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I need to contact the feds

my rights are being stomped on by someone claiming to own me and sabotaging all external income.

destroying everything I worked for opening my mail  holding my possessions in a way that's destroying them while for the last year and a half mgpd has overlooked mail fraud check fraud claiming to own me forced me to drive away in car I do t own from my valuables under lock and key

which became clean our moldy car for 9m or loose valuables then I show an officer that and "I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

there have been good officers over all I'm getting the shaft

sabotaging my ability to have any health or make commitmentd

to repair my place... the lease I was forced into under sign this or lose all the things after the police in that town helped with u just don't live therr

no its not theft u gave them all your things when u left them tthere

so if course the mail check fraud committing no concencense admiting tries to stock my online activities calls friends and firmer u employers and tries to poison my image psychos

make it into clean our mold we had removed Nov 2018 or lose everything

prove they will cover their ass cause I figured out children's hospital might not like it and boon car scraped after 9m throwing away thousands

but 29 days before move out for pissed landlords from mold car 2 ofps and hr and a half away

my body us falling apart I have been abused beyond belive to the point every moment I question if I want to be alive and lretty much the only reason I have to push on is my dead rabbit friend Clyde deserved to not be thrown out but have his remains processed

that mold was real bugsf before and after extermination and my parents just picked up the abuse where the 5รณ year old building owner started off

or rather always have gone through hot cold deny periods and kmor leuurr back in periods

back ground check will fail now for rental or any muddle class career credit chk will fall assets worked for and ebvyery keep sake ever still being destroyed accounts d taken over by people taking even a check in my name from mail addressed to me among several accounts and police in that town tell me bscicly we won't change hoses mid r battle

literaly we might be liable for putting unreliable witness on fike

so as I type this I'm getting crawling I can't eat and looking forward to dying on the street or another mental hold for talking about ir

I was 29 no criminal record, good credit no mental health record this is not ok

I'm thinking fbi and doj but I'm also thinking all be dead first and that mn would make a great place to never see again smedtlcrot I need to deal with Clyde's remains

I want to die this is the most disgusting filth. they try to keep me from eating, having any purpose, moving out of place I have to, holding my word, repairing unit,

I was illegal evicted by mgpd forced to drive away no restraining order with a life time of assets mine under lock and key at parents I moved out in 2006
I moved back in 2018


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