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Sunday, May 24, 2020

mgpd and henipin County enforce ownership and starvation of citizen who has worked for pay since 2002 or 3 because he accepted money from parents and mgpd frequently judges it to be a lot though won't allow access to records to show otherwise or how much earned on own... moot when they have my liscense I have 0 dollars mid pandemic. thanks guys

how does one get gov assistance with 0 dollars and no id

how can mgpd or henipin County in good conscience ignore they are participating in terrorizing a formerly productive member of society?

I keep hearing mgpd even say things that imply I've never not lived at my parents when the reality is 

hey those of u doing it... I was working cross roads mall and another job plus consulting on side to 100hrs a week just the two jobs ... for a year and a half

office max and scsu before that with consulting as well. 


I do not deserve the last 3 years or henipin County and mgpd backing two likely npd aspd parents 

I have been forced around under threat of psychos Geting rid of everything of mine for last year and a half

sign this lease

now clean our car for 9 mo while if u don't do it for less than budget u predicted u go hungry

oh let's pretend to lose ur pets ashes 

let's remind you the storage garage we won't give u the addresses to is maybe going away soon

oh let's talk about ur high value assets being recycled 

while they hijack my accounts 

open my mail

signed over at least one check

I see my mom added her self on on a new checking account I created alone 2 years ago

they have my ID right now

they filed those ofps while I was stranded sincg March 6th no car in st cloud 

mgpd told me 6mo before if they put unreliable witness on record for my parents they might be liable

dismissed opening my mail taking check from my mail to me and endorsing my name on it (with out my knowledge or permission) 

actually 3 mo before one officer said they would help do the paperwork. I won't  name them. seems probably like a good person and upstanding officer. when I actually drove down though 

the one officer I started the meeting with quickly became two and they told me it's not mail fraud parents can open anything going to their address

I checked fed site... not true. opening it knowing the name line is to me is a crime. mistakenly opening is excusable

u telling me the mistook who's name was on envelope and check? and mistakenly signed mine in the endorsement field on the back

gee I wish I could mistakenly walk out with a meal from somewhere right now but I'd expect no mistake I go to jail

mgpd and henipin country's 4th district Court in my opinion are empowering the white collar Turpin parents. 

if you want to own people might I suggest henipin County and or maple Grove Minnesota

I want to be able to get Clyde rabbits remains respectfully processed 

I want to finish my contracted work parents have kept and or destroyed

I want everything thrown away from last apt replaced everything stolen at apt they picked (they then took garage door opener which is why the garage was open an my moldy desktop, compound miter saw, and mig welder walked away 3 weeks ago) 

I want my kitchen right now or the ability to cook a meal I want.. I want to make curry

psychopath Paul when I was working under our agreement was sitting on my couch talking all the extravagant events he had been going to all the delicious food

while I'm passing out at bench and breaking glasses as my head hits

then when I'm stuck back there place April 2018
one week he wants me to be his emotional support cause he doesn't have enough friends

while my mom is throwing out destroying hiding hard earned projects and tools somethings mine some paid for otheres

yelling if I leave 10x10 ft room 

I say fuck u she made it an excuse to try to vent about her sex life to me 

then my dad's crying he doesn't have enough friends 

April 14th I'm invited out for the first tile in literaly 3 years at least 

my dad  takes my keys on my birthday 
has to keep me safe from snow storm 
despite I lived in Fargo mostly alone for 8 years plus. drove in every storm never stranded never wrecked 

hr later he wants me to ride shot gun aka joy ride in snow

week later "HA DID THAT? HAHAHA" 

I want 300k 

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