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I might as well be wreak

if youve seen game of thrones... you know who im talking about.

id argue its a bit about gender as mn law is writen to not mention gender but the ofps as the final straw def include the vawl intent even with out the language

the key is in the part where the mention that the side capable of carring the child to term can file on the other side with the outy

but every other part is writen to mainly not mention gender or say it doesnt matter.

yet when i contacted the abuse hotline they had no resources for the children or adult children of dv couples.

the problem where a mom might comimt dv/she tried to kill me than falsely reported i shoved her across the room.

this seemed hard for the person on the other end of the chat to comprehend. they did an amiicable job of trying and then were the first to admit they wernt sure the provided resources would actually do anything for me.

so ive got parents exploiting dv laws after in 2001 they finished their basement in a way that in 2017 mold spread to my apt, results in 6-8mo bleeding at apt then moving back in with them as its proven.

2 on one gaslight while begining to try to tell me ive never done anything nothing of value, of course every asset i had bought with actual money worked for was then in their control.

i had 2 live and beautify/friendly wonderful pet rabbits as well. now clyde is in my freezer and they have used having bonnies ashes as well as all of my things to force me to continue expsure to their problem for a year and a half

last year i was saying as it hit summer... this shit is geting from car into my hair and clothes. i said from the start i cannot clean the car if i have to drive it every day

1 it has to be dried quickly to have any hope
2 i lack the hardware to dry it inbetween meals
3 my bike would be an alternative means also mild uv and sunshine good for killing shit on your scalp and vitiman d good for mood and health....

3x bike waved around. 3 months ago i was anticipating summer and as i do now feeling like death. i tell my dad you still have my bike i can bearly make it up the stairs. you starfed me 30 days last year. 3 yeears making the most basic helath and hygene unobtianable while they claim to own me

"why would you need your bike if you cant make it up the stairs?"

police in mg "its not illegal to claim to own someone"

we know covid takes out those with poor health or prexisting conditions.

i just read today that now they are seeing a link to vit d deficiancy and mortality from covid-19

afaik the best source is sunlight exposure. followed by dark leafy greens and milk is actually the least bio avalibity of ways to get it. last i checked the current state of tech was hoping to be a vit d break through with leds

leds are very narrow band em emitters... light is em/radio/electric/magnetic energy (if you were unaware now you arnt)

certian frequencies of light corispond to different human body function. blue in general does a few things and we can group uv in there with blue cause most of the time blue is also a day time signal and the only time we are getting uv. its also frequencywise on that part where low to high looks like this

red-----------everything else --------------------purplish--blue----uv

where as incandesent emit wide band or a bit of continuous all the way through leds are kinda cool cause they will be like 10mhz on either side of the center freq or wavelength listed (swap the unit)

uv leds have been hard to make. blue was elusive at first for the tech in general.most involve plastic and uv has this funny way with plastic. it breaks the bonds in the chain of molocules that for the plastic thing we like or does something useful. sci in i wanna say mark sakets 8th grade class taught you dont get not plastic you get smaller and smaller bits of plastic but effectively when it comes to a usefull device you get broken thing.

so only recently have we figured out cost effective uv leds with any real power behind them.

the hope with the narrow band is we will son have the ability to get the best bio avalibity of vit d (aka what we produce invivo by bio processes when we go outside in the sun) with out all the other non needed or skin cancer premoting energy on the rest of the uv band. that narrow wave length might be somewhat a damager on its own but unlike vit d production its unlikely that a specific band is going to premote it and cutting exposure to just the benificial part cuts overall uv dose while not incurring the harms of not geting the best source of vit d

i tacked this on for 2 reasons. 1 i love science and tech.

2 ask yourself if not me...anyone like me in this situation. whats better for the future of our nation or even species. if we allow people like me to be kicked to the curb because sick parents think they can own their children... then sick lawers and court systems put even someone trying to survive in a place where for the mere words to the parenst doing it there is than an inability to rent, unlikelyhood of gainful employment. ... i dont think i will be the one to change the world. I do think this mindset is similar to what tesla had. i likely have learning disabiliites and in the last 11 years stuggled to figure somethings out. i failed at a few things as well or could have would have should have but moved on.

its absoultly fucking disgusting that some how my words are legaly actionable ...back up... they can type a paper that puts quotes around their words and claims them as something i said. which may or may not be the case but even if it is out side of why is still disgusting.

it puts the lotion on its skin and shuts the fuck up about it or we will claim we feel threatened again

which isnt even a lie with how the law is writen a very important part of "feel threatened that..?" is omitted. I feel threatneed our son might not die for extra feed. i feel threatened he might match or eclipse us. he even todl me the first thing he asked a friend wanting to get him a 100k a year start of carrere position was if he would have enough living in that city to still comfrotably fly back to mn a few times a year or fly his paretnts out.

no seriously i actually asked and told my dad i had he gets this fucking weird nasty tone "SURRREEE"


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