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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dad I hate you. Here comes the eviction



See its end of lease for one. I tend to belive both parties have a right to walk away. Two this is him commanding after filing the ofp on march 11th. 

three the storage garage he picked 2 years ago. i objected to size at the time. i didnt have the address till a month at max two before he sent this...

that garage is packed to the ceiling because of how small it is. hes put in just enough money to eat

Jan 2019 he discussed hiring someone to help me move it. would only do it if i checked with person 16 an hr was alright then wanted to renegotiatiate his on fricking price for 14 then stopped talking.aka everything we can do to make john look flakey

but really why even if it wasnt packed would i be hauling stuff into a lease i have to be out of?

if i go back in time 2 months before hes saying find a place why haven't u found a place

as i keep saying... Paul and Marlene are really good at looking non plussing but its a tactic known as dog whisteling. you have to know the details to see why its in this case dangerous to lethal or average application is anger-inducing. 

its a tactic get someone to fly of the handle then paint them as crazy or unhinged. 

heres a few days after fps. thats more than my mom hast ried to call since 2006. when i left for college she said "pick a specific time to call me each week or i wont ever call you" then denied it till 2018 when she remembered saying it clear as day. her denial didnt change the actions...or lack of... let that sink in...thats more than my mom has tried to call me since 2006, its 4 calls....exactly. 

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