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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


If i understand this correctly... my inability to solve my parents mistake when i was 14 that spread to my apt at 29

that means even once i was deemed right they are entitled to false police reports that mgpd has refused to document repeatedly

no notice locking me out of 16 years of things I WORKED FOR
Threatening to destroy those things unless i sign a lease
threatening to destroy those things unless i then clean the mold out of a car they wont transfer the title to
im supposed to have no emotional attachment to pets... 

I am really sick of the abuse at the hands of a lot of mgpd

psych knows that if parents are npd or aspd

their offspring as victims usually take quite a while to figure it out
even a single parents will go to great lengths to appear normal
gaslighting or doing something disorenting, making you question sanity is a common tactic
i think the fox is in the hen house because 

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