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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Mail Fraud

If I read correctly even holding someones mail can count as mail fraud. I highly doubt what the two maple grove officers told me when I drove there with the intent of ending the craziness. What my parents do is nothing short of attempting to cause MAXIMUM emotional distress while putting my life, health and future at risk. The first credit payment I ever missed happened in 2017 while they sat on my tax return. They opened the package with Bonnies ashes in 2018. shes still in their drawer but they have pretended to lose her remains, yet i dont dare post the recording because of what I said during it.

in 2018 they also held the mn care renewal claimed i failed in my adult responsibility to fill it out. except i was banned from the house being bounced between hotels. they presented the form for signing over control to them as "how you get your health care back"

said form also claimed "you (as in me) are receiving this because you requested it". I had done no such thing, i called mn care and they had no record of any such request on my account. The form did have a fax footer on it. Least complex explanation .... marlene wuethrich. aka mom with 40 years in med field?

i ripped that in half called and got the renewal done.

about half way through 2019 it looked like i was going to be out of this apt. they were trying to evict the garage... hence i never filed change of address

I did however start asking my parents to forward that health care packet 2 or 3 months before it should have arrived and 2 mo after.

eventually they sent the health insurance cards. Ie they opened it filled out god knows what, signed my name and sent it in.

My mom also claims she paid all my credit bills and ive never worked... so all stuff is hers... yet my bank records would indicate otherwise and it really shouldn't have been the mgpds place to "judge" this.

if you can separate someone from all their assets based on the claim of another.... then ignore the fact uve made sure that person drives away in car the other owns with valuables under lock and key... and ignored "they claim to own me" even responding "its not illegal to claim to own someone"

this is crazy.

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