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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Ethics in law and medicin, legal murder man slaughter, disfigurment diablement

This is unorganized as many other posts at the moment. its an attempt to get some thoughts out and form a more concrete argument.

We have allowed a system with no ability to appeal med records after created.

in mn they may be created by force as i found out. 

even going to the police with evidence two people are using police reports to create the med records/harm in general and as revenge or a tool....

police tell me putting even unreliable witnesses on record might be a liability for the police. 
police are unconserned with my mail being opened money already in my name in form of a check in my mail being signed over with out my knowledge or permission

yet law says not managing to stay fed or clothed = express pass to medical hold.and several other obvious life threatening non law related risks of broke by force

someone with insider knowledge of a pending company collapse or gain faces prison for trading on it or communicating to have others trade

yet someone with insider knowledge and 40 years experience in the medical system using that knowledge to try to have someone drugged/medicated and misdiagnosed and abducted by police and med system

equals putting on record they lie or abuse that system might be liability for law enforcement

can we at least not call them peace officers? unless peace is enforced via the abduction and medication... hail orwell!

id challenge anyone to conclude that bad charting and by extension bad EHR/EMRs aren't a risk to outcome being positive let alone not a substantial risk to life depending on situation. 

people have died do to bad med records. 

if we allow them created by force

we put nothing in law about requirement of doctor to view other experts and can declare someone delusional in 10 min....

if that's real and a threat to life ends up posed... 

let alone the terror this creates if you end up caught in it. 

this is not a modern society. its a society of barbarians and a few of them figured out some complex tricks to create engineering marvels. 

that said most people dont want to see others harmed but it also seems most only consider harm what the news tells them. 

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