern additions were things like "probable cause" 

damn it blogger /phone just wiped 40min that was after this here's a list of pics that followed till now. parents still have most of my assets, commanded my time with threats to destroy them, commanded I sign a lease or lose them. moving around physical locations does not provide the ability to establish or even keep social safteynets/friends circles. they even threatened Bonnie rabbits ashes if I don't clean their mold car faster 

then at end of forced lease March 2020 with me still in empty apt having delt with their lies mold and psychopathic behavior  for 3 years of total distruction of self health future... 

they discard while still holding or destroying all my assets 

this was actually digital mirscope at last apt as bleeding started

shoe string is /was a make shift repair when the eyelit for the flapper inside the toilet broke. the new part is on top of the tank I just can't seem to get to installing it. something probably due to the constant reshuffling of priorities inability to follow medical advice because of parents hell bent on killing me over their mistakes 

the other issue with assuming its OK or not theft of anything because I accepted money from them regardless of if any stated amount at any time was triple spot on or somewhere over the rainbow.. then combined with allowing the no notice you don't live here your stuff isn't stolen u gave it to them when u moved out.. and ignoring the fact they will take things every chance they get to throw wrenches in progress... 

well I signed the lease.. who's liable?  or in other words if they can rack up what I owe and destroy credibitlity

gee that's a win win for everyone 

this was a few weeks ago... taunting about having more of my mail after lying about ofps being active while on my parking lot calling on welfair checks 2x the week after. 

it's also a taunt he still has Bonnies ashes. 
they were sent to me at my parents house while I was at hotels

one day I saw the unopened package but didn't want to bring her remains to a hotel. few days later I text asking if I can have just a day he's not trying to turn burners up.. 

he opens and texts picture of the contents of the package. the mail above is from same vet. no I'm not out of bounds assuming this. this is how he works even if this example could be proven false. my mom pulls the same wicked antics 

even some people in official conditions are playing these nasty games. it's theorized that npd and aspd cut throat behaviors equal many in positions of power. so it's no surprise. 

it's also no surprise when liability or culpability producing liability is possibly involved some otherwise decently moral people in positions of power will act less than so. 

but what I'm seeing is a forced dichotomy and selective acknowledgement of reality. 

the narrative is force:

you are this old and not financially independent.. most be your issues must be your fault... 

black and white is not alright 

it's a deflection tactic and possibly splitting as a deflection 

it also counts on me not having the language to describe this because if u find yourself here (God help u) you are at serious risk of sounding like


which is hello mental ward   hello job security for some imprisonment for others 

it's also good bye any hope of being held accountable by those who acted out of pocket and then used positions of power and knowledge of human nature to cover it. 
a lot of money.. a mgpd officer noted a few days ago... know how much that shit costs? 
also.. nice robe bro where u store the gavel? 

soon enough after.. it was growing on all 3 folding tables I have 

doesn't help they picked an apt over a garage probably in the 70s. floor up might be better but due to neighbors garage under me... today humidity was hitting 60 percent when dehumidifiers had filled. 
above 50 is where growth explodes 

they give u a lot of money, well that's what they told u huh.. they tell me a lot of numbers too they change all the time and of what they give... it doesn't go much past constantly half as sing the threat to life they force 

snow blows out vents right before lease starts. calling my dad he won't acknowledge as I ask "have you ever see this happen? !"

instead answers 

"I came to the hotel to put stuff in your trunk today"

this was my vacuum pull down UV exposure box for UV lithography. aka pcb manufacture. I thew it together from plexi Glass a ceiling can light fixture. an Intel cpu heatsink and 4.1w 365 or 70nm led sourced from digikey. hardest part was the low iron Glass panel not shown here. a now closed glass shop in st clouded ended up finding the best price. 

when the bleeding started I pulled the UV led and made a portable wood lamp

I expect in coming years emitters like this will replace the florescent hand held bat or plug in units hospitals vets and clinics have now. it's only recently we've been able to make high powered UV leds. part of the issue has been UV degrades plastic. there's other issues like bandgap I won't go into but red was way before blue in the led world.. it was around 2015 this led came consumer affordable not research lab prototype at all. 

think about that for a sec when u judge where I am in life.. here's a lithium ion powered UV wood lamp made in 2016 by yours truely 

not sure where the reflector went, I'm holding the battery pack

the board on the middle is a DC to DC voltage converter and it features a CC or constant current mode. Leds are current mode devices. they also have this nasty habbit where as they hear up resistance drops. 
ohms is the unit of resistance and amps current. 



so Calc concept.. what's the limit as ohms takes off towards 0?

the limit is not perfectly expressed but comes into view if we consider 

joul or ohm heating alone 
thermal Watts = amps ^2 * ohms

I'm blurring math and practical application here to say the limit is where the thing fucking melts. 

so the CC mode in that converter is impartive. 

also I'm using two 18650s in series so nominal I'm looking at 7.4v and that led wanted something like 3 but it's been way too long since I read the datasheet. 

the reasom for the display on the side is u need to cut off lithium ion batteries around 3.2 volts.. sometimes lower don't want to go to far off topic. but as it was all I had on hand were unreliable Chinese bought battery cut off boards so I wanted visual indication of pack voltage

lithium ion chemistry in general hangs out at 3.7v for the longest during use. off charger at full they are 4.2

the 7.4 above is 3.4*2 because plus to minus is series and cellvotage*#ofcells is pack or battery voltage when in series

know your TV remote? that's why the AA or AAA go in opposite directions. 

metal bar at one end just connects postive and negative of the two opositely oriented cells. so ur remote gets 3v

alkaline is 1.5v cells

somewhere I have a lot more pics of like existing at the time basement carpet. 

wood lamps are used in forensics as well.. 

I didn't think I was proving anything medicaly speaking it's just a very revealing way to look at things because what looks uniform under normal light... well

something is making the diff colors under this light. meanwhile despite proven mold mg mom's isnsiting nothing is here it's all in my head she will make sure I'm medicated. 

so there was reason to demonstrate something might be there and I already had the tools

is this really the behehavior of a danger to his family or are theirs more likely to be major mistakes and covering with lies to authorities and esoteric info.. like 40years of time in med world that my mom has. 

cnp at children's in st paul

also jully 2018 tried to push me over railing of 8ft drop to basement.. repeatedly untill I walked her to a corner and ducked around into another room 

at one point during an argument where she's insisting no mold.. maybe 4mo into not dealing with what pro found.. while I'm stuck back there because it had spread to apt and I was moving back in unaware that's what caused the bleeding... hello source I'm home. 

well she says "u're not the leader here" 

it wasn't about that but to her it would seem she's stuck in this power and being right and athorty psycho trip 

it was about this in the basement walls 
me looking like this

it was about all of our health and saftey

now I'm blowing out rhis

with med records indicating its in my head

desteoyed credit score 

two ofps on back ground check

Clyde in freexer

people with Bonnies ashes and all my things and all I have growing their mold... and having paid to have professionals deal with it then ensuring I have it... now have ability to throw me in jail for calling

eviction the moment covid is gone 

arrested if I call the two people who still have all of my things and forced my time 


that one tooth was a baby with nothing under it. it decided to come unwedged Dec 2017. I was told not to wait more than 6mo but it's a bad situationcause mn care doesn't cover dental implants. 

this is fucked.. this is state enforced destruction of a life

remember this pic? 

that's a pcb/board I designed in CAD software then made at my last apt on the UV lithography equipment I made to make it. moving back in with my parents my mom hid this at one point. I was concerned because at first we wernt sure if the apt had issues or their house. I was concern I didn't want to contaminate their house. 

this board was throughly cleaned and against the best intrest of it ever functioning again I even used diluted bleach. my mom found it drying and hid it in the basement. when I found it again the pic above was taken. aka eextreamly unlikely that was on it when it arrived and that's about 80x mag above.. thing looked like a grain of sand with out it. 

the mold guy they hired had instructed the trim would be good to get rid of even if nothing else was followed. 

so not only did they have me doing the remediation and working as tech support... on custom built computers for them.. built by yours truly.. I was also helping restore their house. 

this is really sick. 

built this last year.. modified rather. needed washers, keep Geting starved.. bottom of priority list. hepa floor dryer or air mover

heres some pics from before this started  if it's food I cooked it, if it looks apt like it was a former living space

Cosmos by my side on the basement couch. his last night at 8043 lanewood was not much different than his first night there in 2001 except I was gone most of 2006 to 2018

this was May 2017

first night we got him he slept on my legs in my at the time new basement room. 8th grade. 

oo js date picker I wrote around 2k9

because of this mgpd enforced 0 rights to not be commanded location to location under threat of distruction of all my property 

ignoral of reports they are opening my mail signing over accounts 

removed check from mail to me made to me endorsed my name

I went 30 days hungry last year mostly quicktrip diet and for year and a half. washing machine has been broken my dad took tools I need to fix it as he filed ofp and some before. 

I'm in filthy clothes about to be homeless after 3 years of tourcher for decisions my parents made finishing their basement in 2001

this site costs 12 a year. if I'm alive or not it will tell this story for 5 years or just shy of

on a broader note. I feel compelled to point out that these laws like the med hold and police enforcing an eviction with out notice at all those allowing everything I earned over 16 years of earning seased and still being destroyed 

with many officials paitingvit as common u were too old to be at your parents 

well unless every parent has some built in yet to be found makes moral and legal towards child brain function

improbable unlikely etc

then if law is going to assume this

is modern law really about destroying lives and imprisoning either medicaly or otherwise the maximum number of people other people happen to call in? 

the abuse sites talk only about couples or mention abuse to children is bad mmm k

psych sites know parents with personality disorders often even sabotage adult offspring. 

I have evidence this is what's going on and police reports used as punishment or fabircated

yet I have to be homeless cause... I just needed to be better... 

but hey look

shup up

your parents gave u everything


or mgpd might like Protect&Serve®©

4 or 5 officers within that pd have seemed upstanding. 

I won't make them very identifiable because idk what politics is like in side that orginizational environment and don't wish harm on anyone

but u probably know who you are. 
thank you. 

also SCPD has shown a lot of effort to act within reason to try to create justice

and I'm not sure why but sterns sherif didn't serve the passed ofps.. I'm thinking they found it in poor taste with covid but that's just my assumption 

my mom sent this a while back. she claims she didn't cost me anything with her actions cause it was worthless... ie projects others paid for and would try to get me 60 to 100k start of career positions in California with.. 

well why's she talking to me at all let alone send this and letters like  nothing happened ocassionaly saying she missed the old john

in a way I do to. the only thing worse than knowing your parents are the white collar Turpin is watching the people they lie to paint you as the instigate strip everything from your life and tell u its your fault for not being better

this was about 16 hrs before Cosmos drew his final breath on my lap in 2017 

I worked straight through his death only to lose everything and be so hungry and fucking spun round by everyone avoiding responsibility and kicking down someone the right off as loqer for not having been perfect.. 

the things this world takes from us

I think a society that allows parents ultimate trust and authority and puts blame on its children is likely toturn the land of the free into a nation of enslaved youth.. even if they reach adulthood

I need to find the calls where my dad does things like get over it are u gonna cry about it? u know I'm not gonna be around much longer common John u know u love me SAY IT

like same call 5min spam 9mo ago

might not matter legaly.. I just want to contribute something to humanity. it appears my best shot is illuminating how npd and aspd really works when these people have kids. 

parents wouldn't do that excuses a lot of destruction and a lot of research shows spousal abuse dv and child abuse is all related to how u were raised and how u mentally dealt with it.. the support you had or did not and understanding there or not. 

it's cyclical treating it as anything but... I see as mostlikely cashing in on victims and ensuring they continue the cycle

I can't even shower and dry off right now I'm about to be homeless.. there's not much I can do which makes should a big list of conditionals 

this entire situation is beyond unreasonable

there's also a few reports showing that covid 19 plus lymes and iodine deficiency is likely respirtory failure

abstracting... law that doesn't recognize Mal nutrition is harm

is delusional

though I see the can of worms we open. gonna have to pull Kenedy.. we should because it's hard 

instesd I think know it or not a bunch of earners calling them sevlfs adults are still playing a game introduced to them late 90s.

what game... no I didnt just lose it now

I told someone in 5th grade I can't lose cause I refuse to play. 

I also told Mr Flyshacker at rush creek ond day probably close to verbatim "can I just use this time to collect my thoughts?" 

it was  pick an activity from a list activity time. 

why it's relevant is a few years back I happened on a psych paper intended for identifying abuse in children. the flashback was unreal. cause if I'm recalling it correctly now off if time has lead to bitrot.. what I read in maybe 2013 was what I said in 1998

most media if mentioned at all will tell you the Stanford prision expirment was about prision life.

abstracted it was about outcomes of human psychie in ridgid environments 

when parenting is nothing but disiplin and we grow up with mainly adults are always right.. less encouragement than fear of punishment... 

it's a cycle and critical thought is partly learned where is that in the follow and disiplin culture? 

there is a lot more at stake here. I don't think I'm special or all knowing. I think I'm a combination of a cloaked extream and a few other oddities like only child born to 40 plus year old parents with most of formative years around adults 

the most tame description is athritative emotionaly inattentive and I've described it to others on the past as emotional support wise it was backwards 

but the netural parts are also somewhat unique because with parents old enough to be some peers parents and a knack for emotional intelegence and Meta analysis I was also viewing several generations and observing the changes. 

that doesn't make this verbatim or truth absolute but if you take anything away from this regardless of if it does anything for me or I'm still alive.

id request you make it this 

black and white is not alright. 

corny.. yeah I'm kinda counting on it to stick on that fact

we used to have a idiom that the devil is in the details. maybe we forgot that was intended to communicate that misdeads can be hidden in complex situations. 

ack I wanted an Archer clip here to lighten the tone but blogger is being... blogger

the real danger as far as I see it is the flip side. self actualization, resolving disonence while maintain self awareness and critical thought, breaking cycles.. at one point some definitions of maturity...

all also in the details, the best and worst of human capability is all in the range and details between

yet look at what even university students are being taught today in the us

sesism is men on women racism is white on black 

when one of the wisest humans to walk the earth wanted us to know he was pretty sure we only ended this by 

judging by the content of one's actions and character 


skip em.. who cares what systemic means right? they said it it's true. 

it implies a collective and or organized effort though.. deny that if you want... do it in the comments and I invite anyone reading to spot the clown

orgizatuonal theory says an orgizatuonal environment is one or more people working at any desired goal task w. e. 

most significant detail one

systemic is bullshit because systems start and end with individuals following or not

this clip almost fits to integrate and land on the topic I started on. except both my parents shoved me in the last 3 years yet I'm now the one that has records indicating violence despite not asking for any of their problems and still having them while I'm about to end up on the street. 

there a Banksy painting that would work as well but I can't find it. it was expectation real ilstrated but my concentration is waning at the moment 

but lest anyone point to this as signs I'm jumping everywhere and inchorent 

go fuck your strawman forced dichotomy... right in its pidgin hole 


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