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Oh shitty day

I wish i didnt have to drive to maple grove today. I wish i was working for 100k a year in CA. My dad laughed off costing me good shots at that rhen said i might not of liked it and for the last 2 years thinks he owns me and it doesnt matter what o do. The bar to whats offensive to them lowers like the bar to achivement is raised. The problem is mgpd participated in making me basicly a homeless leper and i cant go any longer with out food. According to an officer in st cloud the restraining orders are not active. I know police can lie but he seemed trust worthy. famous last words (i hope not. )

Theres nothing worth saving in our society if parents own their  offspring and courts and leos enforce it 

Gonna try a youtube live stream as i cross into maple grove

This is not giod for stay at home/covid or antthing. Worse i only have enough gas for maybe one way.

My previous post about liability covers some of thr moral or lack ther of considerations at play here 

  • See you on the othet side
shititer day.. now stranded in Albertville with 3miles range. 

this might as well be human traficing. under threat everything I have destroyed forced into empty box in town I didn't want to be clean mold car for 9 mo under same threat while a month in a pet and a friend of mine dies and is still in the freezer while they threaten even the remains of my other pet to pass in their care while I was seprtaled from my things at their house

3 years gone for mistakes sick parents made with their house when I was 14.

ruined credit background check hope for high pay hope to be able to rent

30 days starvation last year

mn's ofp law and maple groves willingness to allow lock out on no notice then say if u accept any money at all parents have some cobtrol

it's all a npd parents wet dream

I would have been OK had I gone down 2 days ago. I had a 20 in the car for the purpose of emergencies.. yeah I know 20 isn't much.. try being wiped around for 3 years. they paid the hotels but u don't eat hotel do u?

I've watched bleeding all sorts of opertunities I would be good at or good for pas by. like Musk was asking for world wide help with teslsas ai. 

the odds of escaping and recovering at all in low income housing are small.. what I think people don't get is with full blown npd it truly is all or nothing and made as painfull and dangrous as possible for the target. either way really. 


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