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Saturday, May 30, 2020

hell ilistrated

a gallery of trafficing forced labor total distruction of person and property. one man's attempt to save his life and animals from decisions home owners made when he was 14

with some life before and attempts to thrive during 

it should be noted both parents laid hands on me or met the definition of battery more than once

maple Grove pd has pretty much refused to let me report anything while parents can say the wind blew it was probably John and im scared 

my mom threatened for over half a year to get me medicated and in a psych ward for a proven mold problem at their house one that spread to the apt I had then created the reason I moved back in

my mom as far as I know is still a cnp at children's hospital in st Paul minnesota

this is relevant because not just my word
there are journal articles showing mold even on visitors clothing threatens patients lives 

an ofp is now being used like a gag order while they have all of my property open my mail take over my accounts have my ID holding mail as ofp activated

I moved back in Jan 2018 and Aug 2018 no notice writen or verbal for me to move out they changed garage code

maple Grove pd : you can't file theft you gave them your things when you moved out

also around Jan 2018 house was found by hired mold pro to have issues related to their selection of carpet pad finishing their basement in 2001 

again around thst time the few friends I had left reported they were being contacted by my parents told I'm sick in the head, obsessed, delusional, on drugs 

basic npd or socieopath smear campaign

They have changed almost nothing in their lives I can now no longer rent because my credit will not support signing a lease there are two oips that will fuck my background check I'm about to be evicted because the end of the forced lease was March 31st 2020 they have toyed with me well saying they owned me for over a year and a half just to destroy everything anything I ever worked for

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