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the other thing on my mind... of 0 importance of it happens.. nothing about this helps health in general or odds of surviving covid 19

prolonged periods of mourning and sorrow are not good for immune function 

lack of exercise also not good

3 years of Mal to no nutrition not good

fact that they have kept even my kitchen stuff making me dependent on fast food and played wirh budget every month demonstrating they will set it below requirements to eat demanding car be treated.. starved me on predicted short fall

well covid-19 has a few shitty properties. one of them is long life outside the body. 

every additional trip out required by inability to cook in this cell/flat/apt

increased odds of picking it up. 

when this started I picked up uv disinfectant tubes. ive demonstrate I can fabricate in wood metal and plastic. 

would not be hard for me to rig a box to UV disinfect ordered packages and the outside of packaged food from the supermarket. but it's out of the question when I have 0 rights to ownership of anything 

do u think I can buy or keep clean masks or gloves?

it was less than 100 bucks to ensure this stays online for close to 5 years if I die tomorrow, maybe that helps even a little towards change... assuming the world doesn't fall to shit in a hot second

this all does drove home something I asked a mgpd officer one night maybe 4 months ago.. maybe 6. it wasn't Xmas it was before or after and I had been hungry for 3 days only to hear I was living the life 

my reasoning was "if slavery were legal would there not still be a cost to shelter and feed that slave?"

the extended logic that the current laws get murkey to non existant on is 

if certian things affect one's ability to get or maintain employment.. if there's no law against out right sabotaging someone's employment.. and accepting a dime from anyone enables this lack of any rights... 

well.. I didn't expect it to be a comfortable question. if the next shrink wants am easy way to pin boarder line here... take this as testimony I frequently take risks like making people with guns uncomfortable. 

the reply was a very stern raised voice and 

oh how I would love the option not to enterian this misery

I've already watched more than one friend go the route of Lady Cunegonde. I don't think it's really much of a gender related fate either. in 1759 a Frenchman may have understood the effects that a vapid materialistic world and brain damage over years aids the slide into npd. yet in 2020 here we are living the same mistakes amplified by centeries of psych study and with a media that knows drama sells polarization is an extension, news is Corp, biz teaches corps act ethicly only when acting with profit in mind.. and the pan doesn't have to be glossed because the best of all possible blood steams love fluoropolymers

I'm just glad my immune system and body clearly syntasize all they need from the air itself otherwise I might actually be at risk 

here's an uncomfortable question what if someone on a mental hold for not eating were to claim breatharianism? what if someone unable to eat while another claims to own them claimed breatharianism was forced by state?

what happens when religious fasting in general ends up equaling... hmm

good thing fox News is here to tell us that experts are indicating 97 day breatharianism fast is dangrous. CNN might have got to it but word is they are still checking uranus for a missing 777.. or was that actually the man in New Mexico who was asked to step out at a traffic stop and apparently clenched his cheeks them ends up subjected to 3 enemas and a colonoscopy? 

no I'm nnot making that one up. not only did it happen the following was copy and paste from CNN 

Story highlights

  • A New Mexico man is pulled over on a traffic violation, taken in on alleged drug possession
  • Police got a warrant for an "anal cavity" search; lawsuit claims it was too general and broad
  • He had "digital penetrations, ... 3 enemas" and a colonoscopy; no drugs were found, no charges
yet it hasn't been covered if anyone involved bought him a drink first. times have apparently changed so much Mark Hoppus can't sing what's my age again as originally written

"I said I was the cops
And your husband's in jail
The state looks down on sodomy"

and that's about the time that bitch hung up on me... great that's not leaving my head for a while now.. if only I could eat the earworm for nutritional value 


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