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Saturday, May 30, 2020

liability responsibility culpability

my parents made decisions about finishing their house when I was 14

i moved out at 18

at 29 I had been visiting their house to see a cat friend that was sick for the last time 

in doing so I transfered mold to my apt 
8mo of bleeding and as I move back in they hire a mold pro who finds problems
that was Jan 2018

2 on one gaslighting and insisting I'm delusional and need to be medicated starts 

June my mom tries to push me over railing to basement falsely reports I shoved her

Aug she has a cancer surgery still hasn't delt with mold. 

I say to my dad perhaps a week or 2 at a hotel to help her rrecover

they change garage code and lock me out of everything ever mine. 

1.5 years of move place to place forced to drive away in car they own starts

police in maple Grove Minnesota enforce I don't live there anymore

was told  I can't file theft gave them my things moving out 

parents force lease under threat of distruction of all my property  in town they chose

not before at one of 5 hotels they removed car from lot then used minor property threat if car wasn't returned so I could get food..  a conditional threat invalidated when car was returned 6pm

to at like 10pm place me under emergency medical hold

Dr ignores I have exterminator record on my phone and email with hired mold pro

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" 

declares me (redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs 

he also ignored 16mo of bleeding had been gone for month and a half or more and only on leaving for hotel... aka environmental causal factor likely 

now in blowing out black shit have health record indicating no good.. 

day I got out I was texted a picture of the professional mold remediation they were having done while I was in the mental ward 

car marlene wuethrich drive to the nicu at children's hospital st Paul for 9 years had plugged sun roof drains. was growing mold on top side of headliner

right after I sign lease snow blows through vents 

last year was spent cleaning their mold from their car while even the remains of my pet Bonnie were threatened. 

Bonnies ashes were sent usps to me. 
parents have opened mail signed over accounts and at least one check. taunting me over mail even a week ago

the landlord on forced lease has been on my ass over mold from the start and tried to evict garage 

notice to vacate at end of lease Jan 2020
car broke down may 6th 2029
may 11th parents who still have my mail my things my id. slap an ofp each on me 
served may 13th
court was may 18th court was an hr and a half away

lease ended May 31st 2020. 

I was 29 with good credit decent health no evictions, no criminal record no mental health issues and no records indicating violence

no I'm about to be dead on the street destroyed credit destroyed background check shared med record that means Dr reads its in my head before not shaking my hand (covid) 

may 22 mgpd once again informed by me, they have my mail, they have my id, they have thousands of dollars of my property they have tools I need to fix the washer and have clean clothes. 

they have my kitchen stuff that I need to cook eat anything healthy or cost effective 

mgpd was more conserned with trying to put me in jail. 

my parents in private claim to own me. 

which is concerning because my dad sat on the mn labor Council. Paul wuethrich was for a bout 25 years the elected vp of seiu local 284. 

when the labor unions have people in positions of power claiming to own their offspring... 

when the nation has no national police on use of police force 

when basic laws meant to protect adults control of their finances and contracts entered into by mail are ignored 

when right to own anything after trading hrs that you can never get back for wages.. 

when all that is under threat and the police in a Minnesota locality would rather push to paint the victim as violent despite 30 years of no indication of violence.. 

we have more than racial discrimination we have total erosion of family, of any expectation of health or presuit of happyness

we have a system where natural justice is a pipe dream 

where politic prisoner is an antiquated rehelic 

where the land of the free is the highest percentage of populous incarsirated

where #metoo matters more than basic rights until you realize how fucked you are and if you get group with a modern scarlet letter you end up dead or in prision regardless of anything deserved or done to youwe have a total divorce from the common person of any race or gender having any awareness of what even decent interests are for them let alone the best intrest for their health and survival 

and yet what we get is #blacklives matter and this increasing shit storm of hurting white property isn't as bad as black people. 

even if the elite are mostly white(I think a few saudies would contest this) black vs white is a fucked diachotmy 

when basic rights go missing or 0 enforcement because the modern scarlet letter of uncondtestable boogie man is applied

we demonize and destroy people at best for ease of cities not paying for more court houses while forced to run like biz. 

ie can't have backup can't afford more courts.. she or sometimes he who files first and screams loudest can kill the other by starvation 

but we call it a woman hater or racist Geting what they deserve... but is it?

there's 0 standards of evidence here. 

the burden is on the accused and the accuser can type a page and put quotes around waht they claim the accused said or did

meanwhile the accused may like me find the self homeless and beaten

I've went to maple Grove Police department telling them I have recorded calls indicating false reports in at very least looking to stop the ability to use false reports as weapons 

if we put unreliable witness on file we might be liable 

fuck you very much. 

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