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Thursday, May 21, 2020

i dont deserve this, there's every sign this only ends when I'm dead

i didnt ask to be born

i did work my ass off

my dad likely died in 2004 had i not acted maturely then

their house is likely safe because i detected it/it made me sick

im sitting here hungry alone waiting to die

I had good credit till 2017. could have floated a lease with out asking anyone. that's long gone. 

so is ability to pass a back ground check 

and when covid ban on evictions ends.. hello to another first

they didn't just take my assets and or keep sakes

they took my ability to have a Dr take me seriously

then after I'm diagnosed for delusions of bugs and mold make sure I'm dealing with both for the last year and often hungey and unable to get to a Dr by any route but ambelence or hitch hiking

they psychologically abuse and infantilize by force

form a postion of power granted when the police participated in "I don't live there anymore" but all my stuff does.

drive away in a car not only not mine but demonstrated they can take back to cost my freedom a job they prefer I don't have (verbatim I'm only allowed min wage but even if that were doable it's been made impractical)

they have been telling anyone they get contact info for I'm sick in the head

as far as I know this started around Jan 2018 as well

when police act on bad info and then on which party poses a larger risk of problems legaly speaking (my assumptions)

it seems to become you very much can own someone 

and or make them a homeless dead disfigured and or disabled (obviously dead is an or relation) leaper.. while first using them to work on your moldy house after claiming u r there land lord. have them do it work for 6mo as well then boot them, get them abducted on a med hold for false info provided to police...

them sit there threatening even the remains of their dead pet (Bonnie)

to enforce more forced labor on your property 

during hotel period they also removed my dl from the car and photo copied it. 

so they have my dl number and my social (as any parent would) and have shown that they will highjack accounts and after filing ofps March 11th 2020 come sit in parking lot for a week a week later

there's every sign this won't end till I'm dead

countless examples documented where they open my mail and or sign my name on docs from my mail and send them back or deposit they selectively are holding mail at the moment

6mo into this lease (there had been issues with the car cleaned here despite mentioning I needed the garage for de molding my things from the start) they tried to evict the garage.. it's been clear since then this address wouldn't last long. matter of fact I had set up out of lease 0 penalty good to neutral reference gaurenteed in writing.

it takes money to move and its not like I could pawn assets or had cobtrol over my time leading up to it. 

parents stopped responding and that ship sailed. 

but that's the main reason I didn't file a change of address. 

I could get a po box but with what money?

here's the 2018 gallery again 

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