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it's un real

I need tools my dad took 3 weeks ago both for the lease /repairing easy to fix stuff and I could have /agreed to help someone repair drywall.. of course my dad had the car he dumped 900inyo then used wellness check towed but wouldn't tell me where.

it should have never died a second time. he knew the report said metal in the engine

last year at the start of hotels I realized and said "it seems like you will burn money if it looks good but actually hurts me"

which would be an improvement because like I've mentioned first website for pay 2001

i would bet if I had my records the amount I made starting at 13 and with out the last 3 years of their issues 2 years of I own you.. it would average out to min wage. 

doesn't matter point is if you are an adult male or possibly even non mother female in MN (but less so) your parents or any Sr you rent from might end up doing this.

what are someone's odds?

we know or rather psych and sociology know support and friend groups shrink with age. I'd also like to point out it would be nearly imposible to have maintained a friends circle and worked the amount I did in the years prior

what's the point though when someone can do this to you. 

why is it more of a threat that I might have said words than the pretty likely case my mom uses her cnp / employer access to browses my EHRs? I don't know this for sure but despite requesting my health care renewal forwarded from them 2 months before and 2 months after they end up sending me health care cards.

ie once again they opened my mail and signed my name

if uve been following about 6 mon in the apt they picked wanted to evict the garage. at that point I had little bit maybe a shelving rack and the mold car. I worked out out of lease no penalty my parents went back to refuse to communicate.. so great I cant get out with out cash and have mold car threats clean it or all assets gone.. fuck me for not doing change of address but it didn't look as if I'd be here long. 

I can show they opened the year befores packet and held it they somehow got a hold of the form to allow them to act as me on my health insurance. 

thing is the form said I'm receiving it because I requested it. I called mn care they had no record of the request on my account. fax footer at the bottom most simple explenation is medical mother. 

also further indication I am in danger. they took my driver's liscense from hotel parking lot last year and photocopied it. I only found out later. 

so they have my Ssn dl number know just about everything needed to get into any account and if I read the ofp correctly they will be notified of any where I move for 2 years. 

they picked this fucking place under force of sign or lose your things. they waited till 19 days before lease was up and knowing the car had been broken since the 6th and I'm 45min away in another county they file ofps in their county about an hr and a half by car to the court. 

there is no safe guarding these laws are psychotic everything I have made and everything that was a keepsake or given has been put under there control when I left for a hotel for 2 weeks for my mom's benifit. it was not suposed to be move out. I was not kicked out and no body had ever then nor now required I take meds. I can hardly read the ofp from my dad cause from the start he's purgering all over but trying to make the abuse via stepford brainwash that my mom started official I can only imagine how bad hers is.

like I've said b4 served Friday March 13, so what I'm suposed to produce all documents which they have many of when I was 0 notice evicted from a possible tenancy? for a year and half have heard I own you?

it puts the lotion on its skin and fuck it for existing again. 

I'm really not sure humanity has a civilization unless we stop fooling ourselves 

straight fact: no child has ever asked to be born.

this former child worked his butt off also had some struggles but I think even children today are learning they have rights. 

where the hell is it taught that if parents offer a dime nothing u work for is yours if you accept?

I moved back in in 2018 just to clarify. I watch them give numbers 4 times the support they ever gave me and claim it was every month since 06.

mean while if my desk my property my kitchen stuff was not held, my richo work station class laser printer ... gifted by a biz client on down sizing... is that not mine?

well if I had any rights to not be the property they literally tell me I am basic human needs respected I could actually be earning for one would have a legal llc for 2. I know the steps from biz law and was ready to execute as this started. had done a repair for conercial insurance salesperson a local commercial realistate agent and an investment banker out of the wf building who afterwords was actually bugging me to at least get him flyers. not saying more would have come but it was a good connection to have even just for the flyers posted. he was also the didn't bat an eye at the price and had looked it up then tipped over what it would have been type.

then I get ripped out of here and 3 years to just nothing but death and distriction lies and abuse. 

actively insuring unless I start from homeless. 

nvm there is nothing anymore. it's cruel and unusual I have to wait to be evicted and or a criminal once ofp hits. soon my jaw will rot, when eviction ban lifted I have no where. I can't sign despite every year before this event I had the credit score to get into a lease

this is beyond fucked. seriousky marlene and Paul stop this nasty crap. 

last time I told her fuck you was a bit after mg dad took my keys on my 30th. she turned it into an excuse to vent to her son about her sex life. which is one thing if not also tearing me down and chewing me out for leaving even an hr a week. threatening to push me down stairs then 2 weeks later tries to push me over the railing. 

then idk why people don't get it. it's probably the don't care /limited attention and time but if u sit down and pay attention to the recordings even on YouTube.... their emotional responce rarely exists. they can fake it but 90 percent it's flat 9 percent it's angry with 1 percent faked intonation.

if u pay closer attention it doesn't usually match. 

people wirh what I suggest are known by thousands of accounts to play the deadpan and then paint the screaming neurotypical. as unhinged. it's easy to play dead pan when u fake everything except anger and excitement. the extra bit there is other people arnt exactly real to them. they care more about a broom slapped on a table than about other people.

maybe 5 weeks into hotel stay I was allowed back for a moment  and petting Clyde and Bonnie  rabbit. my dad is denying the mold tells me he stopped giving the vet rxed antibiotics(fuck u both mom and dad) cause they seemed fine(cnp mom... I knew at maybe 9 u don't stop antibiotics but I heard it every time till I moved out) and then changes the topic to

"you know why I'm so much cooler than you John? I never lose my cool"

in my mind realized something along the lines of "that's because people arnt conceptualized or cared about it must be objects"

I noted a wicker hand broom on the dining room table and realized that would look bad but... image of damage... 

slapping it on the wood table he goes from revealing he competes with me while his house is still a mold pit to all the sudden shoving me across the room yelling time to get out. I punched a dent in his passenger side door going through the garage. I have a recoding possibly 3 where he admits the mental hold was revenge for this...

but what's absolutely nuts is he's competing while I forcing destroying everything of mine from the start turns and plays poor mom poor dad and like I've said Jan 2018 mold pro confirmed it this was maybe Sept and they are still denying it. Bonnie would be dead shortly after. 

she came into my life in 07 and maybe a year and a half. I think Clyde was a year. and same year. 

neither should be dead though Bonnie might have passed regardless. what she had didn't kill her but might have soon anyway.. again not actually what killed her. 

most rabbits as pets don't see past 6 years old. they have unique needs and can be scared to death. 

every vet they went to and almost every time wirh diff vet techs Bonnie and Clyde were noted as the most relaxed calm or chill rabbits they had ever seen. 

they died in 2018 and 19 respectively. you do the math on who's the abuser.. maybe that's not conclusive but if u pull a background check on me or take my word for it when this started I had zippo at 29 years old.

pray animals trusted me and lived far past typical

here's Clyde on a hotel bed. hotel that was animal friendly. relevant because pray animal and all kinds of pred smells

yeah... he actually rolled off the bed trying to sun the other side 20min later. again this is a hotel I was across the room working online turned and saw this. 

There's no evidence my parents will stop. 
all evidence they won't 
am adult male in MN reporting male fraud check fraud and people claiming to own him is told its not illegal to claim you own someone while the same pd enforces all assets ever in control of owners. how I'd this the land of the free? 

I'm pretty sure the psych ward trip also ruled out military. what they've done might kill me hungry 30 days last year and I used to be an athlete I know how to read my general state of health/bility but I was talking to a marine on iFunny and he mentioned with out that sealed its probably a non option. but I'm litrerly being told I'm owned with the ability to have the car taken and strand  me any time any where so really no option is very reliable. 

I could be evicted right now if mn lifts bam and my owners won't do anything but bark commands for problems they create begeddb days of not answering. like I said id sign for a new place if I could. it's every thing they can do to keep me anxious on edge at risk unable to have purpose. 

them if I blow up or I don't they just have to say they felt threatened. I'm not sure law even includes me having to have been near or them prove i said anything at all. or did anything.. 

devil is in the details when the law is on someone's feels 

maybe they felt I was going to be there 

maybe they felt threatened they weren't going to get to kill me 


felt is subjective and not nessicary even valid. kinda the nature of mental illness existing at all should highlight the issue with this. 

but still they can say they felt anything and I'm also then in jail

meanehile I have with out a doubt been violated abused and am FUCKING TERIFIED FOR MY LIFE 

but who cares boomers and prision guards are the future right?

but again even with out the psych labels when police ignore "they claim to own me" 

when no violence has been witnessed what so ever and they reject evidence the reports were.falsified yet I'm being starved and told I live the life. I've had income of my own starting in like 2002 and 2018 sepetagdf from all of it because of mistakes and illness my parents have? 

why be alive? 


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