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Friday, May 22, 2020

lacking a working washer

also carries a problem with it.... eventually you dont have a clean towel. 

which also equals stand until you are dry or fuck up one of 2 places you have to sit or the one place you have to lay

so yeah i might as well be homeless right now 


clyde getting antibiotics. my mom never once went to the vet. note how she tries to both tell me what i told the vet and what the vet told me. 

this is fucking nasty. 

a side effect of not being able to shower is your eyes sting when they tear up.  1 year with clyde in my freezer.

fuck you marlene and paul fucking psychopathic bitch child abusers.

and no that's not in error. they are like children with hair trigger no saftey belt fed machine guns. 

because they have a respectable image but abuse for their mistakes rather than admit them. they paid to have the house fixed I'm sitting here filthy and hungry destroyed credit, back ground check and any expectation of quality of life soon life at all. 

fuck you Marlene for treating the last time I said that as an excuse to try to vent about your sex life on your adult son whom you also yelled at any time he left the house. 

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