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Ignoring ive needed tools from the broken down car for 3 weeks, today paul had it scrapped.

I had a Ryobi stick vac, 4ah lithium ion, 40 lb propain tank off the top of my head. i knew more 3 or 4 weeks ago the girst time the car broke down.

sicko is playing sicko wants me to threaten games. while i die. possible he also gets a kick out of it. or as he said start of hotel stay "you know why im better than you?"

The answer was he just doesnt lose his cool. Im not sure who asked. I was petting Clyde and Bonnie Rabbit. The convo before had been about why are you denying what you yourself whitnessed the mold guy say.

so its like doubly sadistic and maybe the fucking perv gets off on knowing i will discover the layers later. I dont think thats very far out side of noted behavior of NPD and ASPD abusers in either psych or personal accounts.

so i should have realized he had it towed to the same place he did the first time.  but lets back up

I got time to do one not related to the website before this apt or this apt project this last year. it was modifying a john deer kohler pro lawn tractor snow plow to be switch operated vs mechanical linkage.

I had watched linear actuators drop in price over the past 2 years (even cheap ones used to be spendy) all the sudden a former electronics repair client mentions the lever broke on the tractor plow and i had happened to have noted a 2in actuator for $25 that could deal with like 300lbs.

another plans in my head design that worked. im at what should be my peak output and instead now coughing up black and had 2 weeks to do non my parents issues or fall out from apt/landlords and loss of pets related to. every aspect is under attack

I got a flat the first day in this current unit or rather night before on drive up. They infantalize to the point they claim I must be stuck at apt cause idk how to change a flat. I said wtf u know what ive built in the past and the only hard part was avoided/unknown /more like unheard recently was brought up because i google it first . a long time ago i realized its best to do a quick google even on seemly trivial thigns. its hard to know what you dont know. I know that modern frames meant not every point can support every lb. probably heard it was called a jackpoint but neither that concept of slightly esoteric/obsecure term would have occured to me at that date.

i said i had to google cause then after first google i noted oowners manual wasnt in the cab. I still dont have it for the current car. If hes done something like reset oil life, put something to faul up engine... cause when i realized my moms employer might have insurance but ndsu biz ethics dawned on me. they likely have to act to show that on being made aware of liablitty/threat they acted on the info to keep el insero el beuino i can hardly spell in english. that was supposed to be spanish typing laptop on my chest on a bed with no sheets 1 pillow isnt helping. carple tunnel eye strain hygene (washer is broken ... that 4ah battery .... i know whats wrong with it. its a latch sensor. geting to it... hes known this for like 5 months and they keep playing games like heres just enought to eat. what i have of my stuff is molding up garage here most still in mg under lock and key. welder, computer, compound miter walked out of my garage last week. first universal remote started a ...hey this 30 year old opener is probably security 1 and too dense a deployment... aka neighbors clicker... had to return universal remote 1 just to eat... what happened to apt remote 1? went with the 09 ford Taurus to el scrapo like faster than they have moved on anything but that particular applied logic.

yet i cant care for myself becasue beteween someone starving me saying they own me...and fuck this.

and now more of my time because i do have needs like i cant even look for another place with 2 ofps destroyed credit and when covid pops off, eviction. 1.5 years after being seperated from everything ever mine and repeatedly being forced to drive to apt lease was forced under all that stuff goes away... their house was pro remediated 201/8 round noveber

oil light never came on on the car after till the car died. remember how the remote for garage went with? well i had used the money given as wise as possible and theres 1200 of wire rack shelving of the indurtrial kind in that garage and 2 dehumidifiers, the reason childrens wouldnt likely want fungal/mold spores or rather the pudding is they are known to be hitchhikers on cotton and some other fibers.
number one rule is control moisture to limit the spread. well stick me in apt starve me with your issues threatening to deatroy or donate all my things 9 m doing what i describedf rom start risky bad use of my time , most expensive, idk if ican do it here, if i can i can tbe reliaent on it for every meal. aka if they quote any number 1-5k monthly what was actually  going on was maybe 900 to 1600 in. do the math on eating out. think about the time too let alone gas. mold control solution is $30 a gallon. I had a sick clyde rabbit shortly after moving in and on moving in if i hadent eventually stoppepd at target thats about it.

that inbettween time is another post yet to come. or not. if i get covid my body will be found rotting. somebody please get clyde rabbit creamated,.. Ill have to give some thougth to something a good semertiatn would be likely to ido if it was done at all and yet still relevance.

also if any charges can be brought. This was basicly the white collar turpins on an only child. mental hold "its his car he can take it if he wants"(mgpd officer) when i mentioned it was taken just to create the threat and stranded me unable to leave hotel let alone get food.

when snow blew through the 09 that got scraped 9mo into suffer... it was like 2 or 3 weeks before forced leased started. i realized the hotel cam might have picked up my dad stuffing snow in an air intake or vent. (control moisture for mold control or add it plus house with issue since 01 tranfering spores aller ma mere ) ... u get hella mold... so i mentioned i could have cameras checked

"check any camera you like its my damn car".

just recently i showed an offcier in mg pic of other side of headliner. "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

i think we are pretty close to non free labor /forced and mold is a known medical health risk. when the posiblity exists it was done knowing it specificly made me sufer more than either of them and as a terroristic act...

idk somehow i think an envolope full of Stachybotrys chartarum to either a state or fed official is going to turn into people very concerned with who and not carrying why. yet do /ignore someone doing it to someone youve a;ready separated from everything ever his earned or given and since birth...good thing the doc on the 72 hr hold didnt give me a diagnoses while refusing to let me show him mold pros email or extermination records from apt. "patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" I knew what match box was, i forgot i also had bonnie and clydes vet in my gmail who was pretty sure my parents house had an enviromental mite as well. I even had photos of probabl suspects only visable via microscope (stereo boom arm variable internal zoom , eyepieces and barlow... usualy 0.5 barlow 10x ep gives a foot of working distance for a soldering iron or hot air gun on tiny modern ICs and Passives. 2x barlow * 0.7-4x internal plus 20x ep... its not quite enough for mold spores but what looks like a grain of sand naked eye was this on a pcb at 80x mag.

i digress. im scared for my life in empty shit hole and parents who claim to own me and tick every box two x over for likely to have npd and or aspd ( i know cluster b also has a lot of overlap and coexistances of traits or even more than one pd... i also know i didn tread this yesterday. psych was a side pashion . im not looking for shit to fling hoping it sticks. even if they kill me.

iirc npd became a PD like 1960 ish but the psychoanalists knew how damaging to unlawaful these parents or people could be. freud and jung over a centry ago talked about likelyhod parents with it would abuse the snot out of (my words ) their children and likely in less than detectable way (externaly noticed) and that it would probably even have lelments of incest i think weak or no conscience and ssimulated empathy and sypathy/on a switch is that old as well. aka my parents know when and how to sound like they care. the facial expressions and vocal inflections will match what one would expect. Ive heard it demonstrated thats what they do my dads driven me two 4 docs in the last 2 years before the one here. even last week its still my faulst cause i wont go to a doctor but myabe 7 months ago a rare late night call

"im really sorry about how all this worked out for you john"... .... ..... ... " but i really think if yoyu would just go to the doctor"

if i brought this on myself its because in 2004 instead of calling an ambulancel I should have dialed the Vatican, requested an old priest a young priest and their respective alterboys (if the hair part isnt ocd...the exercism probably stands better odds? ...) im pretty sure the anusrysm that disected from above the valve to the split in the groin woudlnt have tolerated the even prime shipping option

nothing against the catholics in general, but if you fly off the handle at the lack of pc you might miss the context of looking to get rid of the abuser with a faith based method but making sure the acoompaing assitant isnt himself a victim

but while my wrists snap from 0 ergo... im sure many will shoot this down for not proof reading.  why ? its been game over since "if we put that on record we might be liable "

ATTENTION TERPIN WANNA BEs and thouse wishing to hasten the destruction of the middle class. HEN COUNTY MN. Ownership of even adult children ....

dark humor is like food when you are owned by a Wuethrich. not everyone...

as a homework assignment type in the meaning of the name on

as for the nutz of some of/esp the ofp stuff. I think it boils down to hey if one side isnt made one step from criminal and stomped... it might be a prolonged court battle. one where the city or county isnt likely to make much or anything or even maybe. id ration its almost never operating expecting to break even. but keeping each case short avoids more court buildings and staff or years worth of wait. it reduces cost to county per case. moving tons through and the slapping one step from criminal on even while other person has been sadisticly abusing or rather 2 on one after early likes to police... id argue a lot of people/humna nature says dependent on personaly type its pretty likely a lot lose it. losign it is defined as nothing more than words the alleged victim reports made them feel threatened.

note its not at risk of harm ...threatened isnt better defined. my parents could call in with out words and say they felt threatned finger behind the back and crossed because "hahah sick word games" or some logic like threatened we might not own our son anymore.

point isnt just the one example its that its sold to the public as prevent violance end dv and end dv against women. when really for the benifit of upper middle claass and prision gaurd job creation we are manufacturing criminals. also ensureing job security for court emps and officials while we are at it...pd will never be out of work either.

which in avoiding the tinfoil hat and talking business cost/profit/loss drivers and incentive logic we just end up right back at orwell.. a lot dont know orwells ideas for 1984 were largely Joseph Goebbels as Orwell listened to the ww2 broadcasts across the channel during the war. he was a bbc reporter if memory serves/it was his job. 


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