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Saturday, May 16, 2020

NPD Parents Sabotage

some links to get one who doesnt understand started:

first link is a gendered view of what is discussed elsewhere as a problem for children of npd parent or parents regardless of gender. self sabotage.


feminism once had a good idea "Degender dont regender" unfourtiantly that doesnt work as well in a for profit world where appealing to the baser emotions equals revenue ME ME ME or more subtly "im a daughter this is for me"

humanities undoing might be the destruction of the ability of the masses to hope to think critically and empathise... just a possibility but it worries me.



what worries me more is how the media is absent of messages like : learn about learning styles and praise more than rigid discipline.

i forget who coined this but the psych concept mine also fit under is

emotionally inattentive, authoritarian

with a media devoid of advice on how to raise healthy children and showing prime time images of terribly materilistic shallow families....

monkey see monkey do. monkey makes money how dare little monkey

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