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Sunday, May 24, 2020

intersection between ofp restraining order, liability, endangerment of lives) not mine) and free speach limits


if I wasn't hungry as fuck I could format the posts in a way where my mom's employer (well last I knew not sure now.. but where she drove fhe mold car to every day)

was likely to be made aware of this via either another staff member searching and seeing a result with the tea party effect in the headline... 

or where a concerned patient might raise the issue wirh someone. 

I've put very little effort into that partly my cognition isn't here partly apt internet is off so I'm limited to thumb typing. partly it would be pushing the bounds of the ofp.. which doesn't say anything about seo
(search engine optimization).. but I'm not to contact any employers

this I know will come up again. 

mn did not think this through. 

if you want a round about gag order... u can stop a whistle blower that might otherwise save lives by using an ofp

not saying that's me I'm saying the situation isn't that implausible 

any woman that's had a man's baby can auto pass an ofp.. assume 2 people work for same company... 

assume a couple with child split. or even former roommates same gender any point on... 

if one is about to blow whistle on something big and a company wanted to put them in jail instead. 

here's 10g and u r hired to the other one.. 

hurry along to the court house now. 

it's so blanket statement with no regard for human life but under that guise. no regard for other rights 

9/11 and VAWL expanded to be MG4LAWER law (massive gains)

people who filed on me took everything I own. used me to start the fix on their house repair their computers upgrade provide support

change lock

a year and a half of be on street with nothing or do as we say

then they just file ofps

they have my drivers liscense
have about 20g of my assets
have been cobtrol ing my mail
adding themselves to my accounts 
starving me wanting me to repeat the word slave
threaten a dead pets remains

after March 18th court they came up to st cloud for like a week straight sat in parking lot called in 2 welfair checks

here I am waiting to be evicted when covid ban ends


they filed on March 11th, lease ended March 31st.

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