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Hungry and hopeless soon to be homeless unable to rent.

last night my car was burgled in the parking lot. I use the word my lightly. its on the list of reasons i should be grateful but the title isnt in my name. My things are still being held and destroyed while im homeless unable to rent again as soon as mn eviction ban ends.

when i made it to the bank to have my debit card replaced, the two transactions on the account were holiday gas station for around 20 and coberns foods/supermarket for 20.

this leads me to believe someone else needed the 40 left in my account as much as i did. though no telling what the $20 in cash on the seat was used for. *smh*

this was a text today. blogger behaved uploading this but since has been giving me error. i think its likely the fact that im sitting at 4gb free on the sad on my laptop.

right before i texted him the situation described with card went missing from car. glove box was open papers everywhere. contents of center consle out.

they have my drivers license itself right now. i was lucky to get a replacement debit but all it did was give me half a half ass meal and tomorrow the account is empty.

which means i will enter homeless with out even a dl.

their 430k paid off house had 50x8 feet of wall 1500 sq of carpet and pad pro mold remediated. I lost everything and have heard "i own you " for the last year and a half. theres not really a reason to be alive
they have her ashes and clyde rabbit is in my freezer. about all i care about anymore is he does not get thrown in the fucking dumpster at this shit hole. 

i had a dream where i vividly saw just that. 

the link after read more is yesterdays call. it was the first time he answered at all in 4 days. i think what happened is mgpd showed up checked they were there left...aka the nock you hear a min or 2 in is faked regardless, there was no attempt to call back or when i called back today or the day b4 answer. 

they also could have anticipated it based on watching the vzw account. 

they are sick to the point where they agreed to the work and why i was dependent when this started. they knew i had set up 2 good ways to make it a corp 60-100k a year employment with the 3rd party contracted projects i had working. 

last year 2 years into hell i start hearing "you have to work min wage cause we haven't seen you work enough" but that was after 2 years of denying i ever worked at all.  when in reality i more often than not since 16 have had corp min wage or better employment, it consulting for small biz and homes starting in 04 at 50 to show up and 25 an hr after and done od jobs on the side. 

they have even reminded me they can take the car away but while i was hear that the car i had was giving me 3 nose bleeds a day and they had made sure snow blew through it then told me i have to remediate it or lose everything. 

this is slavery. this is not ok. this is dangerous to my life even with out the starvation. repoorting to mgpd maybe 6mo ago "they say they own me" was met with "its not illegal to say you own someone"

but more concerning i was told it was also ok they opened mail with my name on the address part, then took form it a check addressed to me and signed my name sans knowledge or permission

if mn law says failure to feed or cloth oneself is grounds for a mental ward... well whos failure is it when laws designed to allow any adult to control money already in their name are ignored? 

in any society where people are safe "they claim to own me" should probably raise red flags

this call was 5/20/2020 about 4 days of silence and for the 4 days before it an email ignoring all text or attempts to call was sent along the lines of only "when should i bring up the stuff i took with the car"
sounds reasonable except if you read on thats one of several and the smallest threat to life problems he has created and enforced for the last year and a half. 

but on top of that... he/they come up when ever they want. right after the ofp hearing i couldn't make it to they come sit in the parkinglot for like a week straight. one time giving the police they called the debit card they took out of the rental car to look like they were giving me back my lost debit card. 

they have keys to the car i currently have they could come any time put that stuff in the trunk. 

what time do you want me to come is set aside time and i wont come anyway. 

the ofps are technically in covid limbo. they passed but haven't been served. i figured that out the second time they tried to use a welfare check to show they could sit in my lot or have my door opened. that officer was upstanding. if you read for detail i say all over the place im not against the police and even many mgpd officers have been upstanding. however its the actions of the department as a whole that have enabled this situation. 

we wouldnt be here though if my parents would be truthful about what they say or what they do. 

around the time this started they started both saying things to me like "we're the same person" , "john john john you have to understand i do/get what i want when i want"

which ive been seeing extends to what they tell police and people i know as a means to an end. 

today they are right back to 0 answer in any form of communication. i guess i haven't tried email. im broke now and once again facing hunger while everything in my life including my life is being taken 

(note the pic that comes on screen when i say bad contiditons or talk about how he knows and wouldnt chose these for himself... that is not where i am its 3 apts ago, i didnt listen to the recording as i added photos and the result was bad timing)

video above was last nights call. 1.5 years into i dont live there. 2 ofps despite they hit /pushed me ive never laid hands on them. i say he put in 1k which sounds decent except at 29 i had good credit , could have signed a lease anywhere, they have everything of mine to what i got back is covered in mold... the ofps were filed right as this lease ended. basically they are toying with me because the washer is also broke he just took tools i needed to repair it. 9 mo with their mold car and clean it or lose all. washer broke maybe 10 months in... i broke it actually the lid latch that took up to 30 sec to release. the laundry requirements of budget doesnt allow eating and cleaning car doesnt allow tyvec = 3 changes a clothes daily and insane vac...that plus lid latch... woops. but regardless I NEED FUCKING C:LEAN CLOTHES

how does one hope at all in pandemic to all the sudden workmy way out of someone stole all destroyed my credit and background check is fucking with my mail...

but assuming someone looks past the ofps on background check and its burger flipping that doesnt require a credit check... well ill be fucking interviewing in maybe 1 month warn clothes?! yeah this is practical ...uh... should sure help ill be a day hungry if i interview tomorrow... is any of this less than torture and murderer?

i would have 25 bucks more had i not bought a spare for this not my car. my dad has never given me a key with out keeping 2 spares. ive lost a key 3x between 2004 and 2020. 2 of which were 2019 and both times 30 hrs hungry so he could have yet another spare made.

while telling me i always lose them so he cant trust i wont find it and he cant have another spare made with out 2. 

he goes to the dealer ship so its like 150-200 for a chip key. this not my car can program a chip with 2 originals. 4 weeks ago hes telling me he will have another spare made but i have to send him pic of back of key

i buy this spare saving up to 100 or over it... because you still need the key cut to the physical notches. it dropped 25 off the unreasonable 1k during time i need to get into a new leased because this one was up end of march 2020. so when i say 1k is unreasonable, i still have no kitchen or any niciies. i have 3 folding table and clyde rabbit in the freezer. 

how do i put a down payment/deposit down and eat with $500?  how do i look for one and drive there to sign free gas? ok yeah its cheap now but fast food with no kitchen stuff or buying kitchen on top of it...there is no way that amount carries to end of month and i was made to go 30 days hungry last year.

no one should ever go hungry when someone else is allowed 16 years of their assets . 

i dont think anyone but cluster b parents are out to get me... what i do think and things like Brady laws point to are happening all around us. poilce will act against justice to avoid liability. which is more concerning when it comes to enabling one person to for all intents and most purposes "own someone"

my parents are so aware of what they are doing i was even told "i dont know why you cant cook we stocked your kitchen with bibbs"

i am not in this situation due to wild spending or inability to care for or control myself. 
the problem making me bleed and life hell was related to decisions my parents made finishing their house in 2001

cosmos cat died 2017 and 3 or 4 months later the bleeding at the apt started

cosmos lived at their house. I considered him my friend. he was a cat so the human concept of ownership applies but even had i been able to take him, cosmos loved their back yard and going outside. I wouldnt have taken that from him. 

this meant when he was sick i was driving to their house to spend some time with him when i could during his final days. usually drive there at night, sleep next to cosmos (who preferred his chair in the basement or often basement floor. then drive back up the my apt in the morning drop clothes infront of wd stack , shower and be on with my day. 

this was found around Jan 2018 as i moved out of the apt. Its the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom. it was covered by a bottom liner. its also opposite wd stack. 

the rest were the house i wsas then stuck moving into where 6mo later they changed garage code and i dont live there anymore all my stuff does started. 

in Nov 2018 as im in the mental ward this is what was being done to their basement

the wall is continuous with a divider about where the pic below is taken. the room above had carpet and pad the room below had it removed after rains 3 years before created water in the basement. The underlying issue though... the pad under the carpet (laid in 2001) was vapor barrier and so was the cement slab. this creates a place even due point gets trapped to form sitting moisture.

im looking for shots that show the main room before but heres the stairs to the basement under uv light for now

damn it i cant even upload. both my phone and my computer have full drives. right before this started i was building a 4 drive raid 5 array with hardware controller and 4 3tb drives. I have the ability both in adult tasks and computer /it to forsee future needs and plan for them. for the last 3 years they took control of my life for their mistakes made when i was around 14 years old with their house. they took control of every dollar worth of things i worked for let alone anything given by extended family let alone them. one such thing was my great uncles yasue ham radio. its probably rotting in their third garage stall. that alone last i looked is worth north of $700. maybe even 1k which would be significant because in destroying that they cross into criminal destruction of property in one item

and yet law enforcement as a whole in that town allowed them to simply change the garage door and then enforce i dont live there anymore drive away in their car

then their car goes missing from hotel lot and words said at 530pm after working for pay on a webserver all day in the hotel about a sledge hammer to stucko while unable to get food

that is enough to execute a mental hold

i never tried to call a cab or logged into uber. mn law has no mention of value or even ownership of property for medical holds though. technically police can search you then hand you to a hospital that will sign off saying you are a threat even if you have been calm the entire time...

all it takes is someone else reporting you threatened to snap your own number 2 pencil. 

a few months later, after bonnie died i had the idea...well can i press theft charges? 

and that was answered with "no you gave them your stuff when you moved out"

problem is i had no notification i was moving out, as ive said countless times before as i moved back in i head im your land lord now until you can afford every dime of moving out on your own. 

i left for a hotel Aug 2018 under agreement it would be 2 weeks max. no one said this was the last time i would have access to my things or anything about moving out. 

a problem they paid to have eliminated for them in Nov 2018


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