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its hard to tell if i have a fever or the ac doesnt make this room

heres a shared gallery with their house while i was there between jan 2018 and Aug 2018

the car photos are significant. thats about the first time i had access to the car my mom was driving to work. my dad will lie through his teeth saying it was clean or its always how i treat cars blah blah. 

on the ofps they filed right b4 the lease they forced me into ended... they claim during the jan to Aug period i was acting eraticly and not taking my meds... at that point no one had even suggested i needed meds except CNP marlene wuethrich while denying the already proven mold and threatening to put me in a mental ward.

in the gallery are some of the things i was doing either for contract or to finish a contracted project or on side projects... acting eraticly is apparently using a CAD program then sending to a pcb manufacture house.

I was able to confirm with the Mfg of the little test board i show in this gallery that the chip worked as i thought but intended to test...  after i sent out for that board. but i realized i had the wrong package upon getting it so it still saved from ordering the deign of a much larger board only to learn... 

the one photo of cctv images was before the lease ended on the apt. during the time it was condemned for "unsanitary white powder in carpet" for 2 months after i had the carpet cleaned. I had yanked my desktop/workstation PC connected it in their basement and with a raspberry pi connected to router as VPN end point and screwing with mtu settings on cheap china cams i was able to get the camera sterams back at their house 45 miles away via a tunnel over the charter to Comcast path(the internet) in between. 

not sure why i care about any of it. im going to be on the street eviction on record (also a 1st) 2 ofps and destroyed credit. im not sure why i care i cant eat or have clean clothes right now. 

come to think of it i think the pi was a host. pretty sure openwrt was on the router in the apt and doing ddns as well. 

but while there are certainly people better than me at this... thats the sort of level ive largely brought myself to. i dont bat an eye at flashing a router, configuring port forward to an open VPN server on a ras pi.

because there were plans im sure parents would deny now and a client at the time... started building a server during the bouncing hotels phase of 2018. Its on the floor of the otherwise empty apt.

its assembled from mostly 3rd hand eBay parts. gigabyte md70 datto branding. i know its 3rd hand because that board wasnt sold to the public. that and when i got it there was thermal paste all over the pci-e slots. it screamed I WANNA MINE BIT COIN AND HAVENT APPLIED THERMAL COMPOUND B4 

one of two cpu sockets is occupied by a xeon e5 2660v3 theres 32gb of ddr4 (registered ecc 2 dimms...i know more would be better but the pricepoint was good at the time and there was an upgraded path laid out but now ive never done anything i make everything up and need to work min wage...or they say that but the reality is need to starve on the street or die alone hungry from covid) 

the box is running intel clear Linux as a kvm host. its doing pci-e pass through so a gpu can decode cctv streams. intel x540 is doing vfs so the opensense router/firewall and web server preform almost native.

its plugged into my vdsl2 modem in bridge mode and a static global ipv4 /29 block is actually routed while there is also a private natted subnet. 

did i mention the only college or otherwise training for this was most of a cs/coding degree? 

again im not trying to say im the best at anything but shes a nurse practitioner he was a union organizer. im really good with tech. i shouldn't be hearing im owned i failed at life and being starved 

note among the things i had since maybe 2006 -2007 were a thermometer or two.

in the mental ward they did have a landline you could call out on. i went in on wed and sat morning after talking with my dad my bp was 180/i looked away. 

i have no doubt that the year and a half of mal to no nutrition following plus toxic exposure would not bode well with the likely...when... i get covid 19.

its great to know that my last few years consited of my parents able to save their paid off house while screaming if i left and yelling leave if i refused to state theres no mold. (it was pro confirmed jan 2018)

at one point fuck you became an excuse for my mom to try to vent about her sex life

the last woman who touched me was my mother trying to push me over the railing to the basement and if i die alone its going to be likely on this filthy matress with clyde rabbit in the freezer. 


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