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mn housing law

if law doesn't specify some gaurentee of notice regardless of paper lease..

the combo with the wide open ofp law enables some truly 3rd world treatment of citizens in MN

my captors have my id
I have 0 dollars actually neg 38 because my debit card got jacked the other day

I moved in with my parents Jan 2018
aug I left for 2 weeks max at a hotel

i was then locked out and police begin telling me "you don't live here anymore"

then they allowed parents to strand me with out food in the 3rd hotel I was being bounced between.. 3 person family 5 cars. 

20g wirh of my assets under lock and key and my two rabbits Bonnie and Clyde

I was working for pay on a web server in another state via hotel internet all day

go down for much needed sustinance around 530pm on a Wed in Nov 2018..

surprise, car is not in hotel lot. 

mn emergency med hold law for a 72hr hold states IMEDIATE threat to self others or property 

what's more imideate the odds a cab driver is OK with picking up dude from extended stay lot maybe 545pm

hes gonna go to a demo job but first stop he needs a sledge hammer.. nothing fishy here 

OK now stop 2 is maple Grove residential address... thank you sir work hard!

I thought it was half baked when I texted it 

I never tried to call a cab or get an Uber 

car is back at 6pm

which means there was no half baked threat even after that. 

I get food and drink(Chinese, water and pink monster) work a bit more nap, wake up to go to gas station

almost 10pm I pull back into hotel lot and mgpd blocks me in... surprise!

"I have the power to decide if you go in tonight but I decided before I met you u're going in"

odd because best I can gather from sheet hospital gave me... it wasnt a peace officer hold. 

like a month later on another call the officer of that night would say"i didn't use any specific statute it's not in any law book"

sometimes they say people trying to cover there ass are inadvertently truthful. 

I wonder if this is such a case

I have a lot of reasons to be funlming mad. here I am hungry filthy jerked around for a year and a half by parents who out right claim to own me and mgpd willingness to assist their lock out 6mo after I move all high value assets in and my own ass set down in a 10ft by 10ft hell hole 

I should have never worked a day in my life. it's utterly worthless 

Paul wuethrich was by my estimate 25 year vp of seiu local 284 and sat on the mn labor console. Ive been to quite a few union functions and the labor console meetings a few times over the years.

I can personally say ownership of people was never on the ajenda/docket at any I was present for.

when someone has such a split between projected image and private life though.. it gives credence to why I say it's pretty likely he has a cluster b disorder. npd or aspd. 

"were the same person"
"John John John you have to understand I do what I want when I want"
"I own you"
"I own you"
"I don't own you but I think I bought you"

"why are you telling everyone how I am? and you are telling everyone. everyone who knows me already knows what I'm like"

yeah well, not the same person would point out that would have been more effective with out the bit in the middle. 

if u don't care your actions and avlbuses are being broadcast then the middle is extraneous or counterproductive 

ominous and mixed message is terrifying but not from the evil master mine seat... from the planters nuts has a hair trigger belt fed machine gun aimed at my life but wears a mask of a respectable person. 

terrifying but not quite what I'd assume he was going for 


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