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Sunday, May 10, 2020

over 1000 days

that I've been kept from having any stability.

I can't say I know for sure what anyone or any or every group assumes

I can safely conclude I'm dealing with a mix of
indifferent/don't care
I had it rough u should to
parents wouldn't be like that
parents wouldn't be as like that as he claims
he must do something to deserve it

but terrifying is how there's seemingly no authority level recognition an adult male could be harmed or abducted or has rights to anything unless actively rmployed

for a while I know my Gen was said to have record numbers of adults having  to move back in with psrents

record numbers don't so much matter.

what matters is if we want to actually claim anyone is protected from being beaten and starved to death them maybe sure let's eventually work on having jobs or them Geting one or hearing both sides of the story...

but we should be honest if not. we need to tell people the moment they quit or otherwise. or think they are going into business with anyone. the moment they might take help from a family member that offered...

at least in maple Grove and from what I've seen

it's not illegal to say you own someone, open their mail, sign over checks in their name, pretend to lose the ashes of their loved ones indicate thst the remains of another go to the owner of the person who had the pet...

most things I think the un would even classify as sadistic torture will likely be written off and best u will hear is "if you get anything from your parents they get some control"

the problem is we know some behaviors or actions towards other esp by parents or with in family's tend to influence one's "economic mobility"

except the sum of my experiences thus far is things other places would describe as psychological torment, forced labor, check fraud mail fraud, abduction or illegal imprisonment

let alone behaviors well corolated with downward economic mobility...

just parents exercising their rights to have no responsibilities for their words or actions

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