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Saturday, May 9, 2020

over a century

if I recall correctly what sometime around 1960 became known as npd was first discussed by psychoanalysts like s. f. and c. j. including discussion of how damaging these people could be as parents.

the traits pretty clearly lend themselves to ability to lie and harm with out remorse and if read a little into or studied in detail one finds a lot of cluster b disorders coexist or share traits.

millions of personal accounts of how well parents either with strong occurance of traits or full blown disorders are often able to apear to outsiders as

super mom and super dad.

yet not only am I hearing it's not illegal to claim to own someone and resistance to even acknowlging my parents might be unreliable Witnesses. in the town where I moved back my mom said she's my landlord now until I can aford moving out on my own.

I'm hearing police tell me I cant go in there
my stuff isn't stolen because u gave it to them
if parents give u any money they get some control when while hearing this I was 0 notice not living where my 2 over decade old pets and everything mine worked for or given by family or otherwise. then resided. mostly still does
a year and a half layer I'm facing 2 ofps my credit is destroyed and I went 30 days hungry in 2019.

they filed for the ofps 20 days before the lease ended

for 9 mo at the start I was told all my stuff they are in control of will be destroyed donated or otherwise gone.. unless I remediate their car of mold

valuables under lock and key forced to drive away in a car I don't own

more often its reminded and implied rather than explicitly stated (destroying or rid of my things)
this is sick I first made a small biz website for pay at 13.

tgis is saying if u ever accept a dime after 18 someone can own u esp ur parents esp in maple Grove.

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