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Sunday, May 24, 2020

I need to eat

funny how if I get angry while starved and told how good I have it... they've crafted a situation I end up in jail.

even a calm phone call to the captors that have 20g of my things

have my drivers liscense

have my mail

open my mail

took at least one check from my mail in my name signed my name with out my knowledge or permission

did same with my health care this year

I just noticed my mom is now appearing on my bank account I set up alone 2 years ago 

they have held all access to even my kitchen and practically speaking still are 

lease ended March 2020. back in maybe Jan 2018 while moving out of last apt and in to parents... they picked a too small storage garage for my non valuable or high value or needed for 3rd party commitment stuff. 

they repeatedly over the last year warned me it's going away. they wouldn't give me the address until Feb 2020 aka 1mo before lease ended and already knowing I have to move 

cleaning mold car here is why I have to move 

Jan 2019 my dad used offering 16 an hr to an aquaintence of mine to paint me as flakey 

"dad in sure that's a fare amount what I need is the cash up front" 


so of course Geting ahold of my dad again is 2 weeks and then my dad wants to argue his own price down to 14..stilk won't put cash up front

then just won't allow it discussed for 3 weeks 
point is he knows it's not safe or doable for one person to dig out my kitchen from the storage they picked 

I haven't known the address till Feb 2020
lease is up only reason I'm not on street is covid 

this is absolute terror

their mold is what caused the bleeding and the move back at 29

i had good credit, I had a 5 year plan I had been working my ass to death for 4 non stop and hard before that. 

now I'm

 2 ofps 

soon an eviction, 

a mental diagnosis for delusions of medical ethics. err.. 

2 years over due for dental procedure told not to wait more than 5mo for insurance doesn't cover 

destroyed credit 

Clyde rabbit dead in freezer 

unable to even eat let alone hop on my bike or get online besides phone internet 

mgpd keeps telling me they don't own me anything (parents) who the hell are you to override the agreements they made? 

wanna come buy out my dsl contract? 

how bout a bite to eat or back the health u are ensuring is desteoyed with the rest of my life. 

this is terror 

I went hungry 3รณ days last year 

now the people that claim to own me and have all my things can have me arrested for a phone call after putting in not even enough to eat and making sure in stranded in pandemic starving 

sick state sick system fuck you all


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