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mgpd and henipin County assisted robbery abduction and torture

the title is my opinion. it's not for me to decide if it holds in a legal sense but everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine.

this is a work in progress. Id also like to say right off the bat: the prime issue is with the lack of any concern my parents show with a willingness to use police reports as weapons. Shortly after the move back into their house in 2018 I began hearing both express things like "I get what I want when I want" and shortly after learned that applies to what is said to police if they find it a means to an end. 

I do NOT think everyone is in cahoots or out to get me. I think its a case of liabilities and likelihood of someone on the street vs two relatively wealthy boomers to have the time and funds to raise legal hell. 

Though with a mom who has logged by my estimate probably 40 years in the med world of the twin cities, I can't rule out the possibility that a doctor willing to dismiss ? I have records from the extermination and an email with the mold pro my parents hired on my Gmail on my phone" with "patients aren't allowed phones on the ward" and then "(diagnosis) for delusions of bugs and mold and taking out your illness on your elderly parents" might have been a favor for a friend. 

I also know there's seen one seen them all syndrome which if i recall correctly is known as empathetic burnout or physician burnout and or one of the reasons antibiotics are over rxed. 

A Bit About Who I Am 

I am not an expert at anything medical or psychology related. I am however more well versed than most laymen.

I could intubate the dummy my mom occasionally brought home and as jr high rolled around the overhead projector was going the way of the dodo bird and CNP mom who was also teaching at st kates is not big on computers. A lot of the powerpoints she used to teach were created by yours truly. Between that and community center basic aid classes Even at 16 I was more aware of medical terminology and concepts than many.

A key concept that helped expand my knowledge and learn on my own was early on hearing my mom talk about "medical journals" while i might link less than that level of source on this site, Ive read better and understand the difference between somewhat trustworthy trust worth and well... gee uranium sounds great but i think ill pass on your elixer. 

I  have no delusions of grandeur and flat out doubt im much above the middle of the bell curve at anything. In several categories probably the lefthand side. I have flaws, over many years I worked to learn them and build systems to make up for my shortcomings. If im really good at anything its almost anything that involves electricity or computers and something others have pointed out is i have a knack for metaanalysis or seeing how things might relate even without fully understanding items in the set of things one wishes to relate (or perhaps one wishes another wouldn't relate)

I am pretty self-aware and able to analyze/connect the likely why behind any given feeling at any given moment. Many times my view on whats appropriate to say was not quite in line with what others learned. Personal boundaries are still non existant and belive it or not (you wont change my past either way) what I heard behind closed door during my formative years was often and still can be pretty inappropriate. Ie i wouldnt be perfect either way, no one is but the standard set for normal was pretty skewed and normal had to be learned over the subsequent years. 

I've had college psych at NDSU and found it extremely interesting. It became something I continued to study on my own on the side. For most of my life I was also a person people would confide in. Perhaps part of being harshly judged but having a strong sense of logic empathy and emotional intelligence... but its been asked by others (as a form of pointing it out) "how did you get to be so accepting?" *shoulder shrug*

an even greater number of people and often indirectly have pointed out I have a large personal lexicon. even one of the nurses(maybe doc idk i wasnt reading badges other than Boris) on the emergency medical hold said to a college "He uses really big words". I heard that under the large air gap to the staff/wardroom door after she walked out. about 3 hrs into the hold I had asked "have i been anything but calm and cogent? is there a form that makes this official?" 

"you've been fine but we're keeping you anyway. I'll be right back with that form"  

i'll admit cogent is a bit esoteric but reading for comprehension... computers... maybe 12 years ago I found it a funny name for a company and wondering if it was more made up than most words I punched it into a dictionary. As for where i learned esoteric? I only share that with some individuals.

 I probably won't be doing a comedy tour anytime soon. 

also keep in mind that at the moment I'm entering this via smart phone. in an empty apt on the bed a pet of over a decade died on because I have little other place to sit or lay and most of my assets are still being destroyed by my parents.  a year and a half if torture and jump these hoops or start with rotting jaw on the street destroyed credit your assets and pets gone. well now both pets are gone. except they have held Bonnie rabbits ashes after removing them from the mail addressed to me... pretended to lose them to terrorize and Clyde rabbit is in my freezer in an otherwise empty kitchen but my dad doesn't see why I can't cook in it, he thought it has a stove when he picked it and "we supplied you with Bibbs" 

I think the laws in MN are skewed in a few ways

Plausible explanations are  numerous and none, if it exists, is likely exclusive of any other possibilities.: Some I have considered are :
  • 3rd party special interest groups, 
  • a desire to not build more courthouses or have a backlog 10 miles long,  (public safety, cost minimization)
  • keep police in demand, (job creation /security)
  • minimize spending on cases that the state or county expects to gain nothing on and ensure pay for court officials and employees is more likely to not be hit by austerity or budget shortfalls
  • Prisons in demand might actually create jobs. This is rather dark but if we dont consider it what stops it?
  • entice medical institutions to enter or stay in Minnesota (again, job creation)
  • allow police departments easier access to federal grant money. 
In some of the specifics and regardless of the intent of lawmakers of  any other factor I think this ends up with a few side effect

  • destruction of the middle class
  • rights lost as powers normaly reserved for police and courts are granted to med institutions with out requirements for oversight and in some cases with incentive to prolong the detainment of a citizen
  • expectation of any compensation for violations of the remaining rights little to nonexistant. 
  • manufactured criminals with justice at the risk of needing a TM appended
  • destruction of families (if its about families at all shouldn't there be a form of arbitration instead of the 0 questions asked file first style ofp law?) does this work at all if things like protection of mail and checks in someones name is not enforced? Doesnt this create the possibility of abuse then seek court ordered protection possibly after leaving the victim high and dry? if failure to feed one's self equals detainment to imprisonment in a mental ward or hospital and food costs money.. if as an adult money already in my name is not protected as my decision on how to or if to spend transfer or save... how can this equal my failure? 
  • an economic mobility cliff or gable for any young adult on reaching 18. I knew one other person I am as sure as one can be(of another) who had it anything like this. she was choked out by her dad and then hearing from the local pd that if parents pay anything they get some control. 
  • little recognition of even psych concepts first discussed over 100 years ago and some extremely relevant to traits like ling under oath and combine with reversal of burden of proof this can end up targeting victims.
I think mn law and either official or unspoken policy in some mn pds has created a net effect where one has 0 gaurentee of any Saftey security, rights or prosperity unless they were either aware at an early age of how officials are likely to respond and had a better grasp that I do even now of the legal system in this state. which is probably below average in my case but unless a lot has changed very little law was taugh at all in k through 12. 

more concerning what was concentrated on driving home rights or the underlined points were freedoms and protections and at the fed level with little to no state level mention. 

so there's kind of an informed consent and or ethics issue as I see it. esp with how much time school demanded even back then 

I think the name narasstic abuse might be slightly misleading. ie what I understand about the cluster b dramatic disorders says they can co exist and often share many traits even with out full co existing. 

I've met 3 people who on confiding stories the associative part of my brain is ticking boxes and the first time I was stuck with well, it might be good for them to know about this, but I don't want to sound like I'm labeling them or they need a label. it clicked that simply asking "have u ever heard about a psychology concept called borderline?" two out of three answered they were already diagnosed and the third mentioned about a month later that his doc decided that as well. 

as it relates to defining narasstic abuse, one of the above was a mother. she talked about her son for a min and how he just didn't get it so she had to break him down had to break him down had to cause she could rebuild him. while specifics might vary in execution and ability to shielid or hide the behavior I'd argue that all the cluster b diagnosis should be recognized as potentially gravely harmful to their offspring. 

one does not a good set to draw conclusions from make. yet if you look into the symptoms it should be a bit more clear why it doesn't mix wirh parenting. 

the commonality is definitely there because there's 0 regard for autonomy or personal boundaries coming from someone a child or even adult child started out programed to trust. as wirh the others the types of abuse is blprobably as likely to hit the skeptic button in others as well

then when police may even weigh in personal judgment or let things they figure wouldn't happen go un looked into.. 

that alone is enough to deeply harm most and on levels related to decision making priorities and self care. 

the npd and aspd are probably more likely to be controlled and covert but will cut the target down at key moments otherwise probably having a better sense of when they risk the targets awareness and the targets ability to escape. 

from my understanding they are much more prone to even a conscious abuse and praise or either and cold shoulder cycle of toying with the target because for them its about stimulation and a limited set of things they feel. they don't desire to lose that feed. 

couple this with laws that allow one person to type quotes around other words they type and create a burden of proof on the accused and or court while they might have full control of another's ability to reach it. when police who respond to they claim to own someone with 

"it's not illegal to say you own someone" 
"if we put that(unreliable witness)  on record we might be liable" 

any pysch theory or attempted application is sorta overkill at that point.

in my case this was like a year after leaving for a 2 week hotel stay then I just don't live where all aseets are stored and was made to drive away several time in a car not my own.. 

even with out those shouldn't the someone claiming to own another be a pretty red flag if anyone is safe in this society? 

I'm writing this more in the hopes it inspires change that may benefit other victims. 

than any hope it helps my situation. I went 30 days hungry last year while forced to clean a moldy car under threat I lose everything. 

problems forsee miles ahead are repeatedly kept a risk while commands are issue then don't exist a week later done or not often for a real problem they block the solution to. 

an example is I have one key to this car. 2006 to 2018 I misplaced keys 3x.  it might seem trivial at first but this is also the difference between staying employed or losing a job and exactly in line with crazy expectations even with out the forced repeat. but on top of it I will hear things like u always lose them while sitting 30 hrs hungry cause budget didn't equaleating all month and cleaning the car let alone ordering food for delivery. I cooked most of that time period but this last year the only thing in my kitchen is Clyde rabbit on the freezer. why 30 hrs? my dad will not be with out 2 copies of the key. but the sadistic side is knowing he has all my assets and has rhrqren e them decided exactly what I have vs what I need... problem asset money time relaxation and diet wise.. I'll hewr why not just order food? click. 

I'm not blaming everything ever. if u read on the last 3 years have been hell due to decisions about how they finished their basement in 2001. mold pro determined this it's not my speculation it's the relevant professional. npd aspd are know to go into rage over even ego dings 

in the past and less heated periods my perception something was off usually consisted of "it's like backwards" referring to emotional support.

or the realization they fit emotionaly inattentive authoritarian. 

The people who sometimes become parents that happen to suffer this affliction are usualy experts at spin and apearing normal. they are known to hide behind social norms. A growing body of evidence suggests that what they put children and or partners through may cause actual brain damage. 

they are also known to target their children. mainly because they are easy targets and most assume / are programed by societal beliefs that parents wouldnt do that so theres often little fear of consequence. 

they are also known to appear as super parents but often subtly or directly kick the legs out from under/sabotage their offspring into adulthood. 

a year and a half of hoop jumping or  else enabled largely by mgpd creating a postion of power by seperating me from everything ever mine worked for or otherwise at age 30. this isn't the story of parents kicked out a 30 year old freeloader. I worked for pay the first time at 13 and in 2006 backpacked Europe for 45 days on my own dime before leaving for Fargo ND and NDSU that fall. I had moved back in turning 30 after about 8mo bleeding in st cloud. that started 3mo after Cosmos cat (family pet at their house) died in 2017. around Jan 2018 while I was already aware I would have to vacate at the end of the apt lease their house was confirmed to have a black mold problem. they began denying it and filing many false  police reports and some reports highly exaggerated. the issues started for me 

age 29 good credit since 2k6 and 0 mental health issues or indications of violent tendencies/criminal record. 

didn't matter what hoops I jumped or what I reported including "they literaly tell me they own me" didn't mater I called state bar for advice "if we put unreliable witness on file we might be liable" in the same meeting with 2 mgpd officers opening mail addressed to me endorsing my name on a check to me with out knowledge or permission and from my mail...over looked as not mail or check fraud then asked why I can't magae my finances and meeting was clearly over with "it's not illegal to claim to own someone" 

and it didn't matter what hoops I jumped or what I did or didn't say or do. the parents placed in control lower the bar for what displease them . March 11th 2020 they filed ofps knowing I had to be out if cell they picked end of March. 

this was while I was with out car since the 6th and living in a cell my parents picked in st cloud. I was served with two ofps / each parent on Friday the 13th for court an hr and a half way Tuesday the 18th. 

some claims daring back to Jan 2018 and even there the actions as a while of mgpd made this an impossible situation. because if I have to defend the claims well can I sell my stuff to get a lawyer? not when Aug or Sept 2018 I just don't live there anymore. documents needed are still there as well. 

but this was suposed to be just an intro secion so keep it in mind and let's begin 

I think this is part of a war on the Middle class and the family unit itself. it might or might not have top down direction but regardless the laws in MN are set so some of the people that grow up in positions of abuse that are netoriously hard to spot and known to manifest as suicide, life long underachivemebt or homelessness and door mats of people... these young adults, these victims are set to be further victimized by the state of MN and or policies that may or may not exist or be applied at any given pd by any given officer. 

but untill law and the pds recognize cluster b disorders and the specifics the current way things are is victim blaming and enforcing or empowering parents to hold their children or adult children hostage. 

before my story Im going to go over some of the larger issues I see

distructuon of the family,  economic mobility clif at 18

the tinfoil hat club argues (somewhat correctly as I see it but perhaps with attribution errors) that gov wants I indebt. 

with what I've seen of how mn is treating this and the little bit I knew about soneone I once cared deeply about that when she turned 18 apparently had an incident that her dad was choking her on the ground and slightly before or after heard what mgpd recently mentioned to me about if your parents pay anything  they get some control... 

the bigger risk and reason I find this so abhorent (well my old friends story is its own ahorency but it's not mine to tell so main point marches on) 

the reason it's congruent with serfs up bro. (or rather.. down) is as I've found out mgpd will enforce this even if you move back in over a decade later u have 0 rights to yourself or property. 

but let's look at the case of any 18 year old. 

if the family has saved for them to go to college that doesn't actually mean they are getting anything. parents with personality disorders are a real thing and risk. 

psych identified their behaviors over a century ago and has a refined it since. relevant is those if a certian disorder or probably 3 (npd, bpd, aspd) are highly likely to want to apear giving loving super parents in the public eye but are anything but in private convos and behind closed doors

they are also known to sabotage their children and adult children and often do so by making child responsible for parents emotions ie undue and emotionaly incest heat and usually only as a child faces mile stones towards independence. or the lesser attacks will be unrelated to the child's actions but more like mom or dad had a long day so that minor thing u might have done last week? yeah ur clearly going to fail life and need to be punished for that bad thing u did last week. 

the thing is parents with the above see people in general as the get from the interaction. 

to an extend its everybody. we like people that make us laugh or feel good.. this isn't that and that's based on social respricity which is something you might see atfirst or the image of with npd aspd or bpd but they don't feel the empathy sympathy and or guilt that makes that real or if they do its incredibly weak. those good higher functioning though can mimic the vocal inflections and convince u other wise 

posting again not to lose work

parents with cluster b disorders (primarily npd but all are known to frequently share traits and can coexist) 

they see their children and adult children/offspring as a source of narcasitic feed. also some sources will say as an extension of themselves not a seperated person. 

in multi sibling families this may differ as texts discuss (and millions of person experiences u can find onlibe) the tendency to have a golden child and a wild child. 

I'm an only so in my experience it's limited to profess to how that works but I think I've seen it a few times more classicly laid out than my personal experience. 

my experience has been of late literally hearing from both parents "we are the same person" while attributing the worst of them selves and their problems with each other to me from a postion of power enforced by their lies and mgpds willingness to act on them(some officers have been upstanding others are clearly applying personal judgements forgetting they are in a uniform not a robe. upstanding and netural have outnumbered the robes but the actions as a whole favor robes) 

but back to that feed concept... it works if the offspring is hell child.. or achieving because it's look how special what I produced is! or omg look what the brat is doing to me (when extracting feed from others) 

the problem is when achievements get close to independence.. the parents in sheep's clothing realizes they might go hungry. 

so in the case of the 18 year old with the American dream and not the debt the tin hat club worries about... 

if they have parents that look great but pull rugs at moments they need to be on their game or outright sabotage and lie to everyone about it. 

the young adult has committed the time either way. time is an arrow. we also know this is a society that judges largely on sucess and doesn't want excuses. which is a bit splitting but the scope is too wide as is. excuses can be very real and valid but at the end of the day the risk is u end up broken and burned out and people around u are likely to look at only that u didn't achieve. psych and sociology also knows that as years tick social groups usually shrink... it's a really nasty combo if one finds themselves here and this is even before what is happening to me applies. 

this is even with out the young adult working during that period. they have still committed the time to the edu and the mo of parents singular or plural is to abuse and hide behind social expectations parents wouldn't do that. 

it manafests in either all the sudden funding 0 maybe last year before graduation or some big family drama will come up right before finals 

it's usually subtle enough it has plausible deniability on its own but factor in parents wouldn't do that as a social /cultural norm 

and the reality becomes shit. then expiciky shit because state like mn are more concerned with words than as I found out, mail fraud, check fraud, holding all assets, lieing on police reports or putting on record that those claiming to own another and filing these false reports... might even be unreliable witnesses

yes there's something to be said for making it on your own but I haven't actually known more than 2 people that were ever in a homeless shelter. 

ie leave your house at 18 never having worked to a shelter is not likely to produce a good outcome and even people saying u just have to do it or that's ur only option or I had it rough...u should to or talking about how successfully they are now vs they had it rough I should to and take the shelter.. none of them saying that were in the set of 2 people I've known who were in a shelter at some point. 

why should I have to make this point at all blows my fucking mind. 

the concept and tie in with I dept and wealth transfer/class warfare is hard to make with out the concept of economic mobility and that the state laws or local pd policies that enable an 18 year old to be booted with out standard rent notification do not aid upward economic mobility or even staying at level family was. 

with out the right sides usually pollution of the devil is destroying families and the family unit.. 

above is the logical case that it's actually happening regardless of the motives and or whom is carrying them out. these policies are anti middle class because an 18 year old that somehow learns everything I went through at 30 before hitting 18... they are faced with the reality if I accept anything my parents offer police might seperated me from anything I actually earned.. if my parents either are sick or become sick in the head and unjustly attack let alone try to destroy... then I might lose everything... time is one way and life is finite. 

we also have concepts like life time expected income. lose 3.5 years for nothing accepting the then yanked out college that maybe u can't even get into depending on did u have a place to live? or thr means? did u know how to apply for the aid? 

the concept of harm being obnly apples or I had it rough u should too is in the face of the known truth. hardship is relative abrupt drastic shifts and or continually pivoting is inefficient stressful and requires relearning. 

ie stress and hardship are relative to what u know vs what changed not universal. the universal part is caring about the other person succeeding the rot is carrying others have it some non evaluated approximation of how hard u think u did. 

this is exaserbating the worst of human nature and creates a picture something like the undead in pergutory or dante's levels and in reality that person might be in a home and making 100k but telling u to go take the shelter cause they had it rough. or something like the undead pulling on ur ankle as you try to find your place and any security in life or income. 

if one looks at the top income levels.. the 1 percent. this is not how they operate with their families. there might be a historical example but as far as I can see it's the exception not the norm. 

the norm is wealthy tend to usually get more and sometimes stay the same or decrease 

but while they tell us via Corp news that class well fair and wealth redistribution is us wanting their money

well dependent on state u are in u might find the laws have reached a point where its pretty much set so u have 0 rights unless u are employed at the moment someone else takes something of yours and or the only safe bet for someone about to turn 18 is jump off the economic mobility cliff and start with 0

ie the law has been set so middle and lower class have no ability to maintain wealth In a family line or worse yet literaly own their adult children if they are wicked or just sick instead of what society expects. 

if they are somewhat inline with ability to actualy care there's a chance and or ability for wealth to transfer. 

I intend to reword this later if I'm not dead. 

but even there is a huge set of fees and what ifs and stark reality is its been decades since pay kept up with inflation or cost of living. which is also class warfare. 

even with out a top down agenda enforced on every level.. reigning in the pay Exploits the worst if the worst us vs them desire and then states knowing they need jobs may turn to creating criminals... there's a lot of ways this could come to be

but reigning the scope back in and trying to get to the title point 

relevant background for my work and life:

I first worked for pay not given by family and for a technical skill at age 13. I did a website for safe and knife company which at the time was off highway 55. 

in 9th grade I had a screenprinting and darkroom class. I made a card for IT consulting services. I put it up at dun bros and another coffee shop in maple Grove. 

I got my liscense 3 months into turning 16. I was already working Mc donnalds and out of normal for the age range jobs I'd go to target then nat cam and finishing hs was doing 11 an hr plus commission telemarketing mortgage refinances. if u met quota u got a percentage of what the company made on the loan. I met that quota more than once and those checks were LARGE. the pay was decent for 2005-6 even with out. 

but back to that card. I mentioned drivers liscense because it paints the time frame. I got a call by the owner of a 3 person CPA office in Plymouth so soon after turning 16 that my mother (who with my father will now claim some variation of they paid for everything cause I never worked.. or at least have several times in the past 3 years of hell)... 

my mom had to drive me the first day I made 50 to show up and 25 an hr after for It consulting services for small biz at age 16. I was pretty sure that would spell it being the only time I worked for that client. instead it was a relation I maintained until age 26.

before leaving hs I had also added a print and engraving shop owned by a guy in maple Grove but the shop itself was by two stuges billiards(University billiards at the time) 

a family run family law office in maple Grove. 

A car dealership in Rodgers (may the owner RIP) 

I had probably two dozen houses I did computer support for as well including some MGSG staff and Mark Sackett at MGJH or what ever the name plack now says (middle?) 

either Sr year or soon after I even did the campaign site and office computer for a friend of my dad's who was running for district rep of 55b.

one summer of college I did 3 small biz websites and made somewhere around 8k just ont the sites and that wasn't all I had going on income wise. 

the next semester at NDSU that and the professor of a coding elective class being impressed with what I wrote for a final project landed me a 30hr a week paid internship at NDSU. I was taking 16 credit hrs and on that really works out to about 60hrs of time spoken for a week if one is perfect. 

despite my mom having a masters I had never actually heard the 1ch of class is at least 1 outside of untill already at ndsu. one of the predictors for sucess at a university is if a family member has graduated. the assumption being u don't go into it blind. aka some advice is shared. this doesn't work when parents don't admit it but don't actually care or no how to care about their offspring. they say npd parents clare often actually competing with their offspring and ive seen evidence of this in the last 3 years. like direct evidence but  tothat's not entirely on point here. 

in st cloud I was working office max at 20 plus hrs a week and 12 to 16 credit hrs then a phone store at the mall and scsu and then phone store and phone repair store 60 to 100 hrs a week. 

as the mold hell was approaching was the first time since 18/2006 I had ever failed to make a min payment on what was good credit. this was while my parents had my income tax return, I had a massive conclusion and was hearing work harder. 

when the st cloud Mal attack hit was about 2 weeks before I made a deal wirh my dad that took out external income and had stated would be 6 mo to a year before break even and or profit. 

I was working at the mall the night of the attack. I haven't run as fast ever in my life as when I figured out something serious was going down. probably would have desteoyed my best mg track sprint time and or passed usaine bolt standing still on the dash to the parking lot. the crowd was acting hell strange, there was terror on their faces and stances/strides off. I was Hella sleep deprived so it might be brain fart in recalling but I swear a guy in a uniform said something about Allah and being impartial /knowing a lot of the books have the same origin/stories I said something like yay God. and nothing came of it. but when a shop slammed its gate by me and all clicked in with why's the crowd acting so weird I looked at the computer clock to confirm it wasn't closing time then bolted the fuck out of doge. 

if u want to evaluate my character.. last year I'm remaining calm hearing police tell me my parents don't owe me anything after all the sudden 0 notice eviction you don't live here anymore but your assets do... after moving back in at 29 after all of this but I don't want to get to far ahead of myself. 

flash forward to 2018

the assisted robbery and abduction & the overlooked tourture

submitting again for autosave


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