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nothings more conditioning to harm and or incompetence

when police basicly enforce you own nothing you have 0 rights

you should be greatful

when they keep changing their story and officers even the other night are insisting its time to cut ties with my parents or I'm too old to live there 

uh I moved back in at 29. at 30 u all decided I own nothing and was owed 0 notice lock changed 

now I'm sitting here unable to eat with Clyde rabbit dead in freezer 

20g of my assets back under the jurisdiction of the enforcers of risk to life.. both mgpd and Paul and marlene

I even indicated to one officer what the heck there's been no contested ownership the two times I got like 10 to 15min when and officer requested

it's insane to say anyone at any point should have to rebound where someone else dumps them or forces them with nothing. 

I'm sorry if any one reading this had to do that.

id hope u agree that doesn't make it safe or right. it's not justice it's perversion

an old friend tried to get ahold if me after a long silence. ended up calling my parents 

was told I have a mold obsession  I bet that's what mgpd is hearing too.

although I also bet a big part of their actions are about not having to deal with this anymore 

that really doesn't excuse I'm sitting here unable to shower (no clean towels)

unable to fix washer (my dad has tools needed took them around March)

my dad has my id

they are still destroying everything that was mine. 

even the stuff in the garage here. 

it needs to be cleaned and that isn't free

I'm homeless when covid eviction ban pops off

I can't file for gov support with out the liscense

I can eat cause bank is at - 38

their 430k house had 50x8 ft moldy wall 1500sq of carpet and pad removed while I was in mental ward hearing a doc that might have been a friend of my mom's tell me 

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward

after I said "I have the email with mold pro and documents from extermination on my phone"

"(redacted) for delusions if mold and bugs taking out your sickness on your elderly parents"

I don't recall if I told him they were elderly. 
I do think in 11th grade when I was Ted to get tested for add he was the doc my mom referred to by first name and brought me to

I've been wrong b4 and not convinced.. plenty of innocent exolenations

maybe boris misunderstood the oath in 2 languages?

MD stood for mallard duck? (quack)

physician burnout?

rx kickbacks?

they texted me a pic of remediation day I got out of mental ward. for a lot of the talk with the officer (before I agreed to get out of the car) my dad's kneeling the officer is standing, my dad's cracking micro second  sick wicked grins as the officer refuses to accept hey sir I'm fine. we go thorough all the motions including me pointing out the threat came from removing the car for no other reason but to generate the conditional threatdoesnt matter it's his car. 

state of MN mental holds used to protect stuck from sledge hammer. 

mgpd and 4th district Court do a functional end run on the atorny general and 2 days ago I'm at 0 dollars because not even enough to eat was put in and I have to buy clothes as my dad took tools and once again the garage door opener in March.. 

I would bet he took my coupound miter, welder and desktop pc as well. 

less important that fact I'm now at negative during covid

went 30 days hungry last year. 

it's not reasonable to allow one person to under threat of destroying everything that belongs to another... force labor for a year force me into a lease.. year and a half since Aug 2018 and 0 notice lock changes. 

mgpd is basicly enabling the Turpin parents. 


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