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under the guise of protection we get mfg criminals and job creation/security ...rights ? ... ... .... lefts : we have to end abuse. no no no ...rights ... cricket

yeah i click bated a little, call me mainstream. the following is a mix of my current situation and some open thought experiments that led to what i deam a plausible story on how we got here. Its also an interwoven definition of what i think here is and why here is no bueno 

mgpd during a major pandemic is telling me to be grateful or my parents give me so much all kinds of all he'll the lack of understanding of alledged or with out context and or people justifying LITERLAY claiming to own another and starving them by paying for a place to live while forcing labor and starving. 

or i can walk away and starve on the street. 

if you load someone with issues and demand they are done quickly... if you add threat of destruction of whats actually theres... 

how good is a lot of money? how relevant is any number you consider a lot? 

hey you dont know what the diff is between a hepa vac and this vacuum labeled heppa filter. ive got everything you own, im gonna stick you in an apt with an aspestose filled car where you have no one to call for help, oh that respirator you already owned? nah you dont need that for a month or two

whats a lot of money in this situation? 

how about while one of your pets remains are being threatened and you watch eh other lose the ability to walk an empty apt

how can any of us expect any economic mobility or general security financially or otherwise if they can be demanded by police to drive away from everything they own in a car they have no ownership of.

is one expected to function better knowing the police will also allow them stranded by owners removing car at any point while all actually assets are locked away?

isnt there normally an assumption that there was at last some notice that hey you gotta move out?

i got 0 notice. the explicit plan Aug 2018 for 2 weeks max away from 8043 lanewood ln n maple grove mn 55311/ ie a house i had MOVED INTO jan 2018

Jan 2018 my mom declared herself my landlord until i can afford every cent of moving out 

is that a period on a contract? min of services preformed each month (that i have professional history of preforming for pay) was at least 150. reality is billed fairly, try getting an it consultant to do in home computer support and tell him or her you are only paying 10 min cause thats all it took. 

market rate per hr is 100 - 150usd. we can make it a bit more fair and count separate days instead of 2 times in the same day (i didnt drive where i already was 2x) but ... does that really change the fact that anyone but the son that built the pcs they want help using would have been likely $300 for two in home 10 min consults? trying to be rational here. 

as per their hired mold pros advice I had also started removing moldy trim in the basement. I haven't done that professionally before but if that was the first time and we are a little lineant considering people in question say "I OWN YOU" well the 9 months working on that car would have been something i can invoice market rate for no? 

one month the basement computers raid 1 array was migrated to newer drives. if i recall correctly the drives were approaching 10 years old.

ive elsewhere stated they were end of life. i can bearly track what month it is between 2 steps forward knocked back 10 for the last 2 years.. 3 technically but im going from when mold was confirmed and denaial began because thats when it went from honest mistake to malicious destruction. 

anyway drives should be replaced about every 5 years. out side of years the more standard way drives are rated is MTBF or mean time between failures. which has a lot of influencing factors and real-world one of them is quality of other components. the danger to losing a drive or the PC entirely is largest at the powersupply. I had built something like 30 bespoke desktops and workstations by age 22. early on I had seen computers i haven't built basically shot when a cheap powersupply loses voltage regulation... zap.... top of my head all but having looked up the 5 year part... (god i need to fucking eat... this is fucking up every bio cycle i have because its not 1 day 30 days last year ive never been this hungry and felt this fucked up and the hopelessness of pending ervnction when ban lifts, go to jail if i call people claiming to own me...who forced me here) anyway

build a system with a quality psu and then stick a surge protector between it and the wall... better yet a UPS with surge protection (as long as the ratings close) and in general you meet the longest expectation of life for any component (temp is probably first but the first thing to fail is going to be the electrolytic caps in the psu so....its arguably same place cause it may be zap death) 

but yeah long food-deprived rommon noodle in microwaved styrofoam fuck you dad tangent. 

I ordered 2 new identical drives but a day or 2 apart (id have to check Newegg history and i dont feel like it) theory is if you can miss drives that were born//made the same day then if there was an ooops somewhere on the line that equals cradel death or both having same oops...

the point of raid 1 is two drives "mirror" each other in real time take one out and use it for clay pidgion stand in... the other one has everything.

having an external non real time back up is important too but not much i can do right now. there are encrypting viruses that will hold your scrambled data for ransom theres also the fact that two or even the n th copy of a drive made in real time does nothing if the data is corrupt as its written... and then remember zap death? well theres more things u can do to protect but if one can plug unplug a USB cable... the most basic survivable form. external back up always recommended if you care about data. 

if i didnt elaborate on this i might lose it. my mind and or the info because mold starves, sit starve police starve here im owned mold ... i dont want to hurt them, i do think they are the most fucking degenerate corrosive outright abhorrent sad excuses for humans let alone parents that i have ever delt with. the main thing is the constant instance "we aren't doing anything to you", "you do it to yourself" or sometimes "its because you are a spoiled brat" 

then theres the cold shoulder and start trying to act like nothing happened and we should be friends again. cant get a tattoo during covid... so 5 years paid at 12 a year to keep this up probably will help there. you can argue thats why im broke... sure i would have been 3 or 4 days later. I also did not have my fakataka garage door remote and if i leave opener plugged in the security (not 2 not + not 2+...thing doesnt even have hookups for optical sensors ) code system is too small a set and a neighbor ends up opening my door... or... as i found out going to maple grove... my dad once again had the 3rd remote for this garage during the period my desktop workstation, welder and compound miter seemed to walk out of a garage that opened itself when i forgot to unplug. 

i need my cordless drill battery, he gave me a bag with 3 things from the last car not the cordless drill bat but in it was the remote to the garage door (2nd universal first time i bought one i had to return it to eat the budget goes up and down up to 700 at his discretion and one of the games is it doesnt go in reliably, if we wait till i have to ask id reason we deduced i might have  money left over. if this is legal combine with destroying and holding everything i own and no notice ooops you dont live here anymore then mgpd telling me i cant file theft because i gave it to them when i moved out... 

theres no reason to try. anyone can rob me blind, i cant find a place to rent with whats been done to credit that was good 2006 to 2017... now two ofps and eviction when covid ban ends (lease ended march 31s 2020 notice to vacate was already given and expected due to mold car tensions) 

they filed the ofps march 11th i haven't had a car since the 6th, metal shavings in motor my dad is pissed i was right about the ONE key i had as i do now having been fried. he was demanding i have it took 5 hrs on the phone, he threatened to have me thrown in mental ward but would not bring a spare key...go back 6 months while im remediating mold car 2 key chains dependent on car im taking apart for food, not enough budget to remediate car and buy food. he for the first time makes me wait 30 hrs for the fucking spare. previously in the span of 2006-2018 having only one key bit me ONCE.

yet he justifies leaving me hungry while im yelling I NEED TO EAT later justifies it "well if you lost this one and didnt find the other one then i might not beable to have another spare made" 

then the real truth... why dont you just order food?

you sadistic fucking jackass bully 

clyde dies (not a timeline just logical place ) "Why is the car taking so long?" 

"dad can you think of any reason im not very productive this week?"

"I can probably list 100 of YOUR problems but im not going to HOP around all night"

they have bonnies ashes. yet another usps item addressed to me opened and even sent a pic via text

despite what mgpd told me when i met with 2 officer maybe July 2019... "they can open any mail that goes to their address"... not sure if thats exact wording but it would fit with plausible deinabiliity...except i explicitly communicated one such later was a check made out to me inside and then they signed my name on the endorsement field with out my knowledge or permission.

i looked it up, you can mistakenly open anything with your address on it. knowing its not your name and or what you do with it after matters as to mail fraud. check fraud is just ...this is same night i reported they claim to out right own me "its not illegal to say you own someone" 

well if you control their finances and mail via fraud and forging signatures... 
if the police assist in 0 notices you dont live there anymore everything ever yours let alone what you bought with money you earned... all that under control of people claiming to 

whats left? 

why try if i have 0 rights to ownership unless i start from the street. can i see proof you did that officer? 
nice robe you have on there ...wheres the gavel?

oh sure you dont have to fear walking funny with that particular storage location but heres what happens we are suspected of ... 

coping mechanisms 

the above actually seems preferable even if they didnt buy him a drink first, its over relatively quick, probably doesnt decrease his life expectancy...maybe improved prostate health and 1.6 mil for a bad day or 2... 

1.5 years of everything of mine including two living rabbits that were pets but my friends as well....everything being destroyed shit on threatened while ..

while nothing whats the point...oh hey come throw me in a mental hold... why would we need checks balances capability and rights when we can just pad Dr and hospital wallets via likely per head per night monetary transfer state to med org and no attempt to outlaw rx kickbacks while under forced Dr contact? JOB SECURITY

is that really how we want to create or maintain jobs anywhere in the us?  seems to me like an extension of debters prison, at least in the spirit of it the US at its birth rejecting that as being ok.

seems we are moving towards you dont own you license and lease everything, heaven forbid you end up between jobs, you have no rights.

actually i haven't looked how they define it but i did notice CA has a statue titled "abuse of a dependant" i could hope at least one state figured out something as basic as, if someone becomes dependent it might not be their fault... they might not be a mooch, and this puts one citizen in a position of power over another regardless of their relation or lack there of (kin wise) 

we dont have to order by law unlimited mooch or sue. that would be something like splitting and may i suggest you turn off the tv and if shades haven't returned, go for a walk, wait a month...if you are still watching andy dick in black and white, talk to a Dr about cluster b disorders you are maybe on a border or other related ...its not down south or up north though. it is a line. 

in other words just like no one in a just society should fear move in, boom lock changed or at all lock changes with out something like written notice and a set by law reasonable period like 15-30 days. 

well if you enable dependency we could have laws where the situation is the same. there could be clauses so you dont have to miss a credit payment if you also have dip in income. 

there is a lot of danger of the erosion of basic concepts like ownership of property even in just leaving these undefined. at least as far as i can see.

esp when there might be just an mgpd local willinging maybe county maybe state to excuse just about anything by parents to adult offspring. 
 the night the mold car headliner pic resulted in "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHIONE AWAY" I was also told "if you parents give you money they are always going to have some control" 
(context: this is like 5min months after "i own you and the mail and check meeting" also that meeting can we put unreliable witness on file?i have calls recorded indicating falsified backwards and as punishment .... "if we put that on record we might be liable" for what if the slave loses it on think it would be more of a causal relation with inaction at some point but 1 i digress 2 thats just job security right? mean while for half the population consent must be triple signed initialed quadruple notraized and enthusiastic (subjective gotca) and its still at least enough to get you booted no refund from a university, seems to creep at law with like policy though. 

the quote that resonated in my mind ...i couldn't figure out why at first other than this is like maple grove might consider requesting California transfer the turpin parents here to set up a modern orphanage. 

then it clicked... person i still care deeply about despite the fact they are quite a bit ...not in this life. im not sure this person still exists though there is as far as i know still someone with that name and a pulse..

that person heard the same thing maybe 07 after aleged battery was excused. described to me as "hands around throat knocked to the ground with hands still around throat"

did i  bare witness to this? no. however the accused party was trying to merge with the back of my shit and heel one day as i walked away and about a football field of travel. then in the parking lot of their place of worship answered "merry Christmas" with " FUCK YOU" 

speaking of a gavel handle up ones tukis...
that wasnt the only time my clothing got heavier and or personal space, body language detector signals impending harm alarm was tripped around that person either. 

I also trusted the person communicating it so i deduce between the two it happened. 

it seems mn law has abandoned the notion of context, intent, basic rights, basic needs for survival and put one party claiming to feel something and reporting first at the top of the peking order

maybe this is actually helping people but wait heres splitting again ... if that results in another person on street with out acdes to anything theirs and marked background check harming employability ...also giving possibly aggressor using law access to what street corner they sleep on...

what are we doing here in general let alone enabling what im experiencing to be more grounds to continuously ask why i haven't just bounced back. 

technically i can go right back in the mental ward for threatening to break a number two pencill

this is like the drama sells polarized infotainment called news...except its manufacturing ruined imprisoned or dead people off hearsay of others

idk maybe im missing something...seems though more courthouses required if we did it any other way... cases would take longer and the backlog might cause issues. well if we spend more is it deficit or deficit and pay assuming the numbers have been worked by someone more informed than i , maybe we could float it...but thats really a more troubling conclusion as well. esp when you think about attracting the likes of large health care corperations that traditionally are hospitals open all night... want to entice them? lower their losses at night. how ? well if mental holds only were given to ragin psychotics its a bad  bet/not at all in their favor as a for profit corp to take these people regardless of being open all night.

why ? liability, damaged assets, workers comp, possibly more staff required to even strap that crazy woman down (trying to empower gender norms towards equality...sure steroids might be involved to make it plausible but...) 

anyway in this scenario even if state offers money for the 3 to 5 days held, it quickly costs more than the private corp earned.

what if you could guarantee most people that end up propping this enticement package are docile? wouldn't a plusible way to do that be losen the wording on the law?

aka tak calm joe plumber who is probably geting shit on by someone they know... joe plumber who will not break stuff cause he belives this is a nessicary function even if it sucks because ... the atlantic says we arnt supposed to reference coolaid any more...

even if its degrading and sucks... joe average who just cant stop slurping down that punch? 

 joe average from Jamestown isnt going to break anything or run up expenses , hes going to sit there twiddling his thumbs or massaging hi cheeks trying to remember that fecal matter on a gavel handle is property damage and figuring maybe he is nuts because everyone seemseed so concerned nah lets not think about how criminal property damage starts at 1k in mn and even then used to have some barriers to detaining Joe.

ill even take this down. you broke me there. this has to end today though 

in the meantime: 

a true but asbent of voice word is left out when we are beaten over the head with logical fallacy, sometimes two but i hesitate to pluralize..

i also hope the beating is with the end that ensures the gavel doesnt say hi to lost thermometers ...  and as a side note ill even support more stringent gavel theft crimes because this has goat be getting irritating for honorable judges. how sarcastic or what are my actual thoughts on people in that position? i haven't known enough to know, id supposes as i run into more their actions will shape the sincerity of my attempt to explicitly state their tool is being abused by others. what ever preconceived notions i have or dont have I by default address people with the title they prefer and human respect so unless the thought one citizen might possibly be concerned some judge somewhere might have been less than...

unless you need that mental hold more than anyone else involved if I address one by honorable or honor, 

i probably say it sincerely until given reason otherwise.
 its the MLK philosophy 
because for one honorable in websters could just have a colon and a picture. 
two: i firmly believe individual actions are where discrimination, isms and abuse originate three: I'm sick and might soon be dead from the Malcolm x scarlet letter animosity generator, rights corrosive and populist divisor alternative.  

attention span ...attention deficit logical fallacy...yazi

so "slippery slope is a logical fallacy" ...errrrr not quite

"slippery slope MAY be a logical fallacy"

same with an appeal to authority, do they have the backing for the argument or hoping the title distracts?

a historical figure with a double uncle who was no stranger to keeping up with the jones kinda drives this all home, said figured died in 1995 at 103 amount other things this is a memorable quote:

“Men (people) are rarely aware of the real reasons which motivate their actions.”

“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”

put the aluminum foil away and copy and paste either before you 

also... when he demos that later hes in a full body cast that didnt dawn on me till 15 years after i first watched it. 

might be telltale of a society that allows concepts and words redefinition as a distraction while learning black and white is the new 4k. pixel luminates? citizen jumps...its a bad game and the inventor ends up paralyzed. but if we dont watch the erosion of the slope id argue regardless of how near or far my reasoning above is from fact at the moment, it appears (at least to me) to be where we are headed 

star trek actually had an episode in voyager where they are plot deviced back to early 20xx and the alien first officer asks why there is such a commission behind the fence

to which Janeway responds: during this rehash of Hoovervilles period of human we hadn't yet conquered issues like poverty but attempted to keep the problem out of sight and mind

or something along those lines... while wholely unoriginal as it was clearly a Hooverville with a tall fence its not a huge modification to suggest the problem is eaten at on both ends if imprisoning some employes others, be it prison or hospital.  


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