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Sunday, May 31, 2020

If mgpd refuses to even allow mail or check fraud on record I am a slave

I can not invest in anything physical or market style

my signatures ability to equal contract and bond has no protection 

physical assets  taken and then told its not theft because I left them where I moved out of. 

I was given no notice to vacate 

I was told by my mom Jan 2018 she's my landlord till I can aford every dime or penny if moving out again. 

well when she can then take everything earned in over 16 years of earning 

this is so wrong

police force me to drive away. in a car parents own wirh my assets under lock and key

then when parents car is broken down and im in sterns. parents file ofps in court an hr and a half away

now based on hear say I will have trouble renting anywhere finding a job

this is criminal for life with out anything more than hearsay

with selective enforcement and reporting by mgpd

sterns likely had some logic in mind choosing bit to serve the past ofps

probably covid though that's my assumption

mgpd may 22 didn't care my parents had my ID and mail and things needed to have clean clothes or cook a meal or destruction of a 1k ham radio.. 

1k is criminal property damage. neither of my parents is a ham operator or licensed. I am

all kinds of logic witg no regard to my health Saftey wellbeing or sanity.. 

but like 5min asking my dad if it's worth searching for a weapon. 

this is shameful 

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