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Sunday, May 24, 2020

mg couple use maple Grove Police department and henipin County 4ty district Court to enforce actions that might be deamed along the lines of illegal imprisonment, human traficing and forced or un free labor elsewhere

so parents have Id
parents have all my valuables
parents have house that my detection of a massive mold problem saved the value of

how massive 50x8 of wall aka sheet rock insulation and some studs had to come out

1500sq ft of carpet and pad

in 2001 marlene and Paul wuethrich decided to put down moisute barrier carpet pad over sealed cement slab... ooops

in 2017 Cosmos cat (lived at 8043, he loved the yard too much.. I'd never have taken him) died. I had been driving to their house to visit him

often laying on basement carpet or sleeping on it then returning to st cloud apt in morning

3mo after he died the hell was in full swing

I went into this at 29 good credit no mental health issues or police records suggesting anything (that I know of) (I've found everybody but me can file a report related to me or against in maple Grove.. regardless of if in there or not) but if I drive to maple Grove like I did maybe 7/19

with recorded calls indicating reports are being made up as punishments and my mom actually tried to kill me 

we can't even bargain on unreliable witness inbetween

what's really abhorent is this entire system is set up to not only rip up families but as it has no awareness to even 100 year old psych concepts... 

like I can only imagine it's about job creation in form of prision guards and job security for the cost reduction heros in the existing court houses while lawyers make bank but state doesn't expect to see anything from these. 

but parent or parents wirh cluster b disorders or anyone aspd or npd is probably most likely to file first

shouldn't of even got here though 

police are ignoring "they claim to own me they are controlling my finances by opening mail signing over check from mail signing my name on various other mailed things holding others hacking accounts" 

they claim to own me should be enough 

idk if it's state wide but at least in maple Grove... wanna human traffic? 

better pick boys though. 

but seriously just tell mpgd u give them a lot of money and like 2 days ago ur owned people will hear about how they need to find a job while they are in 2 week old clothes parents siting on 20g of assets after moving me around under threat of... for a year and a half before filing ofo

while sitting on my id
while sitting on what I need to fix clothes washer 

once again forced to drive away in car not mine

if I don't die, the moment I get a second of calm and fed.. 

well.. the fed.. 

justice department, and fbi to start, maybe the president (he knows all about money from parents)

and non fed I intend aclu for a start. this is sheer terror 

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