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Dr. Boris L Kholomyansky & Riverside U of M

Dr. Boris L Kholomyansky

NPI #1699725903

MED License 44449, MN

I reiewed him just recently on a doc review site:

2018 encounter with dr boris at the u of m riverside mental ward. i was on an emergency hold, 30y/o no previous legal or mental issues. asserted to everyone before and after i have parents who seem to take out their issues on me i have no intent to harm myself or others. 3hrs in the first night i ask have i been anything but calm and cogent? "uve been fine but we are keeping u anyway" 2.5 days later i met with boris for maybe 15 min:

"sir i have communications from the mold pro hired by my parents (for their house) and documents of the extermination at my last apt on my gmail on my phone" of course taken as per sop of mental ward checkin.

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward".... "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking out your illness on elderly parents" hand gets busy rxing seriquil, "youll be here till Tuesday at earliest"

i think pointing out hipaa violations is why i was out 4 hrs later. that and ward landline called 5med law offices left vm (sat)

but i didnt feel the character limit allowed enough discussion so i figured expand on it here.

If you note i refer to him sometimes as Boris or Dr Boris. The U of M /Fairview riverside Mental Ward likely has a first name only policy on ID badges. " Dr. Borris" is what was printed on his. I observed this on all staff (thus the likely conclusion about it being policy)

that said with his behavior twoards me or even in general I dont feel any need to address by a preffered title. I will usually honner a request or call people by what they tell me they prefer starting first with the cultural expectations for politeness. act like a shit head though and ill call you just that or even add Dr if you prefer.

but point was I officially met him as Dr. Boris and the encounter was not optional. the following is what i wrote before i noticed the negative in front of the character limit on the review site.

mental hold in 2018 i was unwilling infront of dr boris at riverside in Minneapolis I was 30 with no prior mental health issues or criminal record or records of violence or anger issues. I had a traumatic event at 16 in 2004, found my dad about to go from what turned out to be a disecting aortic aneurysm after being let off work 3 hrs early on a slow day. basic aid courses kicked in and my mom met me in the emergency room 3 hrs later/ my dad likely would have expired had i not acted... that was all react all go go go and 2006 i sought pyschatric help for what that doc determined was minor pstd...which should have indicated even 10 years before i know my self to the level where if i need it i get help. nope... heres what transpired with dr boris nov 2018 :
it was a sat at noon before i finaly got to see "the doctor" (and not with the sonic screw driver but possibly with empathetic burn out:

"sir i have communications from the mold pro hired by my parents (9 months previous and advice gaslit/ignored and denied by parents) and documents of the extermination at my last apt on my gmail on my phone" of course taken as per sop of mental ward checkin.

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward"....  

.... in this space he was reviewing what i think was a selection of text messages my parents hand selected before stranding me at a hotel and using the words said while hungry and stuck (they removed the car from the hotel lot) to get the emergency medical hold. A few things he asked about I know i mentioned some form of in either the week or month previous to my dad via text. I find it a bit disturbing if that was what he had we couldnt go over the log message by message he was just cherry picking trying to apply a diagnosis. its distrubing because informal communication /shooting from the hip and possibly out of context and intended to be private/also reliant on what the intended respiant knows ...well is dr boris all knowing? or does he have the set of facts/events/experiances my commuinication with my dad relied on to not fully explain every many hrs in the day should the average psych patient have to add to avoid this situation and or text everyone everything explained perfectly...yes im drawing hthis out a bit but thats sorta the point.... 

i know i had mentioned to my dad "I jumped out of a plane with just a parachute my first time not strapped to anyone" because i was trying to communicate to my dad that his refusal to acknowledge the black mold situation in their house had me down right scared. the way i jumped out of the plane was USPA certified and called the AFF program. Do you think boris knew that? how can i explain that when hes all the suden asserting 

"You take a lot of unnecessary and extrema risks" well who tf are you? the USPA? but cant even get there unless he maybe from the start showed me what lead him to this or the likely text log hes reading.

this is great if you like being the powerful prick or get rx kickbacks but its not actually going to help people.

hers a laymens oppinion but I would assume the tree you tried to bark me up was along the lines of bpd. before anyone tries to paint me with having to be all knowing... i have many flaws and mess up often. look at my grasp on spelling or lack there of. 

I should not have answered the next question about family history truthfully. I knew where he was going with it. 

maybe 15 min after walking into the room at around noon on a sat:

"(redacted for my legal safety) for delusions of mold and bugs, taking your illness out on your elderly parents"... followed by rxing seriquil and "you will be here until Tuesday at the earliest" 

i also know the aunt i mentioned is according to the mother i believe to be aspd or npd... somedays that aunt is nuts and always has been somedays shes the sister with the best memory. which leads to a darker overarching possiblity of, is the remainder once one subtracts npd, aspd and it a symptom of abuse at the hands of others at least in some presentations?

it leads me to hesitate suggesting he might have been doing a favor for my mother. who has been in the med industry/world in that area for 40 years and taught nursing as well. memory is not perfect but i dont actually recall comunicating my parents were elderly. maybe i did. They had me and only me as my mom turned 40. had things gone as most do... ie minus 10 years, they would have been as old as boris or in that range. maybe i just have some bit rot in my memory as i recall this a year later. 

 empathetic burn out is more likely but ruling out the first is not wise either. 

theres yet another possibility that rx kickbacks or personal incentive was at play. understanding that as far as med ethics is concerned one should never get a diagnosis so doc can rx the "rockstar" patent du jour and get wallet pading for it vs humans are often flawed and rarely perfect... makes it a disturbing situation further amplified by blogs like psych today that are pushing HC insert cluster b here and the one im refering to has been redefined as things the med staff and others in their life are teaming up. 

a lot of people are far less forutinate than me in ability to put ideas to words. its easy to paint someones words into that category and might be done with this dispite my attempts. if they have a weak grasp on the language either via not doing well in school or possibly esl or what ever reason dont have or find the words... 

i fear for where humanity is heading as far as i see it at the moment. 

I forgot while communicating that to him that i also had the vet my rabbits went to on my gmail. Not that it likely would have mattered, 2 relevant pros vs 3...refusal to see any of their testimony via "Patient arnt allowed phones on the ward"

my vet: was pretty sure there was an environmental mite/biting creature that doesnt live on what its biting. She came to this conclusion because legions scraped negative/nothing under scope but only thing that ended legions (on my two indoor rabbits) was flee tick and mite treatment, 

she then recommended treating the environment/ house.

my words: treating the living creatures /my animals continuously would be like recommending a human Topicaly apply Permeation cream and nothing else if bed bugs were suspected.  it it wouldnt be very effective and risks to the living creature are real and exaserbated with repeated doses of anything they dont need. 

(sarcasticly) im sure the seriquil i was then rxed is going to fix it all up right good.

 imagine if i lacked the bit of brain i had and then began telling people like the vet I dont think my meds are working because youre still speaking delusions. 

emergency med holds plus no words in legislation requiring doc must review relevant expert testimony are atrocious. i cant say whether or not rx kickbacks are at play here but knowing they could be for anyone in this sick situation... medical ethics? whats that pipe dream? 

or maybe im safer assuming M.D. on his badge stood for Mallard Duck? (quack!)


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