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Ontop of my glasses

I woke up laying on my already broken glasses today. About 5 months ago i lost a screw to hold the left lens in. A bit of wire from my mig welder is standing in place for that screw. I almost broke a bow off last night. I not only cant in the legal sense drive without them....i wouldnt even try. Im an extremely confident driver with nothing but speeding tickets on my drivers record and mainly because growing up in the twin cities I quickly learned a ticket is like eaily $200, then when I end up getting one in fargo and its like $20 I drove in every storm fargo had. about 2x a year so deep a car is more of a sled as the snow lifts the bottom/prevents wheels from contacting pavement. never wrecked or stranded.

quite a few times if i haven't been driving at a speed that engages me i would have been more likely to crash and the assertion that speed = crashes is backed by data from the autobahn that says otherwise.

as for those tickets i remember trying not to laugh at the first one. not that one should disregard the law but comparatively speaking... its just as dangerous but not mentioned on psych blogs... following law regardless of law class just for the sake of it being law... bad roads.

asserting as some psych sites do that its now possibly determinante as part of a pd is pretty nuts. i think its psych to day but ive seen several online sources list speeding tickets as a likely reference to off top of my head what the dsm defines as not caring for law or moral code... the problem is esp in America and today law is often written via fat wallets rather than any regard for moral.

im still not advocating everyone break a law just to break a law or disregard it. what im specifically attacking here is the assumption law=moral or its ok to blanket judge only

law broke=no moral

it was once legal to own other people. law is not always in line with morals and thats easily demonstrated. 

actually as an asside the psych today sudo blog sudoquasi tries to be a legit source of drek and few others include speeding tickets as a sign of a personality disorder because its showing disregard for law.

why i lump this into why they are absolute merde i just realized in typing this. something there bothered me and i knew it was deeper than "oh no it might be me" ... its that "the law" is almost splitting when you make it that black and white. there are civil offences and legal offences and if we are going to say speeding tickets are indicative then Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of a bus....

the point is it cant be black and white like that. that is splitting. which i personally think is a bigger component of all the cluster B disorders than psych mentions in sources ive read over the years. Ill watch my parents do it from the deeply flawed state of being where not only are they viewing it in black and white but somehow have full on warped it around as a deflection to not even talk about harmful behaviors and terrorize at the same time.

like last may or june as my moms throwing stuff thats mine out in snow, rain, down in moldy basement or in trash...some stuff others paid for or belongs to others. going though it all "condensing" despite DEMANDS to cease touching my property. started as requests. but anyway sticking to specific recent issues she deflects to


its like dealing with two todlers when im alone with them yet they are adept at the image of surperior or at least high functioning. they say parents with npd often come off as super mom or super dad. in privte my mom would some times call her self that (i remember hearing quite a bit in elementry school) but read the descriptions on your own or recall them.... she was all over the pta and would schedule her work so she was always home before i got home had to have the image she did it all even if as i arived she was a brandy on the rocks in and ready to chew me out for existing.

as far as why i was calling psychtoday and the likes a reasonable aroximation of horse shit is they seem to be as much writen to allow wives to rake husbands over the coals in divorse courts as communicating any actual psych.

at some point a lot of us seem to have lost that its not comunism or captilism that wins or loses...goood or bad... humanity had old world knowledge that discussed this way before my time but somehow i absorbed it. i dont recall from whom but the phrase is "any ism to an extream is likely no good"

not everything should be run like a biz (as has been the trend since i was born ) and this presutit of profit at expense of human rights...seemingly increaingly and driven by ...well lets keep the scope at this level of blown and skip this. ...

As far as human rights and property rights are concerned and as far as ive seen as a limit... minnesota might as well be a 3rd world country

how can you ignore when someone else is controling legal documents against your will or even knowledge and permission. Throwing out anothers property, destryoing it throwing it in moldy basement.

yet its right in the medical hold law that failure to stay fed or clothed... LOCK UP THE VICTIM

yeah boy!

in 2006 i left for NDSU. i moved back into my parents jan 2018 at 29 turned 30 that april. aug I just dont live there anymore

0 notice or ability to take my things. since then like 2x ive been allowed maybe 10min and trying to respect the officers directive of try not to take to long plus driving down in this vehicle has limited how benificial even that was though i do greatly appreciate it.

also because of this i know that maybe 2 handfuls of mgpd officers have seen my parents basement how it looks bellow. I know from when the calls to them by parents using them as a weapon started around maybe april 2018... I mentioned the mold.  This work wasnt done untill nov 2018 while 9 months of my moms threats to have me medicated were fianly being carried out.

MN emergency hold law is deeply flawed we should not be creating more and more groups of people with power over ordanry citizens and little fear of anything what so ever coming from abusing it. 
regardless of how many wont abuse it. We know better as a species. CHECKS AND BALANCES. OVERSIGHT AND LIABILITY. It doesnt have to even be traditional. A way to aproximate this or add some safe gaurds would be modify what the private institution is paid with an eye twoards incentivizing ethical behavior. Though I do think some element of old school draconian ban hammer should come down on flagrent human rights abuses. IT seems the local powers that be would rather count on two parties and the news keeping hte general public so tied up on issues broadcast that they arnt concerned we might become concerned. 

I probably wont be around long enough to make a difference either way.  

yelling has been reason enough i have to drive away from my property that my parents hold hostage in a car that belongs to my parents under order of mgpd.

I should have tested the waters.

I should have driven back every day and blared loud music up to the start of the noise ordance.but that car was a serious hazard to my life. It helped create what took clyde from me as well.

I've spent 11 months now alone in an empty apt that when i moved in 13 months ago had just a matress and a moldy car and my leporid friend clyde. 11 months alone becaue clyde is in the freezer.

my dad taunted the death. my mom and dad demanded i work faster remediating that fucking toxic mold hazard car that Marlene Wuethrich CNP had driven to childrens hospital st paul where she works in the NICU...had driven for 9 years from a house that had a serious mold problem dating back to 2001.

ack i still am not a fan of creates messes like this lay out more often than not but as i said elsewhere, buy a domain from google for as little as 12 a year and it links up free and lives on googles servers/cloud (cloud is just servers tied in certian ways bt this is a rant for another day and not in the range of this figurative or actual domains intent. ). aka 12 a year and prepayable keeps everything on this site visible even if im hopitalized, in jail or prision or dead. google is somewhat known for making anyone jump hoops to have stuff removed via legal request as well.

if we learned our history we might be able to balance out internatioal corps and human rights or keep the rights that (at least when i was inschool) we were taught this country is something to be proud of for.

I realized back then though... heres a unit on all our liberties, heres the pledge at the begining of the school day and either group think peer pressure or teacher command to stand and face the symbol/icon and recite the dogmatic mantra that we are free.

free to what destroy our families and sell what if any soul we have only to have it taken anyway with life itself if we refuse?

maybe i just shouldnt have been born. i ask myself everyday what if i just hadent asked to exist life is at substantial risk that i did not create and every move ive made to mitigate it has been cancled by fucking sucko parents who are on a similar level as the Turpin parents serving life in prision.

3 days hungry im hearing from my dad why not use a credit card to buy fcood...he knows he has my credit card... I say you make me feel like a slave

chrotchty nasty (FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING SICK BITCH) voice comes overf the phone

"what was that? just the last word"

if was youre an abhorent festering pile of merde and an embarrassment plus the forced destruction of your family line dad. youre trying to destroy the son who also happens to be the reason you are still alive and now the reason your property value is safe

use for feed, try to criple on every level then use the legal system to discard.


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