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Thursday, May 14, 2020

If opening mail addressed to me and signing over a check in my name from my mail....

if thats not a crime then theres no risk, if i end up in a hospital mal nourished i dont end up committed right?

along those lines with MN mental hold law i cant get my head around how stranding me at a hotel for no reason other than to get the language to inside the hold wasnt more of a threat to my person than anything else involved. 

or how we let a law or law system come to be where there is no oversight and drs get to play jailer with no guarantee of trial. no penalty or real fear of even a wrist slap for harming people. 

try to make a convincing argument that bad charting or by extension bad electronic health records have never resulted in a negative outcome for a patient let alone the loss of life.

yet one thing that kinda makes that somewhat sane is usually the encounter isnt forced or on terms where one cant simply walk out. 

as far as i can see none of the types of emergency holds in mn were met close to the letter of the law. yet the state bar tells me no one will touch these cases.

i went in Thursday (Nov? something) maybe 10:30pm. Neither of the hold types counts weekends. On sat I woke up, went to a "coping mechanisms class" optionally and found it more basic then isd279s peer mediator program that i had been part of in elementary school. I called 5 medical law offices I had recorded the numbers for on paper on Thursday night. and before meeting the doc for maybe 10 - 15 min at noon I witnessed 4 probable HIPAA law violations. Ie standing in a common area i overheard staff discuss other patients' scripts or diagnosis with in ear shot. Each time I laughed loud enough to catch their attention and looked at the fellow(sister?) patent next to me and asked them (again loud enough the offender heard) "Have you heard that joke called HIPAA?"

1 in 4 patients seemed to have a clue what that was about. 

3 glazed over looks and one devious smile. The look on the offending staff members faces said that wasnt their cup of tea as far as jokes are concerned. except... i was commenting on the cup they drank...aka shouldn't have been hearing that at all. 

and later even with admission my parents sought the hold as revenge for something that would have resulted in less than criminal damages to their property after shoving me across the room I punched one dent in my dads car door... both have laid hands on me in anger I have done no such thing to either of them. guess who has a record that says otherwise...yeah....

outside of myself im very worried for the future of Minnesotans and Americans in general. Historically it took a trial or at least some guarantee you were in front of a judge and had right to representation to put one in front of a doctor involuntarily and especially to put a doctor in charge of if one is free to go or not. 

riverside as far as i can tell is a partnership between the University of Minnesota and Fairview clinics . the u of m side at least has kind of a troubling history:

regardless of where someone is taken I dont see how we can ethically allow this at all while RX kick backs are a thing. Unless institutions or even on a Dr level are banned from taking them.

for those unaware its legal for doctors to accept money for writing prescription for certain drugs. aka usually the ones big phrama has a patent on or one company over the other has the "rock star drug" with a patent so getting it rxed and on the market they offer doctors a financial incentive for in theory choosing one drug over another brand or similar medication. 

in theory you are never prescribed something just so the doc gets a bit of wallet padding, but there isnt much in the way of preventing this from happening. 

now we have forced Dr encounters where the doors lock on the wrong side... maybe its time to re consider this? esp where with expert testimony and documents mold and bugs are real the doc can deny even looking at it with "patients aren't allowed phones on the ward" then decide the mold and bugs are delusions? 

if this is allowed in any form how can we in good conscience be allowing doctors to also decide if and for how long a patient is held?

 I was told by someone at riverside (maybe nurse maybe Dr) That even if something is rxed at this point i only need to take it untill im released. Well thats all well and good except for the total absence of consideration the Dr may have financial incentive to write a script. I know from studying stuff on my own... a lot of psychiatric drugs have unknown specific methods of action. ie we have some basic theories...they might kinda work like....  but thats about it. 

im not claiming I can know at all if thats going on at riverside. What i have looked for and do not see is any indication its banned. I found a 2015 report that nationwide indicates about 48% of doctors have taken payment from pharma. so if we round and not by much theres about 50/50 odds?

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