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Saturday, May 16, 2020

My dad is still blocking calls or only addressing one topic which is usually something demanded of me regardless of its feasibility or the ongoing threat to my life his actions pose. he has decided to now respond to emails but its just new medium same torture and kill your son while telling him hes the problem.

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 3:40 PM PAUL WUETHRICH <wueth001@comcast.net> wrote:

On May 12, 2020 at 2:20 AM John Wuethrich <jwuethrich@vengeancetech.biz> wrote:

You have known i need the battery for the power drill for a month now. You are the elder if you act like it instead of sabotaging your sons security and purpose in the world. Isolating me, making me responsible for your decisions and your emotions.

If you stop trying to force contact or make me suffer then there would be no reason to yell . 

can you hold your word at all or is that impossible for you?

Are you scared you might not have someone to fucking kick or can you really just not 
not hurt people?

John Wuethrich

You are not telling the truth John! You never sent me anything about the battery for the drill. If you did it not come here as  I have looked several times and not found it anywhere.
+And now you are saying that I am hurting you? I have asked you to let me know when you will be there to open your garage so I can bring the  stuff from the red car to you and have a place to put it. l
There is a large weird  green battery with a bunch of green cells in it. I told you this a couple days ago.
Why would I sabotage you? After you have received probably a half million dollars from me and mom the last 15 years? Why would I sabotage you?

When do want me to bring your things from the car up to you?
Will you be there to open the door? Or should I just put it on the ground in front of the garage door? I think it is the 3rd garage door.

This was my response:

keep in mind this was today 5/16/2020 and im only here /not on the street because MN has suspended evictions the lease was up March 30 2020.

start of april right after the ofps passed but didnt get applied/are in covid limbo.. he drives up every day for a week after and sits in parking lot or circles it calling in welfair checks.

then ignores end of lease is any parties ability to break the commintment and will only comunicate telling me //demainding i call atorny general to try to attack the apt company

all the while every thing ever mine includeing stuff bought when i first earned  on my own age 13 and every dollar earned since is being held and or destroyed. creating this situation where because they lied frequently and often to police they have basically held me hostage valuables locked away and been using the legal system as a weapon

John Wuethrich jwuethrich@vengeancetech.biz

5:22 PM (23 minutes ago)
dad, you deny anything and everything as it suits you then tell and try to force medically defining me as sick in the head . yes mom i know thats not PC. I also know when you needed power points done for teaching at st kates you turned to me only to tell me last year i know nothing about what i do and make everything up ...and even my gainfully employed friends suggesting certs dont know anything.

dad i did mention the battery, even if i haven't it was included in telling you from a month ago there is stuff i need in the car you wont tell me the location of

dad fuck you

the car shouldn't have broke down 2x you dumped 900 into an alternator, key battery and oil change already knowing metal was found in the engine. then resisted giving me the repair invoice, called a wellfair check to get me to return the key to the rental and police give me a ride to garage where still destroyed but 900 spent car still has terrible engine knock and dies on the way back. like 2 mile drive to apt lot. 

covid was starting i needed supplies you filed 2 ofps while i had been sans car for like 8 days and needing to move out of this apt withing 20 days

you both are abusive and use the legal system to trap destroy and harm for life your target. 

then you force destroying habits and skills ive demonstrated .

you force infantilization between forcing hunger and threatening to destroy all my things if i dont...then do it anyway

when the car (predictably stranded me going to Walmart later that night or next day) you would not tell me where to have it towed "

you would only DEMAND knowing where i was stranded so you could call a tow truck

i said "i dont have the money to search for a place let alone get it toweed or combo of 2 and eat but i am perfectly capable of calling a tow truck but where do you want your car" 

only to again have u demand to know where im stranded. then not tell me where you eventually towed it to 

if i mentioned the battery explicitly or not ... you've admitted you would not tolerate this done to you or pick these conditions for yourself. if you cant figure out that this is a not safe let alone efficient situation you likely cant care for yourself but i have calls demonstrating you know damn well what you do and this is about hurting me. 

dad i fucking hate your abohernt nasty repeat how you fucking violate and harm me only to have you deny it Fucking sicko bitch man child aspd/npd bitch honnerless nasty thug bitch game. 

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