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how long?

how long can law be used to rip apart family's and drift from what we know about science?

seems to me it's being written largely by the sick that rise to the top via cut throat back staving. maybe that was always the case. maybe it's worse these days but when I read psych blogs and or see more and more pop psych trying to tell parents their still minor children are out to get them and the law being changed to support this... I can't help but see the hunger games coming.

maybe its a biproduct of moral decay and no orginization or top down intent. maybe not. Edward Bernays was pretty clear that his job was to shape our thoughts and or null our intelegence so the best of all possible shadow leaders can lead the best of all possible world

im not sure if he rubbed off double uncle or if S. F. rubbed off on him/psychoanalysts in gerneral. he was clearly a bright dude but warped and a lot of what ive read seems to have a bit of hypnotic play in it. but i also find a lot of those attempts he makes to be best sumerized as voltair mocked the nut bat scientist of the day with pangloss

what i mean is look at this quote below:

"The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest."
  • "The Engineering of Consent", Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science No. 250 (March 1947), p. 113; Reprinted in Edward L. Bernays, Howard Walden Cutler, The Engineering of Consent, University of Oklahoma Press, 1955
Hes not just explaining a concept, he value judges it and suggests its good and necessarily and he rarely ever omits the last 2 parts.

hypnosis might eventually make someone do something rash. from what i see its really not easy. by tons of sessions you might link associations till you can cloak that its a knife not a nice joyful hug giver that you want to pet the roommate with... (top of my head bs hypothetical)

the issue is and partial truth is told "cant make you do things...." you strongly feel negatively about is the truth to the ending. how many concepts are you not even aware of let alone if you might know them your enthusiasm to the topic is "meh"?

hypnosis works there extremely well on most people. funny how it might correlate with spin. or how the news loves to come at things from odd positions to make the talking points.  I mean some is clearly not spun. if a house burns down, shop is built, duck rescused from sewer....

its the "tune in at 9 or miss the story of which neighbor wants to rape your dog and pet your daughter" (trying to highlight the drama)

how do you feel about a glass ceiling? how do you feel about pay not keeping up with cost of living or inflation? ohhhh... well maybe but it makes sense to me.

point being what are you fighting for when lets say you come at it with same hrs worked 98 percent of women working same job same hrs earned 10% less (which i havent seen done...its usually pretty obscure and sometimes seems to suggest they want the same pay as a man while working fewer hrs)(i havent seen actual this percent of women in this field make this percent less.... )like the arguments are always blurry to begin with  (which points to possiblity that its not something news covers for the stated "equality" reasons)

but even if its unrelated... isnt the reality wehere lets say maybe 20 percent earn 10% less while working 5% fewer hrs....

well then isnt the bigger issue we should be talking about....inflation and cost of living?

congrats in 10 years time women can be making 5% more working 30% fewer hrs and starving with everyone else.  is the main point im trying to make and regardless of if this is a guided distraction.... the point stands.

and as an average feminist is an average person... they monkey see monkey did cause "This talks about me and seems to be good for me" why wouldnt you?

well now sans the GODS wrath bullshit... if your spouse bashed feminism or the glass celing and you didnt think it though...

i think in this framework one could easily destabilize the interpersonal bonds and family bonds in a society.

then lets tack on dv laws that if one half of pop is pissed at the other... they nedent fear false report charges for using.

well if women and men are as likely or not to be ethical or not... and even worse... if all this media and ethics rott influences level of cut throat or narc traits in most people...

we have a problem.

land of the free has one of the highest incarseration rates in the world and some pretty not ok numbers for how many people are injured by police each year. (even non black but really bad all citizens considered) note im trying to tune this down so im not using the brute of words because a few policcy changes could likely tackle this. that likely only happens if populus is united behind an issue.

well billybob whos step sister ma cooks them grits in the trailer while they look for the car on blocks in the yard from time to time but not much else productive...

hes likely to encounter injury from police... how likely is he to get behind "black lives matter" yes im stereotyping but doing it to point out how its done because they ommited teaching that GENERALIZATIONS are not nesicarly racist classist or sexist...etc stereotypes arnt even nesicarly bad... but POLAR DRAMA and we generalize out the difference in generalizations then use same sort of logic to actually turn the groups or prevent them from uniting...

reform police use of force would be a movement tiricia, gerome, billy bob, step sis, her me ma and the whole klan could ride in on black panthers (or maybe the otherway around for reparation sake) (i wonder if i can source a pic of cosmos laying on my back lol)

point is they count on the back lash to keep #blacklivesmatter from becoming a mass thing until the extreamists of that burnt cause are harrasing people in dinners under #blackbrunch and the issue of police policy in use of force goes mostly unchanged. racialize it under anti racism false flag to kill off a larger issue/distract from it.


its not tinfoil hat time. but lets look at tech (no 5g is not fucking causing covid) ok lets actually look at tech.

a v22 ospray might as well be a magic carpet if you go back maybe 500 years maybe a bit less or and likely with a lot more right?

the people who steped out of it might be viewed as gods to the hominoides they were greeting. maybe considering the ethics in giving these people antipurprant with aluminium in it. probably not.

but reality those could be the same people. ie same point in human evolution and it still would be magic or godly.

the difference is not the made machine. its the knoweldge that there are laws of physics, materials, chemistry and clever applications with a eye on the limits of our tech built to build the tech...or just billions in overage to defense contractors but hey... hire me and ill shut up about it :D

psychology is no different. human nature is less black and white but very easy to predict inside of probability sets for any given input.

some basic things are we know things like influence something like 1/3 or strongly sell them on something and despite 33.3333333 of a person beading everywhere...err... that small relative percent controlled studies have found somewhere around there you influence the behavior of the entire pop even if you haven't changed their beliefs

thats just a teaser to build the, what if and yes it does work like that. if you are unaware check out organzational theory.

i dont like this explenation but im in need of running out to get food and been looking at a screen too long.

my def you can probably find elsewhere: an orgizational enviroment is a set of 1 or more people working twoards a common task or goal.

it gets applied to workplaces a lot but just as well works/was studied in things like african tribes and small towns. its rummored when Kunta Kinte was underground railroaded to the starship enterprise it was even applied there. not sure why the visor never played moving on up. Lavar Burton is a pretty awesome dude(joking aside) i wanted to introduce the fact that if one is in the miltary they have possibly even encountered it.

it might be an optimization thing or wha tyou experianced it as but thats kinda the applied calc of the calc study. task optimization is one side aka at its core: six sigma  is.... Org Theory

but studying the diffrent inputs and likely outcomes is also part of this. See trist and emery causal fabric of org enviorments.

idk how i got this far indepth though but maybe somebody goes....oh... wait i have best intrests i forgot about before we go further towards 1984 and animal farm. fun fact....orwell was a bbc reporter, a lot of that future distopia is a spin on what he observed Joseph goebbels implementing on nazi radio broadcasts.

whats that saying about once the cats out of the bag? well if knowledge of psych is the cat... and we have been told only that those who mention the cat wear hats of tin.... but meanwhile there are v22 ospray with the cat at the yolk/side stick.. buzzing arround in HD or 4k right into your livingroom everyday. ...

its not saying freak out its not saying distrust everything. EDUCATE and possibly press the off button.
realize that it doesnt have to be worlds ending tomorrow (though right now who knows) most things done by those in power are done incrementaly and slowly. those in power can be who ever you want it to be. flying spegeti monster or your elected leader...maybe one in the same.  but in that case can i offer you this neat metal hat and this piece of cheese? dont mind the lump... thats just the anti.psych...spageti

its also not always gov doing anything. or high level . medium sized biz and local govs in densly populated areas ....anything with a pr department.

ed bernais was farther of 2 things. Modern PR and Propaganda. fianly its worth noting... he nor the nazi gobbler came up with these concepts, they probably had a bit of a talent/ happen to have figured people out for what ever reason and its pretty clear the help one of them had in the science behind the spin.

npd and aspd if medium functioning even... probably really good at spin and cover with out even trying.
all the sudden you are 20 topics away from what you should be talking about and its all your fault while they stab you.

thats been my experience anyway.

back to my hell

I still remember highschool had a brief mention or two about non race or gendered metrics called economic mobility. I doubt that is taught anymore. 

the conclusions I've come to a largely worthless for me. the odds I make it to a place I'm ready and find someone to have children with are pretty small at this point. the odds I'm dead in a month or year are astronomically higher. 

but if you dig a bit there's murmers that children and adolescents need more of your time and attention. more of your praise and almost none of your criticism. do you like hearing someone go off on what's wrong with you? might u be more willing to try or happy in general hearing nothing or what's good in a relationship or about you? what someone else likes instead of the nag list honey do list?

your kids don't even know who they are or what they r good at. if they find something though encouraging and praising it. don't take it from them but maybe see if u can help. I think if this is truly applied most kids will be smart enough to know doing the other thing aka what's required should be done. that's not to say there shouldn't be some diciplin but it should never be for the sake of it. did they mean to break that or was it truly an accident?

as far as I can see we are usually born with a desire to please our care givers. it really is hard to make work any other way. humans traded development time for big brains and esp in the beginning we are totally ususeless but sponges for the world around us. 

contrary to original sin or what ever u think about ur deamon child... the vast majority of children have working empathy sympathy and concence

I don't like this trend of take a cent they own u. it's divide and conquer and it's not what the top of the food chain does. ie rockafeller foundation and decendends are still worth what? Google it. carnage descendents? morgans? sure u might make it either way but are u where u should have been? 

we are sick as a people if we have no protection from sick parents. if we fry empathy in the majority or even dull it to a point it might as well not be there...

I wonder if the fear in ai is what it will think when it looks at us and what we do to each other. 

it used to be known that how a person treated those they had power over was a sign of their character. 

I intend an article on vengeance tech about Rouge ai that could happen tomorrow. there's a lot of things I don't think we are prepared for there. like who's inspecting the dies on mass produced chips and would we catch if itade a cluster on Intel or who's ever fabing for amd?

tangent but yeah at very least if u doubt me look into long term memory or learning and stress. chewing kids out may be counterintuitive as a improve grades  strat. 

it might be great as a distriction of middle class/ class warfar device. TV pg used to Eman something. it really wasn't about sex or violence. kids arnt stupid, they know the big things like don't stab ur brother. what they don't get so much is that cool looking socieopath and the mind games... usually but not always they identify along gender and if it's a kid it's more likely to be mimicked.. it's about the shades of monkey see and monkey do not the... I ain't shooting people so she /he/young attack chopper obviously will be fine. 


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