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Its Not Just Hostage its forced infantilization while being violated.

People think im doing something cause how can this much time... pretty simple, give me all your stuff, give me mgpd at my bidding to keep you from all your stuff. while i tell you run right NO I SAAID LEFT.... NO WE ARNT TALKING ABOUT KITTY CORNER

noo it doesnt matter that will matter imediatesly after ive given you one ability to do one thing dont think ... blocks calls 3 or 4 days. 30 days hungry last year. landlords up my ass like has never been until this started 3 years ago.

obviously  right left kitty-corner are abstractions. 

Where did the money go? where did the money go? where did the money go?
while an amount only fit to cover food is usually whats been put in disregarding agreements, disregarding "clean the mold car, clean it faster, all your stuffg might get recycled. oh where did Bonnie's ashes go threats. for the 9 months with the mold car the amount given was shifting. they will usually list a number either 1k over what they did sometimes 2k over. or they include rent but heres the thing, i didnt pick this place and for the year its been paid its been more of a turoture cell while my valuables are destroyed in maple grove. Clyde would have died every day here. (nearly/figuratively)

but on top of that i had made an estimate and conditions needing to be met to have a chance in hell at cleaning their car here. If they had put in what they agtreed pre snow in car incident. the month i earned 2k for the webserver would have been enough to fix their car while still destroying and using mgpd to hold my stuff hostage.picking the place to do it or not beable to

quicker point i missed, for 9 months i was detailing to with in 100 dollars where every dime was spent. sometimes 2x in the same month when it wasnt what was estiamted required or agreed on  put in  at the beginging.

this futrher burns my time. then add in 30 days hungry 2x 4 days in a row. both of those periods my dad knew before...

I cant track it at all./as well as i would like how much they give each month because its i shit you not sometimes been 3 small depostits and a rock weighted plastic bag into the gutter of the road. here slave pick up whats enough to keep you alive while i destroy your future... do it from the fucking gutter.

but basics denied have been from start "desk, kitchen stuff, place to file documents, printer, chair, place to store clean clothes"

I needed more than that for clydes saftey. Bonnie died in their car about 4 months before movin. as no one at mgpd (well maybe 4 know...the story is shit) but the rest seem eager and demonstrate willingness to push it on me and do anything but allow a rebuttal like, the total dependance at the time was a business venture with my dad that was shit from the start but then the bleeding started. I still would have been able to complete 3rd party projects had anything in maplegrove not been delt with in a at first concerned family is probably right but later lets ignore all comments or 99 percent about possible personaility disoders and using the reports as tools of terror.

elsewhere i note there have been a handful of upstanding officers. I know enough to know there are things i dont know. I can guess the politics of a pd is real and i know i have no idea what goes on with that and how politics aplies to polocy aplies to legislation and or ultimately undo stress if i make anyone identifiable in that group.

weeks or so pre start of lease "Check any camera you want ITS MY CAR" at least one mgpd officer probably figures out they were an enabler here. to what? well at very least the sadism of "im telling you i did this too you but not diredtly/plusable deniablity"

on the nnight of 72 hr hold (or maybe it wasnt a hold at all ...officer himself, also the one in question for enabling said there was no specific legislation he used. hospital form didnt list which hold.)
but hey dead slaves tell no tails. poor slaves made homeless ... unlikely to tell with in statue of limitations at very least right? night of mental hold i mentioned they took the car stranding me at the hotel, they have 4 others to 2 people with out it... "doesnt matter its his car"

maple grove is a great place to own people. thats a great bump up from not low income housing friendly huh?

Then theres the more subtle. We arnt on speeking terms. an easy to miss sign of what my mom has . through the years ive been alive there are ocasional times she will flip shit/FREAK OUT/ and to insane proportions over very minor things, like not going into detail but im also aware minor is relative to the people involved. What im indicating seems to be part of whats lacking in willingness of the police here. as indicated above minor would be most rational adults would probably see the scale of responce vs something that might have been an ego slight, or no intended harm what so ever has been EXTREAM or less extreamly put unjustified or over a minor harm to them.

also tell tail is how many even recent recorded calls they will claim "no one here has ever done anything bad to you or to harm you" , or more in line with the nasty wording games "no one here intends to harm you" , "well than can we stop or talk about" *sound of marlene or paul setting down the phone mid sentance* someitmes to come back in 30 sec and hang up or say "sorry you were saying?"

i digress. In the past its always been one of them freaks out...but esp my mom over something minor or entirely not against/harm. this doesnt get resolved. i just get cold shouldered until they act like it never happened..

now when this is not minor but 2 ofps, destroyed credit, 3 years gone 2 pretty much held captive, having police in mg actually tell me "iits not illegal to claim you own someone" ignoring before that i was talking about no qualms opening my mail taking a check from my mail dedideing where it goes. well when the police help decide "you just dont live here", no its not theft you gave them your things"

but jan 2018 my mom was saying " you live here now, im your landlord till you can afford every bit/penny/dime? on your own."

and i sure as hell cant produce records or be expected to store evidence i was removed from having access to for the 4th district can i ? well sure seems if your last name is turpin this is a hell of a state

 2ofps destroyed credit (yet iirc the lie that put the police on this path was ive never worked parents paid for everything patently false. Everything paid for came with strings and negotiations and what the fuck anyway? ive had less than 0 ability to get my side looked at there. plus it seems the dude or chick with the robe and hammer should be handling this part of the ordeal no? back to how do i have documents to defend the ofp claims when .... god fuck this is disgusting.

other than yeah i can walk to a homeless shelter, but i can also figure out more cost effective and less fucked ways to die. like when bigpharma didnt want to sell prisions the cocktail... I could probably jus tkeep eating the fast food diet and letting my owners not harm me. That came out of my nose yesterday. my bp was 180 over turned my head to not make it worse(white coat syndrome ) after talking to my dad on the landline in rivverside inpatient in nov 2018.

by all means, anything my parents typed and put quotes around is actual harm... homeless blowing that shit out background check destroyed credit and eviction blocking rental opertunities and more thnan min wage? nah look at what they gave me. its black stringy and in my nose.

when i showed a maple grove officer maybe 4 months ago (i think the encounter b4 xmas) a pic of the other side of the headliner from the mold car


reason it came out to show him that was the conversation began with him asserting i live quite the life (implied off of the money they give for the cell im in)

moving back into their place in 2018 physical boundaries were not respected. Like Clocsed doors or personal bubble or I dont like the at the time physcial action but now standing assertion that aparently if my mom wants me dead im suposed to let her push me over a railing. After All this report that I belive was writen something like "john got agressive and shoved her across the room" maybe june or july 2018. No john got defensive with back to railing and still being shoved. John walked Marlene wuethrich to a corner as she screamed


Then (part of the reason i think this was part of plan for lets get im in a 72 hr hold (which i didnt actually know existed. she was calling it crisis center, mental ward, medicated for 9 months over real confirmed to be there issue. issues im still forced to die the looks of it. yeah thats dark but its most likely.

I Drove to Maple Grove maybe 6 moths into 2019 maybe a bit before with the sole intent of meeting with MGPD because I had called the bar association and they wernt a lot of help but said "you need to comunicate to them that your parents are unreliable witnesses"

I figured that would be easy, i have recordings. they didnt seem intrested and infact said they maybe liable if that were put on record. Seems to me that its the slap on the wrist version of pleaase dont attempt to use the police as tools of terror, or the slap with a ruler version is False Report Charges. An officer not present during that meeting (started as one then another walked in "im just here to make sure you arnt geting the word of just one cop"...yea ive seen this before, we all get the word of two sick parents involved only i get 16 years of both assets and opertunities destroyed while going hungry and being told "I own you","i own you", "i dont own you but i think i bought you" and well after this meeting "can you repeat the last word" when i said " you make me feel like a salve". how does it take opertunities well some of the stuff destroyed was needed for projects that had my reputation on the line with one person currently making 6 fig a year, who wasnt invovled with the actul project but wanted to use it and his word if.... the guy who actually paid for it was unsucessful or just as hey why not because geting multiple foot in the door via established person with big kid income, why not have a plan b? I fucking had like plan D but none of it involved being owned and terrorize for 3 years

none of it invoved still sitting in empty apt with clyde in the rfucking freezer. I knew anemone else that got the line about "if you parents contribute money" from mgpd back in 2008 when she graduated. not sure if my name ties into anything with her that far back or at all. last i saw here she was about one step from going npd herself. Ive seen and read a lot about how this works but thats a thesis not a blogger post.

Factors in ecenomic mobility is  Segway back to the point


What i find absoulty


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