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law with out consideration of intent

im in no position to make it matter but as Eminem once said : heres my 10 cents, my 2 cents is free

the main issue i see when intent doesnt matter is things like attempted murder become iconic or symbolic of a system that looks like its there to protect but would rather not.

mn law doesnt as far as i can see cover mold as a potential poison and despite quite a few people who could use viruses or bacteria to do so.

many levels of med training would have access to sick people with pathogens and if the thought occurred to them could probably figure out a way to infect a single target with it.

 a lot of older texts ive came across note that npd and or aspd people end up in the medical field so dismissing this with "that is so unlikely".... yeah its probably rare but so is murder itself. why would we feel the need to outlaw it at all if it doesnt consider the various ways it could be done?

the other problem is im probably a dv stat. my actions were to avoid risk of death to myself and in a way to avoid either of us facing harm and preferably no one got hurt. that was the actuality as well. I acted in a way where as long as she didnt try to hit me when i let go and ducted around the corner no one even felt pain. 

Marlene wuethrich was trying to push me over the railing guarding the drop to the basement in their house. 

the thing about intent is, not only did i step back (placing my back against the railing) not only did she keep pushing while in to close to safely go right or left or with out contact either way... when i caught her wrists she yelled out "you bastard i brought you into this world i can take you out of it" 

if that isnt a statement of intent combined with pushing someone whos back is at a railing i dont know what is.

my head flashed brief not in words... it came to me i had once read about how our minds are aware of the world around us. i reasoned in a flash that if i can catch her wrists I stand less chance of going over the railing. as i think about it now that also would have put my weight forward (ie it worked in more ways than one towards stability of footing) but the psych tie in was if i can walk her to the corner by the front door and when i let go duck around.. then the path her arm needs to follow if she tires to swing is constrained by the corner jutting out and her brains desire to avoid self-injury. ie even if she does swing it probably wont be as hard as she otherwise would.

i only had that idea in the flash because the flash was the adrenaline surge ...not of ugh hit... of barefoot on wet tile slipped while she pushed maybe the 4th or 5th time with my back to the railing. those who would argue the one-sided enforcement of men always stronger imho are fucking retarded.

we used to run mammoths off cliffs if i recall correctly. raw strength of a mammoth? how many multiples of the strongest human are we talking?

wasnt one of our earliest force multiplying big brain enabled human inventions ...idk ... the lever?

if shes about my height and esp if my footing isnt secured/floor offers me little traction and now my back is at the fulcrum ...oh yeah that might be what that is. 

but now im pretty sure i'm part of the stats for men who beat women.

worse yet we know there is a thing called confirmation bias. this is a bit beyond that though because her own stated attempt was taking me out of the world. yet the data set showing men harm women got a +1 that day.

its well known that a drop even from your own height/how tall you are normal if you land wrong on falling can be the end of you (brain damage) to the death of you. with where we were relative to how the staircase descends i probably would have fallen 8 ft

at a later date I was in their driveway car door open but hadent left the car. my mom kept geting closer (which is intimidation 101) I asked her to back off and she slams the car door.

had i not removed the trim and my foot happened to have been in the right place she could have easily crushed my foot in the door. it just so happened in demoldign their mold bomb car i had pulled the plastic trim and the remaining metal was just up to the sole of my shoe. the force was taken by the rubbery/plasticy part of the sole of my shoe. and the door bounced back. she then calls mgpd and the offcier walking up ensured me thats not assult thats not battery then wants to know what im doing here...

well this is maybe 4 months into the lease i was forced into by they still have all my stuff... ive been told its not theft i gave it to them when i moved out

even though i never knew i was moving out and there was no restraining orders yet this is one of the multiple times i was told i had to leave in the car i didnt own. while my valuables were still locked in the house i moved back into at 29.

what am i doing there? i never was even infromed i was moving out of there. the other officer that day actually seemed like a decent person if not a great officer. for the most part we just talked travel and about the movie the day after tomorrow while the "its not assault its not battery what are you doing here " officer talked to my mom. 

im not a lawyer but in the interest of ending on where we started, it seems on looking up the definition that traditionally all that has been needed is the "intent to make contact" 


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