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Sunday, May 10, 2020

land of the free

free to have children rule them for 18 years and perhaps even if they don't accept a cent given if they ever accept an offer to move back in at a time of need... you can probably physically assault and batter them depending on gender income  state and country well after 18.

part of that I can't say for sure. the perhaps bit about accepting a cent.

I know in my experience moving in at 29 and reading mn state laws there's very little protection for anyone but mothers  or anyone with time and money from those with out.

while it's hard to defeat that always being slightly present it's like for at least 20 years we gave up on trying with no sign of change on the horizon

I'd argue that even if I had been middle bell curve for income compared to all peers in my graduating class the odds are That this experience could have still created the move back in situation.

if argue ethics is a thing we just tell ourselves we do to excuse this cess pool we create.

at least until it changes or we stop suggesting to children that at 18 they have rights.

probably doesn't help there's a seemingly popular push to make 25 the new 18

or this belief that somehow adulthood and maturity and or ability to decide harms definition to others is all gained by income but nothing is a store of value and even if it is it might not be respected or own able unless u have Corp employment at any given moment.

that seems like a false promise to because if shit elsewhere in life goes south.. well better have the job and ability to take the time off or if u needed to defend it.. same brown river less but still shit on padle

if say anyone trying to tell u the Stanford prision expirment was pas about just prisions either got hit with the stupid stick. played fake it till u make it then vomit on it and everything around it or has an agenda.

the conclusion one can draw is if it's accepted in an orginizational environment to harm and the environment is also peon to ridgid structure..

it will frequently make normal people do nasty things and nasty people into abhorent monsters

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