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Thursday, May 7, 2020

my life is meaningless.

there have been signs in the past that my parents are this way. that said no one else sees it and most deny it.

every has some of these traits but I don't think they understand how ruthless and dangerous the full blow disorder is.

I haven't found any other onlys in a similar position. that doesn't mean they don't exist no am I on a hunt. the point of mentioning it is the maybe 2 times in the past for sever blow ups, they always just cold shoulder then work back in. it's like I need to get a tattoo but I really shouldn't have to.

my mom said landord. for time length
serices preformed
lose everything

I don't want to fear for my life alone or walk away from everything. this isn't S the cops try to consistently reframe : them having some control, this is everything in my life has been on hold while they try to infantilize me hijack accounts open mail , push signed a check over even and wave my bike around last summer and now I'm blowing out this

I'm about to be homeless without the ability to me with destroyed credit with all of my assets seized this is so fucked up people see will your parent you can't know this is fucking criminal Disturbed fucking torture and yet all they have to do is say they feel threatened? 

What happens if I mail black mold to a state official? It's not a bio weapon when they use on me but I was told to put the phone away by an officer on mg and he didn't see that

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